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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by The One, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. The One

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    My name is James, 22, living in Toronto. One thing my close friends & family know about me is that I'm a big dreamer. Man, do I want to do big things with my life. Especially artistically. I have recently graduated theatre school & am now currently studying improv, comedy & writing at The Second City. I feel I am very close to achieving my big dreams but there is ONE MAJOR PROBLEM in my life that is holding me back. If i do not fix this problem, I will be a lonely wreck of a man, I truly know this. What is my problem?
    Well it was porn, and internet addiction but I was able to get over those hurdles, including a bad bout of PIED, in 2015. But there is one monster of a problem I cannot solve no matter how hard I try.
    And that problem is my YOUTUBE ADDICTION.

    I need help. So bad. I've gone to addiction therapists for it, read books on addiction but cannot go more than 3 days without it. I can spend 8-12 hours a day on YouTube, & I don't even enjoy it but I just can't get off. The days I succeed in going at least 2 days with out it (and this is rare!), I get so much done and advance toward my dreams much quicker, but I know that to really achieve the boss mode I'm looking for in life I must get rid of YouTube. It is so not good for me; it takes so much more than it gives.

    I am looking for support from other members on this forum. Please someone help me; I'll promise to be a good online friend and team member haha.

    My biggest problem is when I'm alone and my mind goes directly to craving YouTube. I'm hoping to come on here and have friends & comrades dissuade me from going on YouTube when I am seriously triggered and when I am alone with my thoughts.

    It is 2:18 a.m. as I write this. i have very important things to take care of to advance my dreams in the morning so I know I will be very tired but I can't help it; I just binged on a 5 hour YouTube spree, not even enjoying it in the process, other than the fact that it 'numbed my mind' for a bit.

    This is it. I am taking control over YouTube now.

    I want to go 21 days without YouTube; that is my foremost goal, can't wait to get to know some of you.

    Once I get over this addiction, there will be a clear path toward my dreams.

    Let's go!


    Day 1.
  2. The One

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    Okay, so this is technically still day 1. I had a busy day & just got in; now i am by myself and feeling some serious mental triggers. I think I'll try & watch some netflix, but the stimulus of YouTube is never a match for netflix. Writing about it seems o help. I can do one day, one day without YouTube.
  3. prostate-orgasm

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    It's futile, you will just replace your old addiction with a new one, the issue is your life lacks meaning, i might be able to help you.
  4. taiwanese2001

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    Hey, "The One." I completely understand what you mean. I myself am undergoing the same issue. I'm 31 years-old, so don't think this is an issue that just occurs to young people. It doesn't sound like my problem is as bad as yours, but I've also struggled with days where I just watch YouTube for the entire day without getting anything else done. Today is July 4th in the US, and I actually passed up dinner with friends as punishment to myself for watching YouTube, so that's not super healthy. I can tell you what I've tried and what hasn't worked. I've tried the StayFocused extension, blocking out YouTube after 1 minute on that website. But I find that I would just go to disable it in the Settings when I feel that craving. Then I put it inside the /etc/hosts file to redirect to itself, but I find that easy to circumvent, as well. My day job is a software engineer, so it's not like I can just turn off the internet and go outside. Once I even tried something that went too far and it shut my entire browser down so I couldn't go to any website on it :-D. Needless to say, those things didn't work.

    What I feel that when I talk about problems like this, "Video game addiction", "YouTube addiction," it seems like people don't believe those are real things. So I totally understand where you are coming from.

    I am thinking perhaps the best thing we could do is to start a forum that caters to these type of digital addiction, but I just started thinking about that today. What I think is lacking in solving this problem is a community that helps other people doing the same thing solve their issues. If people are addicted to alcohol, there are communities they can go to, but it doesn't seem like there's such a thing for YouTube addiction. I think it would be much easier to talk to other people who are in the same condition. I am willing to share an instant message username to chat with if you don't find that too weird. But if talking to a stranger is too much for you, I would suggest talking to close friends, girlfriend, or family members who is willing to help out. It would be ideal if they live in the same house, so that they could monitor your behavior.

    I believe you, James, I know it's not much coming from a stranger on the internet, but it's the best I can do right now
  5. JayKay

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    I have a question- @The One . Have you tried having a close friend or family member as an accountability partner? Getting rid of your devices which use the internet for 21- 30 Days? Letting them know every time you have an urge to watch Youtube? Just curious.

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