Meditation. How does it help with erectile dysfunction and sexual potency?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Anonymous86, May 21, 2016.

  1. Anonymous86

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    I'm confused. What does it do exactly to make one more inclined to not masturbate, yet increase libido and sexual potency? Wouldn't that make someone perhaps relapse after seeing improvement or...?
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    Masturbation decreases stress, improves self-control (both to not MO and promote other healthy behaviours, which incidentally will help with libido & sexual potency) and improves emotional well-being.

    Since we basically MO to get rid of stress / avoid negative emotions, and since stress decreases libido, you have it.
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    Did you mean meditation? Lol.
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    Haha yes :D

    Sorry for the mistake. ;)
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    hahaha ! Freudian slip much ?
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    A lapsus for sure. I don't think it's revealing anything but my forgetfulness though
  7. Wabi-sabi

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    I've been meditating for years - for many of these I was a hopeless porn addict, and, more recently, I've been through numerous relapses.

    There is no magic. Meditation will not cure you of anything. However, it will help you, largely by smoothing the pain of internal struggles, and by giving you a venue for introspective examination of where things went bad that day. It's subtle, but worthwhile.

    I meditate at least 30 minutes ever evening, and for about 15 on weekday mornings before work. It helps me hold things together, but it isn't the only tool in the box.

    One of the things I've noticed is that when I stopped meditating, I relapse. (I also relapse when my procrastination increases, so it's not just about meditation.)
  8. Boxer17

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    What an interesting observation. It makes sense though.
  9. Rising

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    I stopped masturbation years ago and during that time I was meditating almost daily with exercise but what I think really helped was that I was getting alot of sleep and I felt relaxed and no stress at all.
  10. JayKay

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    Here's a link to a great scientific study on meditation- not specifically ED, but a general look at some of its most positive and apparent benefits.

    I've been a Vipassana meditator for a few years (and had the pleasure of running into a few members of the forum on some 10 day retreats!)

    When meditating for long stretches of time without being social, in my early recovery days- I specifically remember one meditation retreat in 2006, I noticed that my PIED symptoms seemed to disappear quicker. Of course, I would still relapse a few weeks later, but I attribute this to spending alot of time "in my head" trying to force my concentration back to my breath. My mind was willing to do whatever it took to NOT focus, and when it ran out of options it seems to go "screw this- just get a boner and fantasize",lol- something I was never able to do spontaneously without porn.

    Other than that, which I replicated quite easily a few years later after I recovered, I dont know of any specific link.
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  11. Jose bell

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    Meditation has many positive sign, like as stress relief, increase concentration and focus, etc.
    Yes somehow it is helpful to improve our sexual life.
  12. Kevin Walez

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    Meditation is the way I live. I can't even imagine my life without an everyday meditational trip. It helps a lot in almost every sphere of my life. Strongly recommend to start it for those who not and to continue to meditate for those who are in the boat!)
  13. Ralph McDonald

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    Meditation is the best way to manage anxiety and stress which helps to make you change negative attitude towards the things. It can also manage your stress related to potency and help you to be more active and improve your ability to focus.
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