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  1. alpha777

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    dude i struggle at night time

    i am like forget seminal energy even though i see loads of effects

    im in an unhappy position lol, caught in the middle

    i know if i hold on, i can make it

    the benefits outweight the cons

    WE CAN DO IT (tryna convince myself here lol)
  2. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    Thank you guys for the support.


    So I smoked weed. I don't know if I want to quit smoking weed completely. I am able to control it and do it once in a while. The most important thing is that I don't PMO and smoke cigarettes after that, which I've done for a while.

    I also did some adderall. To the uninitiated, it is the closest legal thing to coke. The effects are similar, and every time I've done it in the past, I've always chain-smoked. Most of the time I also PMO'ed. So I've done adderall and smoked weed without going bonkers on cigarettes and/or PMO. This is huge progress.

    As far as being productive goes, I've read half a book on seduction. I've learned quite a few things tonight. I still haven't gone out drinking because I might end up smoking cigarettes, but in a few days, I'll do it. By then I'll finish the book and I can't wait to apply what I learned in real life. My confidence is sky high right now and it will get even better by the end of July!

    I've also made some solid headway into internet/forum addiction and mental fears. I'm eagerly waiting in anticipation. There's been times when I would feel good and excited, but it would invariably take a turn and I wouldn't feel that anymore. This time is different and it's been a while since I've been genuinely excited about the future for this long.

    Good luck guys!
  3. Bazooka Joe

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    Why do you fuck up your brain chemicals by taking drugs like adderall and weed?

    I don't know if you still have ED, or if you still have porn urges, but taking drugs surely doesn't help to beat this.
  4. darkwolf

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    Agreed with Bazooka Joe. I'm not a D.A.R.E. advocate or a schoolmarm but testing yourself with drugs or anything more than moderate drinking during a serious reboot is a bad idea. Sure, you're impressed and we all have our rationalizations. But is risking a relapse worth it? Drugs take away our self-control. But still, good to hear you're keeping it together.
  5. alpha777

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    hey man, i agree with everyone else...

    stay away from pot...

    i have had an off and on relationship and this year i decided to quit...

    even though i didnt smoke for months, i said "one hit wont hurt" which evolved to "one bowl wont hurt" whcih evolved to "one joint wint hurt" which ALMOST evolved to "one dimebag wont hurt"

    at that point i realized i jumped down the rabbit hole again and quit

    STAY WAY FROM THAT STUFF. believe it or not, that stuff affects your brain hardcore and your spirit as a man

    marijuana is a very feminine spirit

    stay away bro! stay away!
  6. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 51 no PMO, 46 days no cigarettes)

    Thanks Bazooka. No, I don't have ED. But you are right, it doesn't help me stay quit.

    No, you are right. I know that it is a self-sabotaging activity.

    Yeah I've gone through those rationalizations in the past too. There used to be a time when I used to smoke an ounce every 20-25 days or so. I also chain smoked and PMO'ed at least once a day at that point. I was in college and needless to say I failed because I didn't feel any motivation.

    But since then I have really controlled my weed consumption. I went back to school, took a course load that I've never heard anyone take (21 per quarter + 12 semester hours) at 2 schools. Since one was quarter system and one semester, I got my ass kicked. At that time I probably only smoked like one joint a month or so.

    This was like 3-4 years ago. Since then I've been smoking 3 or 4 joints a week. More when I went out drinking or camping or something.

    It really is a mood-sapper. Sucks up motivation and the drive. I've never heard of marijuana described as a feminine spirit alpha. That is an interesting thought.

    I think weed has always been a dilemma. I obviously see the negative side of it when I was really overdoing it and dropped out of college. I saw the negative side of smoking cigarettes (who doesn't lol), PMOing, hot showers etc. But weed has been confusing me for a while. Especially at this stage of my life where I can not only control my consumption, but also my other negative behaviors associated with it like cigarettes and PMO.

    I guess in my mind I'm still trying to justify it. I know intellectually that it will always keep me in 'easy' mode. I will always default to the path of least resistance. I will always do exactly what is required to get by. I don't want to be in this position.

    I guess the decision that I have to make is how many things do I keep in my life for pleasure? Girls, food, water, family, exercise, social status. Do I want to add weed to this list? It's been around for millenniums. It has a history of people doing it for religious festivals to get their spirit closer to God.

    Damn, its crazy how many rationalization I can come up with.
  7. steffy78

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 58 no PMO, 53 days no cigarettes)

    Hey mate,

    I reckon you should avoid messing up your brain with that stuff, it's pretty destructive and while it can seem to tame our urges for porn it might trigger other addictions.
    You seem to have taken control of your PMO addiction but drugs do take away our self control as Darkwolf said.
    If I were you I'd get rid of it. You're almost done with one of the toughest addictions to overcome so don't give yourself a heavier burden to carry.
  8. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 58 no PMO, 53 days no cigarettes)

    Forgot to mention that ever since I quit looking at porn I had a wet dream on day 14 & 28. I also had some seminal discharge (involuntary) when I was pissing on the night I took adderall (day 31). Otherwise I'm saying my man juice pretty good.

    This is an improvement from my previous reboot when I seemed to have then every 10 days. Found out that staying hydrated is a very good way to not lose your seed.
  9. steffy78

    steffy78 New Member

    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 58 no PMO, 53 days no cigarettes)

    That's great man. Keep it up!
  10. Chammorrow

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 58 no PMO, 53 days no cigarettes)

    Do you think that wet dreams help a reboot? If you're going thirty days and then have a wet dream..that's technically not a relapse..its just your body getting rid of old semen, so it's not something to be really worry about and it may help get the edge off any extra hornyness. However, getting one early one in a reboot can be just enough to trigger a real relapse and potential binge, so that is another aspect of it

    anyway just some ideas to think about

    good job with everything man
  11. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    Thank you guys for your support. I wouldn't have reached 70 days no PMO or 65 days without cigarettes without you guys.

    Cham - I don't think wet dreams set you back in your reboot, but they certainly don't help either. I think I use wet dream frequency to kind of judge how pure I am mentally. I believe in karma, but I have a broader definition of it. My definition of karma includes action, inaction and thoughts. Action is self-explanatory. Inaction is also karma for me because it is also doing something i.e not doing something is also a decision that you consciously make. For example if you see someone get beat up for no fault of theirs and you don't do anything, that is your karma as well. I don't know if it really makes sense the way I'm describing, but I have a very solid idea in my head. Third type of karma is thoughts. The wet dreams are indicative of how good I've been in my thoughts. Now I'm not trying to be a monk and it is almost natural for me to be horny while I'm talking to a hot girl or something, but I think high frequency of wet dreams are usually due to excessive sexual fantasizing about girls you know or see on a screen.


    So yesterday I had some very severe cravings for cigarettes and PMOing. It might have been related a little bit with some stress. I've had a few acne pop up on my face the last few weeks. I usually never have acne but I don't know why I'm having this all of a sudden. It's heartbreaking to say the least when I look at myself in the mirror. I've been trying to brainstorm about the reasons and here's what I've come up with.

    1. Quitting cigarettes - smoking cigarettes keeps your skin dry. My skin has been a bit on the oily side lately. I guess since I started thinking about that I've been wanting to smoke a cigarette but I know that smoking is the worst addiction I've ever had. So I don't think it is a good option.

    2. Frozen foods - The last couple of weeks, on 3-4 days I've eaten frozen meals exclusively. I had kashi's lemongrass chicken & chicken florentine. I also had lean cuisine's spinach, chicken, artichoke panini, a couple of pizzas and some other frozen stuff. I've also eaten a lot of sweet desserts. I read that foods with high glycemic index and processed foods in general can cause acne breakouts.

    3. Cold showers - I've been taking cold showers for the last 2 months. Hot showers remove all the oils from your skin and hair and cold showers don't. I've taken a couple of hot showers in the last 2 months and now they seem to be worse for me. I get some acne from hot showers too :(. So now I don't know if I should keep on taking cold showers or get my body in habit of taking hot showers again.

    4. Adderall - Adderall really gets your adrenal glands going and cause stress on your body. It also messes up your sleep pattern. May be all that undue stress made my skin semi fucked up?

    For the meantime, I'm completely stopping frozen foods and other processed foods. I'll keep on doing intermittent fasting. IF is supposed to help reduce inflammation, which I think acne basically is - inflammation of your pores, oil glands. I've been drinking green tea and getting some turmeric capsules. Both turmeric and green tea are some of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents.

    On another, more happier note, I've been hitting it off with several women. They are drawn to me naturally and that has been a huge confidence booster. I can see women in the eyes and they are PMOing mentally when they look at me ;D. This despite of me not feeling a 100% confident due to bad skin. So sky is the limit when my skin clears up completely and I start walking around in bulletproof mode :)

    I also have a few more days left on the forum. A little less than week. July 31st is coming up fast.
  12. gigantophis

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    if you don't mind, I want to jump in and talk about my experiences with diet and cold showers (being the narcissist I am...). perhaps you can get something out of it.

    I've been following a diet that's similar to the paleo diet for the past year. there is tons of literature on the subject but it's not necessary. thanks to meditation, i'm able to see the effects certain foods have on my physiological well-being. this, I think, is extremely valuable and I take it for granted all the time.

    what i'm really trying to get at is experimentation with your diet is important. different diets work for different people. i've found that when I eat bread (and all foods containing gluten), processed/junk foods, and too many carbs in general, I feel weak and slow, I'm more prone to have negative thoughts, my body gets inflamed, and my face and hair drip with oil (I sometimes break out, too). I try my best to stick to fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes, and dairy products for carbohydrate sources. many people report those very same symptoms when eating dairy products but not with the foods I mentioned. I feel fine drinking milk and eating greek yogurt and I will continue to do those things, even if someone else claims they're "bad" foods. at the end of the day, no one knows your body like you do.

    my suggestion to you is to experiment with a wide variety of foods and note which ones work for you and which ones don't.

    as far as showers and acne go, i've observed that my face is most clear and least greasy when I start with warm water and then switch to cold water. taking hot-only showers and cold-only showers leave me with an oily face and dandruff, but doing this alternating shower (making sure to always end with cold water) works very well for me.

    I haven't been following your log for more than a few minutes now, unfortunately, so please excuse my ignorance if I said something that is completely out of place here. i've noticed a ton of interesting topics here. it's a shame that you're leaving soon, but you've made such an indispensable contribution to this forum and the people in this community that you'll be supported in whatever you choose to do.
  13. Chammorrow

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)



    All right man, i hope you don't delete your journal like a few others have, I think this journal can help others. You have been a good rebooter and good friend on the forum.

    As far as your acne, I've been having the same problem and it may due to extreme sexual fantasizing like you suggested in my journal, or maybe working out can do it too. It's usually just a phase and should clear soon, Im pondering whether buying some sort of natural lotion to clear up my skin a little bit, even if you're a great looking guy, acne can damage your appearance. If you're just a normal looking guy, acne can put you on the other end of the spectrum...this goes for guys and girls but girls have teh option to put makeup while we dont unfortunately.

    Just wait it out, you should be fine, cigarrettes is not worth getting back into.
  14. RedPill

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    Good luck with the rest of your life Fullset.

    Live it fully. ;)
  15. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    I'm beating my head trying to figure out what is causing my sudden break-outs. I've never had so many of them. I've had more in the last 3 weeks or so than I've had in my entire life put together. Diet hasn't changed at all. I'm still eating the same things and it seems unlikely that all of a sudden the food I've been eating my entire life is somehow causing it.

    Cold showers is the thing that I've tried. But I didn't have any problems for the whole month when I started. I took a hot, steamy shower today and I'm doing them until this thing clears up entirely. I have 7 pimples on my face and I feel really bad about it :( I hate when these things happen because it somehow feels like a bigger problem than what they really are and it's hard to think positive.

    Hey cham, I'm not going to delete my journal. Right now my forum use is really really high. I'm pretty much checking it every 2-3 hours on my phone. I just don't post as much cause I hate typing on my phone. So yeah it's been pretty unhealthy. Actually, I've always had unhealthy usage of this forum. Almost like I'm addicted to the forum more than I was addicted to PMO. At least I didn't PMO EVERY 2-3 hours ;D I'm also not going to delete my account. I'm just going to try to log on the last day of the month and eventually may be stop doing it. Leaving all of a sudden seems very bad and I hated it when others left like that. I had decided then that I wasn't going to do it.

    You're right about acne and appearance. It can really knock down your physical appearance. But worse than that, it really fucks with you mentally. Like I said its hard to think positive with acne and I am a VERY positive person. Without being positive and happy, its hard to be confidence and when its hard to be confident, well, I feel like a fucking zombie.

    Thanks for stopping by though. By the way, I think talking to Erika is a good decision.

    Heyy RP...thanks dude for stopping by my journal. Thought you had left for good. Thanks for your best wishes.
  16. fullset

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    Day 69 no cigarettes, day 74 no PMO Update

    Took a hot steamy shower today and I'm going after getting my skin cleared up with all guns blazing. I feel really bad about it. I'm going to miss cold showers :'( They helped me quit smoking and made it feel so good that I barely even missed cigarettes. Today after taking the hot shower I felt like smoking a cigarette really bad. Even had a thought to PMO. In the end I ended up smoking weed. It is the best of all evils. Scientifically proven to make you happy. They even say that we naturally have receptors for them and are implied in runner's high. So since I felt sad it felt natural to feel happy naturally ::)

    Amidst all of this, I've been having crazy good chemistry with women all around me. Attractive doctors, residents, nurses have been trying to talk to me without me initiating anything. If they don't talk, they at least light up with a smile when they see me. I really thought that with my acne it wouldn't be so, but it is!!!! This has really been the only thing stopping me from PMOing.

    I've got 2 more days on this forum. I'm thankful for all the encouragement that you guys have given me. Now I am at a point where my encouragement comes from somewhere else. For that, I've really found reading just the success accounts that boast 'superpowers' or increased success with women, or having magnetism etc are really good. We even have a good thread in pornography addiction thread.

    Good luck to all of you guys!!! Let's kick some ass!
  17. steffy78

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    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    Hiya full,

    You'll be sorely missed mate, it's inspirational to see your journal. Yes I agree that hot showers tend to arouse horniness, I haven't figured out why. I've been having cold showers for 3 years now and I feel way better even in winter and every time I have a hot one I feel ever so horny.
    I wish you the very best mate, have fun and take it easy with the chicks.
  18. Chammorrow

    Chammorrow Member

    Re: 2 Reboots done, 3rd Re-calibrated Reboot (Day 70 no PMO, 65 days no cigarettes)

    Yeah, I can see how the forum can be time consuming which isnt' good. It's the most healthy when you check in a couple of days at a time, but it would be a problem to check in every two to three hours for sure. You could always block the site from your phone, so you can only log inwhen you are at your computer and do so at a more healthy rate. lol I'm just trying to find ways to keep you here man

    All right, man i guess this is your last day as an active member, hopefully you don't drop off the planet and check in from time to time to post your progress and check in to our journals. Hopeuflly, when you check back, we will all be better people.

    And yeah, I'm real nervous about the whole Erika thing (you've been part of that journey from the start, if memory serves..since my first few posts of my first journal) but its something I have to do. I've even know the date where I'll go see her...August know how meticulous i am, i had to pick a freaking date..but we'll see what happens then, good or bad, its time for some real closure to this.

    All right fullset, thanks for all the encouragement, inspiring post, interesting dialogue and overall good positivity that you've spread around the forum man, you're a good guy
    I'll catch you later
  19. fullset

    fullset Member

    Day 'doesn't even fucking matter'

    I'm back to feeling good. Acne is clearing up nice. The day started out absolutely fucking shitty but it got better by the end. I honestly felt like a wolverine. Life kept attacking but I just heal and keep walking.

    Even while I was having a shitty day, my chemistry with women was very good. They still wanted to be around me, talking to me, playing with their hair etc. I'm almost positive that a couple of weeks from now at the latest I'll be in 'God' mode.

    Thanks to all of you guys for making this possible. The support has been incredible from you guys at every point. Really. Thank you.

    I have a reminder on my phone to check back in to the forum a little before midnight and the end of this month.
  20. darkwolf

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    Thank you fullset, and best to you. Yeah, I spose it is good to "graduate" when you know you need to get out there. Hope any future reports you give are full of nothing but good news.

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