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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by TheNightfly, May 14, 2019.

  1. TheNightfly

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    I’m going up today to see if there has been any growth on my brain tumor. I had a surgery and all three and 09 and it’s been like you know 19 years. I say I don’t worry but I probably do. I just don’t want to talk and be bothered with anything. Away fast if I’m worried I said I’m not sure I feel like I’m dead just walking around in my life. Everyone but me will celebrate the good news that I probably should get tomorrow morning. It’s kind of sad but like this is the only time we go away with each other at all. Some people go away for a weekend or get away is going to a large hospital and staying overnight and some Hilton. We are simple we will eat somewhere tonight and probably grab somewhere on the way back for a nice lunch. Even though I get sick of my wife even looking at her she really is more understanding this time. She asked me if I want to talk I say no and I really don’t and I appreciate her just give me space
  2. Libertad

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    Tough situation. But no matter the news tomorrow, a relapse of PMO will only make it worse. All the best.
  3. TheNightfly

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    No change on the brain. I was just laying here tired and thinking I don’t like reality. Reality is with the day-to-day humdrum boring laborious overwhelming. But I did learn is to break stuff up into little groups. Talking about projects that seem too bad to even start. When is cleaning the garage which I have done some good work on already since I have been back. As for reality escape can be TV just on my phone or sleep which I just woke up from.
  4. TheNightfly

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    Well I find that being busy helps. Sometimes I am on a big project and turn around and realize there is something above my ability. I was to go PMO. Wife didn’t want to have sex today. I swear if I channel all my energy up of frustration I can do anything. That is a huge if

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