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    No, I am not a Nazi at all, I just liked the words. They are kinda inspirational.

    A few words about me:
    I am new at this forum, although I already have some experience at overcoming this addiction. I still haven't overcomed it, though. So thats why I decided to join this forum. I've been writing a journal at similair Russian forum ( for a year already. In that period I had quite a few good 20-30 no PMO days, sometimes even 1+ months. My record is 2.5 months (last summer). If anyone understands Russian and wants to read it, I can give you a link ;)
    Now I'm 20 years old, and started masturbating when I was around 13. 6 years I masturbated few times per day. MASTURBATION IS THE WORST THING I FOUND OUT IN MY LIFE :(
    Without it my brain works much smoother, I feel like a genius - everything seems to be so easy. Even communication with girls is so much more effective. Let alone much more energy which can be used in very different ways.
    Communication has always been a problem for me, probably thats the main reason why I started masturbating so much. I'm not too shy, I can easily invite a girl for a walk for example, but when it comes to comunication.. I am very introvertic person, I usually prefer listening to talking. We were on a walk with one nice girl one evening. She was just talking and talking and talking.. Uff, I wanted to say her - "Enjoy the silence, lady" :)

    Ok, I know my reasons of masturbation, I know the consequences. Yesterday I masturbated, so today is day 0. Let's go!
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    Hey, I like the title of your journal. Did you look at the "your brain on porn" website? And, out of curiosity, what is the consensus in Russia as concerns porn addiction? Do you have any information on what people over there think about the subject? I'm just curious.
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    Thanks, I actually came here from YBOP :)
    Well, it's hard to tell about situation in whole Russia. I believe it's similair as everywhere else in the world - there is big big propaganda of masturbation and pornography. As I said before, there is similair forum in Russia. It's much bigger then this one - it has nearly 10 000 users and 109 pages of personal journals. Overall activity is also higher + they have strict trolling control.
    However, still many people don't know about that forum as well as the truth about masturbation and continue masturbating.

    Day 1 - Everything is under control. I'm slowly starting to recover.

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