masturbation after 86 days of nofap.

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by grzeg12, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    So...I did it.
    I will not be member of hall of fame .
    And ...generally I regret it.

    I watched tv and some woman are very hot and desire to man, and they go to fuck, they started kissing touching etc. She sit on him. But he told : I can;t. My dick started stand up
    I thought: But I can :D

    And I sit at my chair and started masturbate.
    Firstly it feel amazing. Like in films. I started to feel desire when I started did it ...Feeling was very clear and after few second I started think : think about nothing , just touch. And I still feel great.
    I thought that my orgasm also will be good.....BUT it wasn;t.
    And it is really stresfull. The orgasm last long but feel bad.really bad. I didn;t feel sth . This sth I feel every time when I watch porn. Sth what make me happy and make my masturbation succesful.
    After masturbation I felt little around balls etc.
    But I fastly realised that if I can had great orgasm every time I masturbate to porn. And I hadn;t this orgasm after 86 days with no masturbation. The real problem was porn, or depression. ANd it don;t let me gain successful orgasm.

    Any comments, any ideas? Sb have similar?
    REally interested.
  2. evgtrees

    evgtrees Member

    Owww dude, WHY????
  3. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    to check myself. I thought , maybe I reboot but , nop. And it is end of my life now. Fuck , I must wait next 90 days and maybe even then my orgasm will be awful. Fuck- it is only one word I think now. I really exhaust and I lose all hope.

    firstly it really feel amazing, like I first masturbare in my life, but orgasm was terrible.

    After my work, I thought that my first masturbation should be prepare, and I am demotivated.
    maybe I did permanent damaged to brain, but nooo nooo....when I watch porn my orgasm feel good so it can not be permanent.
  4. evgtrees

    evgtrees Member

    just dont touch your dick except for peeing, taking a shower or having sex. period.
  5. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    Thanks for advise but I know about it, I keep 86 days and I can keep my hands far from pants.
    sensitivity to my dick return.

    But have anyone idea why my orgasm still is awful???

    It can be due to deep addiction changes...?

    Tomorrow 1 day of Nofap. I don;t give up.

    I don''t think that
  6. Anon84

    Anon84 New Member


    Don't loose all hope and be demotivated.

    Getting to 86 is a great achievement! Who said 90 days was the magic number?

    You haven't lost all the progress you have made the past 86 days. It doesn't work like that. Your brain wouldn't go back to its old self and your body wouldn't go back to its old self after 1 fap and orgasm. Do you get me?

    I fapped/orgasmed after 110 days, that doesn't mean I lost all the changes I've made and done through out my reboot.

    Pick yourself up from where you were before the MO and that's where you will continue from. Your body won't loose all the sperm it has in one ejaculation.

    This is what happened when I MO'd after 110 days. First of all I was edging! Then I stopped, but the sensations were too much. I didn't fap to orgasm and I was using just a very light grip. Death grip never again, because sensitivity was back. Anyway, I couldn't hold it and the ejaculation just came out. I let it come out and I didn't have an orgasm like how use to when I was pmo'Ing. I was just totally relaxed from what I remember. Read my journal for more info, I can't remember it that well.

    But it didn'T effect my reboot and I continued where I left off from. And this is where i am now.

    Forget about what happened and continue with your reboot and tacking the issues you had when you were pmo'ing. I guess the orgasm was different because you weren't watching the tv as intensively as you would watch porn. If you know what I mean. Just using physical sensation and no fantasy or visual stimulation the orgasm I think would be different. This is what I learnt from my MO on day 110.

    Hope this helps! Now continue where you left off before the MO ....
  7. Firedog

    Firedog New Member

    Good advice from Anon....don't sweat it, just carry on. There is no magic number. I've fapped since my start (no porn or fantasy), and the orgasm was not of the quality I thought it would be, but when I had sex with my wife, the O knocked my socks'll be fine...
  8. evgtrees

    evgtrees Member

    Your orgasm is awful cuz you forced yourself to it. Instead, if you had a sex orgasm, it would've been pleasurable. I MOd too during my first reboot without P, and I was really craving O, and was really forcing mylsef to get to O as soon as possible. I realized this later that it takes time to build tension. I am not sure if you know about "graded potential," the sexual tension works the same. Think of putting weight on a string, and steadily increasing the weight, eventually there will be enough "tension" before the string splits apart. This is what happens in sex orgasms. But in MO you put all of your weight at the same time, and the cord snaps within seconds. Thats why you didnt have an amazing one. If you really really really can't control it, then MO, but under any circumstances DON'T do P.
  9. dvxsantana

    dvxsantana Wrath Knows No Equal

    Until you get over 100 Days, You shouldn't Test yourself, Don't even try to edge.
    Old Habits die slow.
  10. youngoldie

    youngoldie Onwards comrades - we have to go back!

    Forget about orgasm - the better thing is hour-long sex

    Actually you PMOed. But as it was not highspeed internet porn clicking, just an old-fashiones masturbation. So there will be no much damage to your rebootig process.

    Being an older Guy of about 50 years, my rebooting was finished after about 30 days only (laying before in hospital some weeks with few chances to pmo). I had sex with my wife several times, and I MOed after 64 days (no fantasy or image, from flaccid to ejaculation in 3 minutes). So the orgasms are there. Some few seconds of spasm, ans then it's over. And I guess some side effects during the following days (no sex drive, low mood, feeling uncertain...)

    But let me tell you: having long lasting, slow sex up to an hour - that's good man! The idea of karezza-sex is not aiming for orgasm, but to devour every litte movement and any slight sensation.

    If you aim to get orgasms like during PMO, you possibly need to edge (getting close to orgasm several times). But this means as well a lot of hormone imbalance up to two weeks - numbing your mood - or making you greedy for more...
  11. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    thanks for good word.
    I think that my bad orgasms is due to depression. I have some other trouble, maybe for many people it is stupid, but not for me.
    I have trouble with polish "Rrrrrr" . And it make me depressed because I must avoid many words when I talk. And sometimes it is very shameful. And Generally I have very low self-esteem
  12. Ocguy

    Ocguy Member

    I recently posted the exact same topic about orgasm not as intense.. many people get this after long reboot..

    Don't worry about it.. the intensity will come back.

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