Morning Wood EVERY morning. Fine. Erection fails during masturbation.

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    Ok. So I have done the reboot before and at times of stress there is no doubt I have come close to going to back to daily porn. I was able to maintain and have sex with the aid of some drugs when I had a GF, and less drugs than in the past. At most I started to look at porn while drunk one night home alone, and for very little amount of time. I got rid of all porn-like activities of dating sites, and apps. The most I would look at porn was 1-2 times a week after drinking for a max of 20-30 minutes. Yeah, I'd get off and never look back. The odd thinking was that the less time the better.

    I get rock hard morning wood EVERY morning. No problem, multiple times if I wake up more than once. In fact, the return of morning wood was one reason I was really excited and thinking I was doing better. But of course, with the return of morning wood I wanted to "test" further. I noticed with morning wood, I can maintain the erection, until just the point of orgasm. It goes flaccid right before. I also noticed in that "testing" with porn, I can't get an erection at all. Yet the next day, like clockwork I get rock hard morning wood! I even occasionally get wood throughout the day. But can't get hard to orgasm.

    Any thoughts on why I get rock hard erections ever morning, but masturbation with or without porn I get nothing? I have just begun to attempt to cut out EVERYTHING AGAIN. Which means I will likely slow down on drinking so as not to "get the mood for a quick fix".

    I just want to know if morning wood is truly an indicator that everything works fine and perhaps my mind is just too attached to porn again. Is it that NEVER PORN is the new goal? Not even for quick peaks after a reboot?

    My question is based on the past reboot. I don't recall having such a hard time masturbating. The interesting thing is sometimes I get hard just by thinking of women or sex, which I suspect is a good thing, but if I move to porn....I lose the erection.

    Is it possible that porn is no longer sex/intimacy? I am hoping this is just a new reality that porn does nothing for me, but real women do. I have not been in a situation yet to test with a real woman. But the idea of rock hard morning wood...yet no response when I masturbate is a bit scary and odd to me.

    Any thought?
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    Wow. Wish somebody had some ideas for this. I have the same issue.

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