Masturbated compulsively for 6 years. Did I ruin my penis permanently?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by jorgetheman123, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. jorgetheman123

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    This all started when I was 16, when my libido was on fire(teens and their hormones, amirite?), I masturbated around 2 to 3 times a day normally, without using any "death grip" or something like that. I started using porn around that age, too. I adopted this habit because I was constantly being rejected by girls and they all looked at me like I was some kind of spider they saw in the bathtub.

    I also got to a point where I started to masturbate while flaccid(which i didn't know it was possible) so I think that there's an extra issue here, I basically taught my brain to not have an erection...

    For years I used masturbation(occasionally with porn) to fill the void that rejection caused. I also noticed that, throughout the years, my sexual sensitivity was decreasing but what the hell, I was going to die alone so that's useless, right? As recent as two years ago, I started getting more and more attractive to the opposite sex(I don't know why, though, I always looked the same(until then) since I was 16, only with more facial hair), I started dating a chick and that's when I noticed that this was going to be a problem(too damn late, you idiot). My erections were awfully weak, to the point of not being able to penetrate. I went to an urologist and got a thorough examination but my penis is good, no permanent damage whatsoever, and he suggested that it's a hormonal issue.

    Nonetheless, I think that this was because of compulsive overestimulation and not because of porn(I normally fantasized about real girls). I've abstained from masturbation(36 days and counting) because I can't get decent erections with anything. I've become too desensitized to sexual stuff, even though I can get minimally aroused with a partner.

    So my question is: how do I regain sensitivity after all this time? I know that it's gonna take a while but is there any additional help I can get?
  2. BuddhaPunkRobotMonk

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    Hi. If you doctor says there is not permanent damage, then you should trust him. Compulsive masturbation can cause desensitization of the genitals, and by abstaining from masturbation you should be able to resensitize. Furthermore, like you said, you may have taught your brain to associate limpness with sexual arousal. Because you masturbated limp for so long and, I assume, achieved orgasm in the limp state, you brain wired that all together and now may prefer the limp state to the erect state when you are sexually aroused. I'm just guessing here, of course, but knowing how addiction learning works it makes sense. I think if you go a long enough time without orgasming while limp, this unfortunate state of affairs should reverse itself. I don't really know of anything that can speed up the process, it just needs to take it course. Be patient, and your penile function will return.
  3. Hello Penis My Old Friend

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    Hello mate. I was in a similar situation regarding masturbating while fully flaccid, sometimes several times a day. I was worried that I was permanently damaged, but over the course of 6 months of abstinence I was delighted to discover that I wasn't: there was even a stage where I felt like I was 20 again, having sex three times in a session. I think it was after the three-month mark that I really started seeing improvements.

    Give it time and trust it. I still rarely get morning wood and improvements are still coming in, but it is a slow process. You will heal, though.
  4. Kevin Walez

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    There is no problem, as I think. Mayde your fears and bad mood caused such a problem?

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