Masturbation addiction

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Kevin Nobles, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Kevin Nobles

    Kevin Nobles New Member

    Hi all.... please share your ideas, views, opinions, treatments, whatever you know "How to overcome on Masturbation addiction" . I wish this discussion would be very helpful for many people.
  2. YBR-Admin

    YBR-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Are you referring to a compulsive masturbation problem, or an addiction to masturbating to pornography?
  3. Kevin Nobles

    Kevin Nobles New Member

    I must say both. I’m not much into porno and stuff. But, the desire to masturbate is tremendous. Fantasies make me go crazy. Do I need to see a professional?
  4. Paul Gonzales

    Paul Gonzales New Member

    Masturbation comes only in mind when you are alone you are feeling tired, or stress. You think masturbation helps you from this issue but it gives you just temporary relief sometimes people also get addicted to masturbation. So some tips or opinions you might consider this which I am giving let's start 1) In your boring time try to keep busy yourself do something creative which makes you happy. 2) Remove the things that get you tempted to masturbation like watching porn, reading sex stories etc.
    3) Find another outlet for your time and energy like I said try to do worthy work do some exercise 4) You can't stop masturbation immediately I take time so keep patience. I hope this much information help. Thank you
  5. YBR-Admin

    YBR-Admin Administrator Staff Member

    And what level of masturbation are you comfortable with, without the use of pornography? Or is it less about #s and you don't want it to feel compulsive? What's your goal here?

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