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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by Tigerblood992, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Hey guys,

    I know alot of you guys have the same goals as me. You want to go nofap/noporn to get your natural libido back. You want to feel motivated to date and fuck real woman. You want to kick all those HOCD habits that once made you think you were actually gay. You want to feel mentally sharp and be satisfied with some of life's most simple pleasures. You want to be a competent man and learn how to socialize to get your needs met.

    I suggest you guys read the free ebook, "the principles that govern social interaction" and join (manhood academy). The book and the site is changing my life. I'm now aware the feminism is literally destroying to society by perverting gender roles. You ever wonder why you were socially awkward and anxious around people, and especially girls? Because of all the useless, confusing social models you followed all your life, whether it be from watching fairytale like movies (were the passive nerds ends up with the hot girls), PUA bandaid solutions to getting women, or lack of a functional male role model (fatherless homes or spineless fathers). This book outlines why people experience social frustration. Then how a man should approach socialization. And then specifically how to socialize (managing your expectations with an orderly expression).

    manhood101 has a lot of resources. Nowadays most conversations that are filled with static information that involves no person. Their is an "expression" thread were students can make post that focus on conveying their person (thoughts and feelings). This will naturally teach how to relate to people and what you should be talking about when you're speaking with people.

    They have an expectation management thread, where students write about their interactions and whether or not they got their expectations met in a proper way (if you read the expectation management thread to the ebook you would understand this further.)

    And the best part of the forum are the schedule accountability meetings and calls, and also the hangouts. The hangouts are exactly what they sound like. Guys meet over webcam and practice sharing their person and managing their expectations. Students apply what they learn from the hangouts to their interactions in their everyday life. Kinda like how a basketball player goes to the gym and shoot jumpshots and does drills in preparation for the actual game.

    Their are plenty of success stories on the site. You'll meet guys whom when they originally joined the academy, they hadn't kissed a girl. Now they write em reports about how they're fucking their girlfriends in the shower, and have a solid social circle of guys friends that they actually care about. It's pretty enlightening.

    I'm a member of the site and i would love to see some nofap/noporn guys from the forum become new members. Please give the FREE ebook a read and let me know what you guys think on this thread. I'm pretty sure you'll be thoroughly convinced to join the site after reading it. Best of all, this site gives out FREE scholarships for membership. This is not a PUA site that is out for your money. This site teaches social competence by immunatable principles (just like the law of gravity), NOT bandaid solutions like PUA.
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    I have read a lot of PUA stuff, including Manhood Academy too.

    The problem with most American "gurus" is that, they usually see the women as a castle to conquer, as something to dominate. Women are their enemies, not their partners. They sell the process of flirting as a way to take revenge from the world of women, instead of making their own self happy.

    There are really ridiculous conversational examples in their free e-book, which only work with very low self-esteem women. Besides, if you want to dominate a woman's life in every aspect, and if you want to be the first priority in her life, there is something wrong with you, not with the woman. Healthy relationships are mutually beneficial, not parasitic.

    If you ask my opinion: people like Mystery, Roosh or Manhood Academy use the frustration of nerdy men, who never touched a woman in life and use their hatred towards women in their favor. Their advice brings nothing but more frustration. If you follow them too much, you will end up in psychiatry clinic, giving up hope from life. Because these people always try to avoid rejection, and try to eliminate it, instead of using it in their favor. No person can seduce every woman on the world. They are selling a dream, which is not attainable.

    Instead, try to develop your personality. Try to build up self-esteem. The book of Mark Manson is the only book going in the right direction among the ones I have read.

    You cannot use behavioral patterns or lines to seduce every woman. The e-book tells how you should behave, instead of giving you the fundament of a strong personality. If you have a strong personality, you would behave in the correct way automatically. There is no "standard" way to seduce every woman.
  3. ygtrhos

    ygtrhos Guest

    I have read Bang, Bang Poland and 30 Bangs. Apart from 30 Bangs, all those books are pick-up advice books.

    Bang Poland is useful for people, who have no idea about the country's flirting life, but who already have an idea about how girls should be gamed. But if you go out and flirt with girls for 1-2 weeks, you will understand most of it already yourself, if you have experience.

    The problem with these books is, that they only concentrate on outer game. They have no emphasis on inner game, confidence and self-esteem. They do not advise you to build a new person out of you, but they just tell what this person says or how he behaves.

    This is like treating the symptoms of a disease, rather than the disease itself.

    If you do not improve your self-esteem and your life in general, you will just act in front of these women. Women are not stupid though. A high self-esteem women, who has many choices in her life, would never let a guy like that get into her life. What will be left over is low self-esteem women, who are needier than you and whose life are full of drama.

    Which means you have to go through a whirlwind of drama to achieve some really lousy sex with crazy women. These women will project every kind of insecurity they have on you, and they will destroy your emotional health.

    That is how you land in a psychiatry clinic on shorthand. Read "The Game" to see how Mystery achieved it.

    You cannot fake your whole life. You cannot fake your identity. You cannot fake your whole conversations. You can just be you. And that is the only way how you can feel happy.
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    It depends on what you take from it. Women love to play games and wish to dominate men in conversation or w/e. When a man uses his instincts and smarts to regain their dominance, women usually get impressed. Women in today's society has lost a lot of their femininity because they don't have a good role model and their identity has been shaped by the fashion and beauty industry. So, when you meet a girl face to face, you are gonna have to deal with their self-defense mechanisms which include being rude, bad mannered and thinking the absolute or atleast mildly worst in a man.

    So, sometimes in order to build a mature relationship with a woman you really have to climb that mountain, capture that castle or tread that path because thats how they present themselves. From my experience the more sophisticated and self esteemed women tend to do this the most. They want their "man", "future husband" to achieve them as a reward for their manhood and masculinity. Of course, after that's been done, you can have a heart to heart and truly connect.

    The methods taught as I understand it teaches men to dismantle those mechanisms. When one does this too much or lives their lives in this way, they tend to become fake and in need of clinical attention. Example: ryan gossling in crazy stupid love and mathew mcconaughey in ghosts of girlfrinds past.

    My take on it is become good at picking up girls and being that ladies man a woman wants. But, dont go trigger happy. Use these techniques only on someone you can really see yourself with.

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