Mapping new Territories: Part II

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    I think you're at least partly right there. We are, as men, constantly receiving subconscious messages, in Porn and in the general media, that men are just walking erections. Women get these impressions as well, and I think many women just assume that men are just ready to go all the time.

    If he's not, the question is: is he not ready to go because he's got a PMO addiction and can't get it up? OR because he needs a bit of time to get to know someone?
    I used to convince myself it was the latter, that " I just need to fall in love first", but the more I'd get to know her and developer feelings, it didn't progress, i still would avoid sex. The reason? PMO.
    It's a combination of PMO and insecurity, at least in my own case. I never had sex once with my first GF (we were going out 6 months!). My second GF, we had sex after 4 months, and that was after her making it very clear she was ready after 2 weeks!
    She was actually really annoyed with me after a couple of months and gave me an ultimatum - if we don't have sex, she wanted to break up!

    I do think that's it's better to get to know someone first before sex btw, but if you don't have a PMO problem, then you should at least be able to get aroused either way, if the situation arises.
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    I've been inactive here for a while. Working. Dating. Too this week busy for porn! Or gaming.

    Things are good.
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    I re-discovered this book, -- based on Allen Carr's smoking-quitting programme. The ********* method.

    I'm eating it up. I think this a game-changer. The point it to shift your mindset to see porn as not even pleasurable, but merely causing relief from pain, from anxious feelings, withdrawal cravings, dissatisfactions created from the usage of porn in the first place.

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