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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by vronsky, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. vronsky

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    Hey guys,

    I started my reboot on april 6th. I deleted all porn on my computer and installed K9 protection and I stayed porn free.

    On the 7th day I masturbated as the pain in my testicles was getting too much. I did not use porn or other visual stimulation. Though I fantasized about having sex with women who I knew from real life (not from the porn world).

    From Psychology Today:

    I was really wondering, did I do wrong by fantasizing about real women? Is it really possible to masturbate without fantasizing?

    Note that the first time that I succesfully masturbated (in other words that I had an orgasm) when I was young was when I was masturbating on porn. Ever since I could only have an orgasm fantasizing about either porn memories or real women. I cannot really imagine that I could masturbate without any fantasy.
  2. GABE

    GABE Porn gave me a limp noodle

    Hey Vronsky!

    If you want a full recovery, (meaning getting back to 100% where you would be before PMO days) you should stay away from fantasy. Normal guys CAN masturbate to orgasm without fantasy. I asked a few guys I know that aren't and never were addicted to porn if they could masturbate without fantasy, at first they laughed and said "probably not", but they told me a few days later that they tried it and, yes, they could do it with just touch alone.

    Also, I know your balls might start hurting pretty bad, but just run cold water on them regularly. Every orgasm severely slows recovery. Rebooting your brain works like healing a broken bone. You put the bone in a cast so it gets total rest. Your brain needs total abstinence for faster results. Older guys that didn't start out of porn can get away with a few orgasms with their partner, but younger guys REALLY need to stay away from all orgasms for a while. (a few months)

    Your balls will be fine trust me. If your body really needs a release you will have a nocturnal emission (wet dream)

    Stay strong and most importantly stay away from porn!
    Hope this helps!
    Much love
  3. jj314

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    Fantasy definitely slows me down. During my first reboot I would attempt sexting after a month without PMO and I could NOT get an erection without a little fantasy. I'm not even going to attempt M because it's too tempting and will probably lead to porn use.
  4. bigproblem

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    Im starting to think that your balls hurt badly, when you start touching yourself and pretty much masturbating. With more so masturbating and not cumming. That was the case with me. If you totally abstain I dont think there is any pain. Please post your experiences.

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