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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by Striving_for_Life, Jul 2, 2021.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Just found this forum after reading YBOP by the great Gary Wilson. I say great because he had to endure so much slander upon his name just to try and get the facts out there which could help so many realize their situation.

    I'm 32, and been M'ing for a long time.

    Born and brought up in the US, I'm currently in India, striving to be a monk to attain the ultimate clarity.

    I thought that I had to indulge myself once in a while in order to stave off the cravings, but now I realize it is a constant feedback loop. If I want to get off P entirely, it has to be cold turkey.

    I usually cannot last more than two weeks without going back to P. Today is day 15, and I feel good, although it is there in my mind now and then. Now that I know the effects, I hope, with your support, to go the rest of my life without P or M again.
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    Hi, tou can count on me, im starting in this and its not easy alone!

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