Mind seeks novelty in daily life can't concentrate help

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by kapsblock, Feb 24, 2017.

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    Hi Guys,

    Due to continuously watching porn for over last 5-7 years my mind is seeking novelty every time in daily life. I can't concentrate more than 7 minutes . I can't cook food properly because I am in a hurry and end up eating uncooked food. I don't give sufficient time to my family and don't give them required time and attention. I can't maintain personal connections for more than 8-10 days because I get bored. It seems my mind is always on the run. Gets used to things very quickly and then seeks to replace them. In continuous search of novelty. Please help guys please provide suggestions I genuinely require them. If anyone has such personal experience please share i will truely appreciate guys. Thanks
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    Meditation, Meditation, Meditation.

    You have to meditate dude. You seem to understand the novelty principle as it relates to porn and how it affects your daily life. So I assume you've watched Your Brain On Porn on youtube.

    So then you also know you need to train your frontal lobes, they are in charge of weighing the long term complications of actions you take RIGHT NOW. They also work to focus the mind on what you are currently doing. Meditation activities and trains them.

    Also quitting porn and getting off the internet to do more things like exercise, read, focus on a passion. What do these things have in common, they're all singular focus activities.

    Socializing will help you big time too, if your anti social or have social anxiety, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I know I am, I know I need to meet girls to start rewiring, but I have bad social anxiety. So I found an approach anxiety program and I'm currently doing it, along with vlogging my progress.

    All these things help me stay focused, hopefully they will help you too, good luck,

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    Thanks for your reply mate. I did not watch any specific video; I read user accounts and then realized that the same was happening with me. Could you please provide me the video link which explains how to train frontal lobes. I will be highly obliged.

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