Most People With Addiction Simply Grow Out of It

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by NewTerritories, Aug 27, 2017.

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    Interesting ideas from Maia Szalavitz.


    The article mentions '9 to 5 employment' structure as something associated with self recovery. This rings true to my experience. My job performance is fine. Porn and laziness mostly seem to affect other stuff in my life, stuff with no external structure. Like dating. Maybe I need to put more structure into the way I approach that.

    What if growing older is naturally related to developing stronger willpower? It seems to be. Young adults are more impulsive. Older people are, hopefully, wiser. So a stronger ability to overcome addictive behaviours may well spontaneously develop with age. This should be a source of hope!

    Folk who most easily manage to quit porn won't bother to come to a forum like this. They might not consider themselves to have an 'addiction'. But we might be able to learn from their 'recovery' experience anyway.
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    Studies like that are actually looking at people who quit substance abuse without going through AA. Remember that addiction services is a huge industry; someone writing about people getting clean by themselves has to hide it in weasely terms like "growing out of." It just mean finding your own way, rather than going through a recognized program.

    In that sense, each of us here are growing out of porn addiction by using this site.

    Oh, and I'm 47, and I've got no more brains or willpower than you young whippersnappers. But then it's not about either. . . it's about self-forgiveness, facing your fears and rebuilding your self-esteem by building healthy new habits into your life.

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