more than 210 days+kegels+Sildenafilo. I got three shots

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    Hello everyone. I wanted to clarify first that my native language is Spanish. The grammar is probably not the best.
    My story is similar to that of many in starting at 12-13, so I'm not going to delve too deeply into that.
    I realized that I had a hard time getting erections already at 17.

    I am 29 currently. At 22 I had a girlfriend. We could have pretty good sex. Although before her he had erection problems. Although I noticed that he still had some difficulty. When I went out with her, I clarified that I never saw porn.
    At the end of the relationship he returned to porn, (even hentai manga), even 2 hour marathons ... and most of the time he could not have sex when he went out with girls.

    In 2019 I met a girl that I liked a lot, I couldn't have sex. I went to the doctor and he did tests, he said everything was fine. He gave me sidelnafilo anyway. I was taking 1/2 pill. It was incredible, it became rock hard and also could last as long as I wanted. He was happy, but he also knew that it was quite depressing to be dependent on a pill.

    Anyway, I basically had sex a few times with this girl.
    then we broke up.

    in 2020 I met a other girl. I took 1/2 pill and realized I couldn't, it makes me terribly depressed. We saw each other again and this time even though I had an erection, I couldn't finish.
    In June of this year, I saw this forum, read a lot and decided to start. Within a few days I had a morning erection (I hadn't had in years). This led me to be convinced to follow this path. I confess that now after more than 210 days, it is not so normal to have erections in the morning (which depresses me a bit now). At the beginning I had a lot erection in the morning and also wet dreams

    When 90 days passed, I decided to see her again. Take 1/2 pill for safety ... I was able to have sex, twice in a row (I clarify that I could never even as a young person repeat in less than 5 minutes). The problem is that now it lasted seconds, it was as depressing. I started watching it every 3 weeks or so and it always ended in seconds, which depressed me

    I assumed it was because when I stopped masturbating, I became more sensitive. So I started kegels exercises, the result was quite good after a short time (weeks). I had sex again and was able to extend the time considerably

    Now I'm going more than 210 days (it's my first attempt), kegels (50 days


    Another thing is that as I said before, it was now normal to always have twice in a row. But I even got to three times in a row on two occasions, I couldn't believe it, I was so excited.

    Anyway I tried to lower sildenafil to 1/4 I could have sex and start to trust me more, but the second attempt cost me a lot ... Although I could, it was after trying a lot. I clarify again that before it was impossible to have two consecutive times

    Now I also notice that although at the beginning of PMO I had erections in the morning, this almost does not happen anymore ... that discourages me a bit, maybe it is because I am having sex with a frequency of 2-3 weeks ...

    I know that the idea of the forum is not to take pills, my idea is to try to leave them (when I finish the ones I have).

    Summary: I've been in for 210 days, I'm doing kegels and I'm using sildenafil (1/2) pill. I was able to have sex on repeated occasions more than two times in a row and even three times. With the kegels I was able to last longer. My next goal is to stop using the pills, although I still feel that my erections in the morning are not that common and I am afraid to stop using. I know that this is also the possibility not sex, but I really think it is good to have a little (every 2-3 weeks average)

    Sorry, it was too long. But it really helped me to read many of their experiences and try to be more detailed in the positive and negative to collaborate with others with my story
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    Today I had sex, I took 1/4 of viagra. I had no problems on the first try and the Kegel exercises allowed me to last until the girl reached orgasm.
    In the second round my erection cost me, I was able to finish but I lost my erection a couple of times. Obviously, don't try a third time. In part, I don't know if my progress comes from myself or from the pill. But kegels obviously work for me.

    However, taking viagra helped me regain confidence that I can have sex again.
    even if reducing the dosage makes a second attempt difficult, I think I should go this way. Over time, I hope I can have sex twice in a row without taking pills. At least that's my main purpose. I know it is ambitious, since before I could not have sex and I still do not know if I can only once without viagra.

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