Mephamphetamine to cure PIED!

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    Hey guys,

    I know the theory for us young guys suffering from PIED taking way longer is sexual conditioning during adolescence, but what if for some of us our reward circuit/dopamine signalling remained desentisized after quitting and no matter how much time passes won't return to normal. Since joining this site a year ago Ive come across multiple stories of guys 2, 3 , 4 and 6 years no PMO in my case who are still suffering from PIED/flatlinining.

    I came across this recovery story on YBOP a few months ago:

    This guys went 5 months no PMO and still had ED issues, he got depressed and used crystal meth on a single occasion and 3 days later his ED was cured. He links a study in his story of mice addicted to meth :

    'Basically they had rats addicted to meth (which acts on the D2 in the striatum just like porn addiction does!) and then after discontinuing their brains would never completely normalize in that region. But they learned that just giving them the drug one more time only at a later date reversed and normalized the function. Like it jumpstarted it back into function'

    I wonder if the same thing would work with a single time use of cocaine considering it acts on the same part of the brain as meth/porn. Meth is supposed to raise dopamine 1200 times above normal and cocaine 500 times above normal.

    What do you guys think?
  2. pewpew

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    This story sounds like a load of bs. OP just happens to have meth on him lol. So you're telling me he hasn't smoked it before and noticed results?
  3. Pornfreesmee

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    Your guess is as good as mine. Don't really know what the guy would have to gain by lying ...
  4. Complex

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    I've done coke many times and its very hard to achieve an erection. my friends can fuck with drugs because they have the right pathways
  5. Pornfreesmee

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    Yeah Ive used cocaine before when I was younger and it made it more difficult for me to achieve an erection aswell. I was more thinking if you used it just once after a period away from any porn masturbation or orgasm and then never take again.
  6. Pornfreesmee

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    Yeah there's no doubt about it, Meth is a nasty drug with a lot of negative effects both health wise and for sexual performance in the long run. I was more thinking of a one time use and then never use again. Meth and cocaine both work on the same parts of the brain as sex/porn so not sure if another dopamine raising agent would have the same effect. In the study of the mice addicted readministation had the opposite effect on the brain :

    "Most recently, researchers using mice discovered that although simply discontinuing use of the drug does not return the brain to its pre-addicted state, the brain does return to its pre-addicted after a reintroduction of the drug, in effect "resetting" the system. These results were obtained from mice given methamphetamines for 10 days, which translates into about 2 years of human use. After the mice had been in withdrawal, a single final dose produced the noted the results. These results are believed to have some correlation with other neurons found in the striatum that release acetylcholine: methamphetamines cause increased release of dopamine, which depresses acetylcholine levels, which in turn causes a depression of glutamate levels, resulting in the depression of information flow in the brain. Re-administration of methamphetamines after a period of withdrawal, however, somehow has the reverse effect on the acetylcholine produces neurons. Consequently, research is underway to locate and identify this neuronal "reset button".

    Its a long shot I know especially if it didn't work for you on that single time use but after 6 years no PMO maybe its time to try something different...
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    During the last six years I have continued to O regularly whilst in this flatline. In the first two years mostly O's from masturbation with fantasy and in the last four years mostly Os from Sex with occasional MO without fantasy. I was in a 3.5 year relationship during the time and have also dated multiple women/one night stands. For a more detailed breakdown of my story

    Yeah Im still suffering with PIED/PE and no libido. I have used ED drugs in the past, I used cialis for the first year of my 3.5 year relationship but It no longer works. I have to use max dose 100mg viagra to get an effect from ED drugs and get nasty side effects like red face and nasal congestion.The problem is in my brain thats why ED drugs have lost their effect. My natural ability is actually better now than when ED drugs worked better. I can get 70/80 percent hard at best naturally for very short periods from kissing and have to rush to penetrate when I attempt sex and orgasms give me brain fog/low mood symptoms. Whats strange is that I do get weak morning wood/spontaneous erections following an O from sex for a few days.

    Yeah I think you're right.Im at the stage where I have no other option really other than to just to continue abstaining and wait it out. I could mask the problem with Viagra but I fear Im just keeping myself in a rut forcing sex when I have no sex drive. I live a very healthy lifestyle and don't smoke/do drugs and only drink 1-2 times per month maximum. My longest no O streak is 6 months and until two weeks ago I was 5.5 months no O, so maybe I need a year or longer uninterrupted without O to heal.
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    Just to close this thread off; after some great difficult In sourcing it, I finally managed to attempt this method to reverse my flatline. Unfortunately it didn't work for me!

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