Man you guys over here seriously need to get off the Internet.. NOW!

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Latin Legum Magister, Jun 20, 2016.

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  1. This thread isn't intended to offend or hurt anyone one but seriously with all my three year plus experience with this No Fap business I can confidently deduce one thing for sure.

    And that one thing is this ... Many of the members of this website need to stop browsing the Internet as soon as possible! I'm dead serious when I say this but I think a lot of guy's problem over here is they spend too much time on the Internet! Which happens to be the gateway to the core problem {P and P substitutes} The Internet is this place where you've got unrestricted access {free of cost} to Pornography, and that too at any time and any place of your liking! You guys need to understand that and must stop spending time on the Internet!

    I know you cannot erase the use of Internet from your life in today's day and age but you gotta understand that this is the place where it all started! When you're trying to quit P and are on a streak, while at the same time you're browsing the Internet for a significant amount of time, then it is a recipe for disaster!

    Just trust me on this, I've had a million relapses simply because I was spending a lot of time on the Internet on a regular basis! I can tell you from personal experience that browsing the web for long hours while you're going through the withdrawal symptoms is asking for trouble! I don't wanna go into the details and make this post any longer than it already is, so I'll just tell it in short :- Initial flat line + Severe withdrawal symptoms + Unrestricted Internet access + Browsing Daily for a considerable amount of time = GUARANTEED RELAPSE!

    I'm seriously amazed at how underrated the problem of Internet addiction is on this forum! I can even name two to three posters over here who had impressive streaks on their counters a couple of years ago. And lo and behold, those guys are still here, posting on a regular basis and their counters showing double digit days! One of them was even a tyrannical moderator over here! Sadly many guys over here are struck in this vicious cycle of relapsing and what's even more sad is that even in so many years, users like that have failed to realise that the Internet is the actual villain that they keep accessing again and again until one day they are finally exposed to P and then they relapse again!

    So then, My advice to you guys would be to take a break from the Internet, especially if you've just stated with your abstinence process and are in the initial phase, with time you'll be able to gain more control and would be able to go about business in a sensible manner. If feasible then just totally take time off from the Internet for at least six months and try to get yourself busy with other things in life, meet and befriend new people, if you can't then just fake it till you make it!

    For guys who are unable to do so I've got a more flexible approach. Keep your house Internet access shut at all times (whatever it may be WiFi, cable, et cetera) and try to develop better hobbies like reading, exercising or cooking or playing music. Instead of using social media like WhatsApp frequently, directly call a person with whom you feel like communicating. And when you seriously need to browse the Internet for something, write down what you gotta search on a piece of paper and do so on a specific day of the week, say a Sunday, unless of course it's an extremely urgent situation!

    At the very least, don't browse Internet for two days in succession. That implies resisting the urge to come back on this or any other forum, on a daily basis, to check for replies on your thread or to reply back to your posts. Resist that constant urge to "check " the Internet for new notifications!

    Also this thread gives a really good advice as well. Here it is -

    Inb4 "I'm not taking advice from a nobody who's doesn't have a counter and which doesn't indicate at least three figures."
    That's fine too, you can easily throw all this advice in the bin like you never read it! All cool with me! However just remember, when in a couple of years time you guys are still on here posting about this same stuff, that someone had tried to warn you about the ill effects of the Internet!

    I just know this much I've made up my mind and I've decided to explore a new path for myself, a path where Internet usage is under very strict check, if not totally absent! Have a nice day YBR users!

    So that's all I have to say!

    I wanted to contribute something positive to this community in my last post over here with this account of mine. I prefer not to stay on these forums for long because there are way too many guys on this website who really need urgent psychiatric help, and I don't wanna spend too much time, even online for that matter, between such people, for the sake of my own mental health {I know I'm sounding like an arrogant prick right now, but I'm seriously not trying to bad mouth anyone, I'm just putting it the way it is! I'm not the most politically correct guy even in real life and I don't think I have to sugarcoat stuff on the internet}

    So then that's it, Adiós Amigos! Vaarwel YBR! Adieu :)
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    Then please tell me why I didn't relapse a single time, when I was hours on the internet each day? this is bullshit.
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