Masturbation is killing me

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    Hey guys,
    I have been trying to recover for a long time now. I have the following symptoms:
    Poor memory
    Poor focus
    Self talk and wandering mind
    Frequent urination and thirst
    Terrible dandruff and hairfall
    Physically weak and fatigued all the time (especially the legs,thigh area and the area between the shoulder blades)
    Penile shrinkage
    Poor logical ability and ability to process large information fast
    Zero physical strength

    I've had them for 5 years now i think. Really suffering in studies because of first three symptoms

    The problem is, the symptoms are too many to tackle. Whenever i try to quit i feel a collective assault from my body and mind (curling in legs,weakness in body and my mind bombards me with all this self talk and 0f sexual thoughts,imagery,perspectives ).

    I feel kinda like [​IMG]this:

    If i get past the first few days, i get bombarded by wet dreams..too many of them.
    I have had several streaks- one years ago was 10 months and it failed because i used to edge and had wet dreams all the 10 months and another 65 days where i didnt edge but did get a ton of wet dreams. The 65 day streak added after i had two wet dreams in the same night!

    There are times when i resist and i literally feel in my head the urge to get the sweet dopamine and opiods fix by giving in to the "tempting" thought, while at the same time my curling/pulling feeling in my legs and combined with my depressive/poor self esteem, i feel like snapping. If i don't give in then, i do later because i still feel very weak physically .

    Not to mention despite tremendous effort (Running,exercise,meditation,eating better) it takes soooo long to feel effects and they are so inconsistent and led to waste by a single wet dream.

    Porn is a recent problem. Something i think i can deal with.

    It would help if i could at least feel stronger physically while trying to overcome the urges.

    Does anyone know anything to help to deal with the physical weakness or improve focus/memory during reboot?

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