Marijuana and Libido

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  1. wilder

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    Alright, so I hope this topic is OK to discuss. Please delete this thread (mods) if it is not, and you have my dearest apologies.

    What are your guys experiences with marijuana and rebooting? Did you find that you recovered much quicker while taking a break from smoking and rebooting?

    I guess I ask because I have been reading up lately and found some information that stated it might play a role in decreasing libido prior to the "come down" from it. I did not find any explicit evidence though. I also know that some users on this forum have smoked while rebooted, and I'd be curious to know it's impact on their reboot.
  2. SuperGreg

    SuperGreg New Member

    Personally, I kind of gave up weed around the same time I started rebooting (I was doing it every night, went down to doing it occasionally). There are a couple issues with using it for me.

    First, I almost always followed weed with PMO if I was alone. Even if I PMO without weed, if I then smoked I would PMO again and for longer. So, dropping the association between the two was necessary to even think of smoking any more. I decided ahead of time what I was going to do if I smoked, like watch a movie. 90% of the time I just use it to help with sleep anyway.

    The other issue is the effect on libido. Personally, it makes me horny when I smoke, but it seems to lower libido over the next couple of days. Because of this, I do it very sparingly, maybe once or twice a month. I'm almost convinced to give it up 100%, but there are just days where I am up all night, can't sleep, aching muscles for one reason or another and weed helps more than any over the counter meds. So, I'm just not sure.
  3. I think that occasional marijuana use, and even regular marijuana use alone, doesn't have much of an effect on libido. I'm sure that it could cause ED if you smoke all day, everyday for years. But I personally quit smoking weed once I started rebooting for two different reasons: (1) I found weed to be heavily tied to my porn use because I would usually masturbate after a burn sesh' if I was alone. I'm trying to cut out everything from my life that has a connection to porn use for me. It's like, whenever I'm high I have no willpower to prevent myself from getting on my labtop and going to town. (2) I'm trying to condition my brain by taking part in activities that will make the reboot/rewire process more effective. Ending my marijuana abuse was one of the first things I realized was a requirement for me to strengthen my neurological plasticity.
  4. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    I have actually found that I am more likely to relapse when I do NOT have marijuana. I tend to smoke it in small amounts to combat minor depression, and my relapses usually occur when I hadn't had any for a while and was feeling down. I would go for the dopamine rush of PMO or MO to replace that of the pot.

    Libido wise, I find that pot increases it slightly, but not to a great degree. Its more that it enhances sensations and makes sex feel better. Could be useful to combat flatlining. But I also find it makes it harder for me to O, which could be handy for some people, but in my case I have DE, so its not helpful there. Unless I don't want to O.

    So overall, I have continued to smoke it moderately, and I don't think its hurting anything, but I do try to avoid sex with my girlfriend while high, because I'm already having enough trouble reaching O.
  5. wilder

    wilder Member

    I appreciate all of the feedback guys. It's interesting listening to what you guys think because it kind of goes along with what I have been reading online: smoking too much can lower libido only temporarily but it comes back once you abstain from doing it for a period of time.

    My guess is that over-use can negatively impact libido for a long period of time, so maybe I should just stick to doing it a few (5 or so) times a month.

    Yeah, I hear you. I used to be the same way: get stoned and then I'd PMO several times while stoned because it felt so much better. Somewhere during this reboot however, I have been fortunate enough to kick that "get high and masturbate" thought. Which for me is a big deal because when I smoke, my libido exponentially increases.

    And yeah, on to your second point about losing libido for a few days after smoking... I notice the same thing. It's actually funny you mention this because that is sole why I posted this question. My libido peeks when I get stoned, and then I have a harder time naturally getting an erection the next few days. Luckily I am far enough along in my reboot that I don't flatline after smoking (that was awful).
  6. Daimon

    Daimon Member

    First paragraph sounds a bit like my experience back when I used to be a pothead. From what I personally have gone through, I'd say that its not good to go about life that way. Weed addiction replaced my porn addiction for a while...and what that meant was that I'd smoke pretty much all day. As long as I had the green stuff, I didn't need to watch porn. Enter Chronic Burnout. No pun intended.
  7. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    Well my pot use is way way down all this year. I'm smoking in a week now what I used to smoke in a day. I really do use it medicinally to fight depression, I don't get real high. Its a hell of a lot better than those pharmaceuticals that cost a fortune and definitely DO make the ED worse. I haven't increased any in the 3 months I have been getting off porn either, so its not like I'm substituting one for another. Also at the same time now that I have a girlfriend, I'm actually smoking a bit less because I don't need it when I'm around her. Its sure as hell less addictive than porn too, and in my experience, less harmful. Its not really a factor at all for me personally in my reboot, except if I didn't smoke any at all, I am certain I would have relapsed more on the porn.
  8. A few known facts about marijuana I researched:
    1.) It causes INSANITY!!!
    2.) It's the gateway to hell.
    3.) It's the number one cause of all murder, abortion and rape!
    4.) If you smoke marijuana, even once, you will become hopelessly addicted.
    5.) It causes irreversible ED.
  9. Daimon

    Daimon Member

    ^ LOL LMFAO!!
  10. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    I will acknowledge the sarcastic nature of your post, and move on. Thank you for the slight giggle.
  11. I appreciate the "slight giggle"...ya bastard.
  12. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    I agree with this. I'm really not too convinced that marijuana use alone causes ED.

    However, when you're on any substance your decision making is altered and marijuana use could potentially make you vulnerable to relapse.
  13. Foxhunter

    Foxhunter Deflect & Parry

    I started on porn pretty early but once I discovered the enhanced effect of weed paired with PMO I really got deep into it. I remember the first time I got high, the first thing I tried was masturbating to porn and it felt heavenly.

    After almost 8 years of this, I can say that weed definitely contributed to my PIED, indirectly however. My conclusions are thus:

    1) Weed is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact it can be a great thing - it's abusing it that's bad

    2) I had conditioned my brain so that whenever I was high, I felt horny and the need to masturbate. You would think this would help with real sex with a girl, but it didn't because I am still wired to porn. Porn while high as hell.

    3) Overtime, I think this has caused some type of burnout that may be unique to weed/PMOers - even with say a large bong hit and an hour masturbation session, it just never feels as good as that first few months of doing it

    4) If weed is associated with your porn use, it may be time for a break, or use only when in public like at a concert so there is no chance you can PMO
  14. wilder

    wilder Member

    Yeah, just to contribute a bit more information that I found... I guess that there are scientific studies which concluded that over-use of marijuana might play a role in affecting libido levels. But these reports also state that this was only noticeable after a LONG period of time where the patient smoked every day, and also that abstaining from marijuana use for a short period of time should fix the libido decrease.

    So my take? Doing it once or twice a week is not really going to negatively impact your libido. But like fugu said, for some it is more of a signal caller to M + O, so it should be smoked within caution!
  15. SuperGreg

    SuperGreg New Member

    I think with many drugs the effects can vary per user. Personally, I get horny while on weed while my wife feels the opposite. To me, I can tell a drop in libido for a couple days after smoking if I haven't done it in a while. If I'm doing it every day the effect is less pronounced but still there. Other people may feel the opposite, so I think it's up to each person to figure out if the effects are detrimental to them personally.

    When I stopped smoking every day I started making quick progress in the gym. It was very obvious, so to me, for that reason, I decided to stop smoking. Recently my wife and I decided to try for a baby and again that reinforces my decision to stay away from it while we're trying in case it has any effect on conception.
  16. BadOnion

    BadOnion New Member

    I smoked just a little weed with my girlfriend this weekend and it made me horny as hell. The kissing and groping suddenly felt a whole lot more intense. I'd say a little can help, while a lot works against you.
  17. Universal

    Universal Guest

    I use it mainly for back pain and insomnia. Sometimes a few times a week other times once or twice a month, depends how much pain I'm in

    However it has been a bad choice sometimes because it does quite often lead to relapses. Weed horniness and O's are ridiculously powerful. I don't know about the impact on overall libido, I personally haven't noticed anything but considering smoke is a vasoconstrictor it would be best to vaporize or make it orally active (bud butter or tincture) for blood flow reasons.

    Perhaps you may wish to try vaporizing or eating an Indica dominant strain if you're already not.
  18. wilder

    wilder Member

    I am 100% behind you. Smoking makes me horny as hell too and definitely makes sexual activities extremely enjoyable compared to when you are sober.

    Nice points.

    I noticed that smoking is positive, while under the affects, for my libido, while there is a VERY slight dropoff the day after smoking. It usually is not enough for me to feel as though I could not engage in sexual activity... I think it would take a month or so of continuous smoking to really feel as though I'd have to wait a few days before re-engaging in sexual activity.

    I have tried a few edibles. Always hit the spot. Vaporizers are nice too, but usually after a few puffs from a vape I am down for the count.
  19. amixon6

    amixon6 New Member

    smoke pot everyday, multiple times a day and have for 5 years or so (besides a few short breaks, the longest of which was a month)

    I quit for about 3 weeks while rebooting once.

    I had been makin out with a girl all night unable to get a boner.

    we come back to my house and she wants me to roll her a blunt with some weed she has, so I do.

    shes sitting in my lap and im still not getting a boner. well I decide to smoke the blunt with her and by the end of it I had a big hard boner.

    so there haha
  20. Amixon6 has a point. The drug is known to stimulate libido temporarily, which can be helpful for folks when they're rewiring, however, one should not find themselves relying on marijuana every time they want to get an erection. For the most part, I would recommend staying away from marijuana during your reboot and experimenting with it occasionally for sexual intercourse.

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