Morning wood as a sign of recovery

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by lggh, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. lggh

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    I know that one of the signs for recovery is morning wood and I'm not sure why. I guess for those who fail to get it up altogether it's a good sign that they're physically capable of getting it up, but what about those who have low libido? Those who suffer from delayed ejaculation or have a problem keeping it up? How is morning wood a sign of recovery for those types of people who are affected by porn and have completely different "standards" or aren't able to get off with someone else's stimulation?

    I mean, if it's a natural physical thing that happens during sleep, how is it a sign for an improved sex drive? Those who can't orgasm ARE capable of getting hard, so how is morning wood a sign they're getting better?
  2. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    It's not... It is just a step in the right dirErection...

    Like you said, morning wood is a sign of healing for guys who lost their ability to get it up altogether..

    And if a guy is able to get a strong morning wood.. That means his penis is physically fine
  3. Ballboy11

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    Well I just know that when I was PMOing, Morning wood was extinct. When I stopped and quit mastubation daily it gradually came can't just be coincidence.
  4. offthecuff

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    Hi Iggh,
    i think the idea is that morning wood is a sign that things have started working again.
    It,s normal to wake up with a woody even at my advanced age(50)
    Whats not normal is to use it as a sign that things are normal, if you see what i mean!
    If your waking up next to a hot babe and nothing works then i guess thats a bit of an issue, depending on the babe!!
    If you are on your own that day does it really matter?
    don't worry about it. Or if you are worried go and see your doctor. the internet is not the place for intimate advice!!
  5. Hopefully

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    Morning wood is a good sign. As far as I now the body makes some tests over the night. Organs, etc. are tested for functionality. And the wood is one tests that happens several times a night.

    So it's normal to have a morning wood. And it's a good sign that you are well off
  6. bigproblem

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    Im pretty sure that mourning wood is the strongest sign of recovery along with spont. erections.

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