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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]: 2 spots left

    Welcome expatkiwi, and congratulations on the baby. The offline journal is a great idea and you might consider starting one for your child: sharing experiences about them from you and your spouse, what you're doing, thinking about, and your hopes for their future.

    I'm also doing more to get offline. I uninstalled all social media apps on my phone. and used Nanny in Chrome to limit social and news sites to about 15 minutes per day, and blocking them during work hours.

    I'm praying that we can more deeply connect with our spouses and/or friends in our lives through listening and service.
  2. Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]: 2 spots left

    I'd love to be part of this group. Being a Christian means that while avoiding porn and masturbation, I can't just go out an have sex with women (which is usually what other members on this forum promote) to rewire. Also, I'm non-denominational so I won't be familiar with any specific practices of the other denominations. I do know what Confession is though.

    I think Full Armor is a good name. Not only does it mean that we're shielding ourselves from lust, but it also means that we're trying to shield ourselves from all the other sin in the world.

    [I read the global rules for groups, and after I'm accepted into this group, I'll make my introductory post about my current situation.]
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]: 2 spots left

    I have read the global rules so I will write something about myself (tomorrow) and some my ideas. I think that it will be great to share here our confessions. Because how we have been attracted to God is more positive than writing about our addiction. And furthermore, there is some pattern I could see in how people get in their addiction and that´s boring ;) On the other side, confession is really authentic.
    The second think I have in my mind is to pray for each others, but with real (first) names - it´s a small step from anonymity.
    The third is to have some collective journal, the spreadsheet like mine in signature would be good. I suppose to share if we have planted for Holy Spirit by reading Bible as Christians or individually. In my opinion, it helps to fight and that is also the ARMOR. There we could journal also the falls, but I do not know, if it will be profitable for everybody.
    It will be a shame, if we as the christians will not find a common speech. Don´t be lazy guys
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]: 2 spots left

    Hi all,

    if you have any suggestion about new name of this group please post it today or tomorrow. Please avoid term "christian". If something have a name christian it must be 100 percent christian. And this group is open - it is just a more christian like other groups.

    On Thursday I will start a poll. It will be closed on Monday next week.

    You are in.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]: 1 spot left

    Welcome Jer and Impending! We may have just filled up our group but I'll leave that to freisein to determine.

    Can't wait for our new name and any helpful rules! I'll try to message our guys as a reminder. I like digitalzone's posting of his daily routine. I have mine in my phone but I'll try to transfer to my journal.

    I'm currently reading The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic ( and they break down four areas of dynamic (active) Catholics (read Christians for non-Catholics!):


    Charity (giving time and treasure)
    Evangelization (sharing the faith when the Holy Spirit presents the opportunity)

    Each of these areas involve incorporating small habits. Readers are challenged to make small but specific steps in each of these areas (e.g. praying/studying/giving/evangelizing at a specific time, place, type, etc. each day/week). I'm using these in my daily/weekly routine with specific times.

    Have a great 4th and give of yourself to others.
  6. Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Thank you totallyyours.

    I'd like to point out that sometimes the stress we have in our lives (such as family issues or school/work pressure) can contribute toward our usage of pornography. Perhaps this group can be a support group for our outside lives as well.

    Anyways, my daily routine (ideally) is to read, both morning and night, a devotional from Billy Graham's "Hope for Each Day." It's a great reminder of God's love; I also read the Bible daily.

    So here's my current situation. As of July 1 I am back on track with NPMO. Summer break started for me on June 5, and that's when I started getting back into my old habits of masturbating to pornography. I lost control for a while. I went five days without it but then I gave in. I came back to this website and was motivated again to quit. I do believe that I can do anything with God's help. A big thing that helped me in the past was to look at each female as a daughter of God. There's the verse: "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." I realize I have to change my thought pattern to truly be rid of this.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Hi guys - I'd like to join, too. totallyyours, I love your #6 somewhere above - when one stumbles, all pray/do penance/etc.

    I'm Catholic like some of the other guys here, but from ages 8 to 20 was first a Methodist, then charismatic, then Church of God, then back to the Catholic church. All my relatives are Protestant, so I'm comfortable getting along happily with other Christians.

    [will be lax in capitalization from now on - getting lazy in my old age]

    My slowly-growing big picture of life is informed by scripture, especially the psalms and gospels; the ancient monastic fathers of the church; benedictine spirituality; my homies Evagrius Ponticus, John Cassian, and Gregory I; the prayers of the mass, especially the sacrificial aspects of the eucharistic prayers; and various ancient greek & roman pagans, especially their portrayals of honest, earnest piety and worship (see Exodus 12:35-36, plundering the Egyptians' gold - we take what's good from the pagans and leave the bad).

    More details in my journal, which should appear in my signature.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Rock the vote!

    Yes, you read that correctly. I reached my personal best of 11 days and instead of extending the streak I fell. Renewing my prayer, study, and exercise routine. Filling my head with God, love, and work in hopes of drowning out the evil.

    Just did my 50 push up penance and it didn't feel any better. Thanks for your encouragement and prayer.

    St. Joseph, Chaste guardian of the Virgin, pray for us.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Funny you should mention St Joseph. We've never had a chance to actually *finish* a novena to St Joseph - his intercession gets things done fast. The next 9 top-of-the-hours I'm awake, I'll pray a 9-hour novena to ask for his intercession for your intentions.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    I have read one Christian testimony today. It was a former lesbian testimony in Christianity today. She said that we sometimes need to obey God first and then we can see the reason why.

    My days without porn are rising and I find porn more and more disgusting.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    May I join the group. I've just started my journey here.
  12. Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    I find porn disgusting in its nature as well. I'm having urges right now though to look at porn, but I am reminding myself that it's not worth it. Instead, I'll read the Bible tonight and pray for guidance and strength to maintain NPMO.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Hi Storm. I will add you but please do not vote in the poll. Voting is only for members who joined before current poll. You can vote next time. Welcome to this group! And please post at least once a week to keep in touch.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Welcome to the fellowship, Storm!

    Impending, this reminds me of the ERP exercises from Feed the Right Wolf. It's a meditation exercise where you basically think of a tempting situation once or more per day and then read a prepared statement list reminding yourself why you're leaving PMO behind. E.g.: more freedom, love of spouse, respect, free time, better worker, etc. Freisein's comment is a great example of an ERP statement.

    You just reminded me to read my ERP list for today!

    Don't forget to post on Emergency Urge Control Centre (
    or read my Helpful Quotes, Food for the Journey (
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Freisein, forgot to do a PMO-free day count at July 1 but a rough estimate from the guys with counters today is...

    220 days!

    That's about 7 months! Keep up the great work and hopefully we can boost that number for August! Everyone else, consider getting a counter to help us out.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Had to share for Serendipity:


  17. Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Thank you! Does the ERP really help? I feel that if I imagined a tempting situation multiple times daily, it would consume my mind. I also read a lot of the quotes on your Food for the Journey, and I enjoyed the wisdom behind most of them.

    And totallyyours, thanks for that picture ;D
    I successfully resisted last night and after doing what I said I would, porn was not even close to on my mind.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    Disclaimer: read Feed the Right Wolf's approach first. This is just a summary.

    You start by creating a list of statements which are reasons you are leaving PMO. E.g.:

    If I live chastely...

    I will have more time for my family.
    I will show others true love.
    I will respect myself.
    I will be united with Christ. etc.

    THEN, try imagining a temping situation once. E.g. being home alone, getting an urge. Nothing vivid or prolonged or ACTUALLY tempting. It's just an exercise to make your brain think it's being tempted without really being tempted. You don't look at tempting images.

    Once you do, then you go to your ERP statements. And your brain is rewired to think about PMO with the reasons NOT to PMO. I only do it once a day, when I wake up and am getting ready for work. Realistically, I would never PMO at this time.

    But that's how the ERP exercise works. Surprisingly, it can eventually work when you're ACTUALLY in a tempting situation. Hopefully, you'll remember your statements, or go to your statements and get out of the fog. But you can't get there unless you practice in a safe environment, maybe when someone else is around. After all, you don't begin to train for battle by walking weaponless into a battlefield.
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    Re: Christian rebooters [GROUP]

    I say if you want consolation, ask the Blessed Mother.
    If you need to find something, ask St. Anthony.
    If you need something quick, ask St. Philomena.
    When things get really bad, go to St. Joseph.
    All lead you to Christ!
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    You guys were supposed to be the Hungry Hungry Hearts!

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