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What does everyone think for the June thread title?

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  1. And Justice for June

  2. Jokes are over June

  3. Justice June

  4. Justified June

  5. Jerk free June

  6. Other (please list)

  1. KanagawaWave

    KanagawaWave Switch

    Even though I didn't make it through the whole month, I really appreciate the effort you put into running this thread. See everyone in the June thread.
  2. Since I'm a first timer to sign up for the next month's challenge 'Jerk Free June', I was curious to see some data for successful members of May challenge. I opened the profile pages of all successful members and noted their PMO counters. Most had PMO counters, a few had MO counters as well, some did not have either counter; but for this analysis, I am only interested in finding out and showing it to you guys, how the PMO counters stack up.

    I could only find hard data for 37 members; one of whose data, I might have accidentally deleted. So this data is only for 36 successful members. Statistics of 17 members is not determinable- they either do not have a PMO counter showing, or they have relapsed after May ended, or their profile is not searchable anymore. It also seems the actual number of successful members might not have been 58, but around 54, as I did notice 3 or 4 profiles showing their counters reset in last week of May.

    In any case, now on to the stats of 36 members on 2nd June. I'll group their PMO-free duration in brackets. Note that since we are talking successful members of May, they will have at least 32 days in their counters as of today (31 of May and 1 day of June).

    6 members have their PMO counter reading 34-37
    Kudos to these guys. They are the real winners of May challenge in my opinion. Having fapped in the last week of April, they went the whole May without PMO and MO.

    9 members have their PMO counter reading 41-50
    These guys comprise those who entered the May challenge with the confidence of already having been PMO-free for a solid 1 to 3 weeks.

    5 members have their PMO counter reading 66-70
    Whoa! After 50 the next higher PMO counter reading was 66, a good 16 days gap. Put another way, these guys were not only PMO free in May, they were PMO free in April as well! Well done.

    7 members have their PMO counter reading 80-96
    Again, a solid jump from even the previous exalted category. They are hovering at, or have crossed, the 3-month mark! These guys are the ones who are finishing the 90-day reboot successfully at present.

    2 members have their PMO counter reading 110-115
    A solid 2 weeks clear of the previous warriors, these guys are about to clear the grander 120-day PMO-free reboot. Salute!

    4 members have their PMO counter reading 135-140
    Zoom! They have long left behind even the 120-day reboot.

    1 member with his (or her? ;) ) PMO counter at 153
    Special special member. Last having PMO'd at the very end of 2012, this person has been PMO free all of 2013. Teach us how you manage to keep your New Year resolutions.

    1 member with PMO counter ten days short of 180
    Bravo! You will soon have a six-month long PMO-free reboot, something most of us can only dream of.

    1 member with PMO counter of 214
    Sir, you are a Formula 1 driver and can no longer be allowed to race Go Karts. Go start your own league! A semester or annual league. But seriously, you are a shining example that the P demon can be slayed. A worthy torchbearer of these challenges.
  3. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest

    I'm one of those 7 8)

    Nice work on the stats man,interesting how much the numbers drop after the 80 - 96 day stage....
  4. Lion

    Lion Well-Known Member

    Nice work, Reforming!
  5. dvxsantana

    dvxsantana Wrath Knows No Equal

    I want your days D:
  6. Monkey

    Monkey Everyday is a success.

    Nice stats. That's very interesting. A leader board of some kind would be very useful for this kind of stats, maybe somebody would be interested in coding one.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Always intrigued me what kind of guys nailed these monthly challenges. I personally think the most highly of the first group, those who PMO'd just days before starting their monthly challenge- they are the ones who have battled the enemy at the very gates.
  8. blaalb

    blaalb Age: 23

    Yeah! Really great work. Would have been nice if you had done the same for june, so we could see if there was an overall increas in number of days etc..

    Also great of down not out for making these challenges!
  9. Aussie_85

    Aussie_85 Guest

    random thought:

    what about guys who sign up,relapse but don;t even come back to the forum/thread to fess up about it:

    IE: there's probably a good number of guys who just didn't get their name crossed off. :-X

    Is there anyway for mods to see the last time a person was active on the forum?

    Or possibly say at the start of the thread,all contestants must come back between 1st - 10th july stating if they got through the month.

    Then the stats would be legit.I have a suspicion that's what's going down...the leave-rate of this forum is of the hook yo.

    My 2 cents gents.
  10. Lion

    Lion Well-Known Member

    You should be able to click on any user's name and see their last active time.
  11. WhirlwindTobias

    WhirlwindTobias Man Against Mediocrity

    This is why I have a verification date with my system.

    Pick a date, anyone who posts after that who doesn't report a relapse is still considered on their streak.

    For example; if verification date was the 21st, guy X made a post in the thread on the 26th of the month without mentioning a relapse. As long as he doesn't report a relapse until after the month has rolled over, even if he doesn't post anything more after the 26th I'd consider him as completed the month.

    Anyone who doesn't post after the verification date is completely disregarded.

    Not sure what Down does though, if anything.
  12. blaalb, appreciate it. It took quite a bit of time as you might imagine, to collect and look at numbers of 58 successful challengers of May. June has 145 already! So, it would be less work to just analyze the winners in the end. To analyze the entrants is just too much work, unless one has access to the YBR and the PMO-tracker database.

    It seems there is interest in these kinds of stats so I will run the numbers for the June winners as well. In which case, there is a request to participants- please include the PMO-tracker in your signature for better data collection, and report faithfully to the thread if you lapse. In the PMO tracker, try to include the PMO counter for sure. Custom counters, or counters of MO or P viewing, cannot be used to collect meaningful PMO stats. Example: Person 'X' has an MO counter of 55 in his signature. All we can infer is that his PMO duration is longer than this. Such numbers I had to reluctantly leave aside for May analysis.

    From the May list of winners, there seemed to be about 25% such guys whose status or stats could not be determined correctly for PMO duration. Still, it was an insight. I hope to collect a higher percentage of good data for June winners.
  13. blaalb

    blaalb Age: 23

    I can imagine it was time-consuming and difficult, but it was really interessting, so stats for june would be much appreciated :)

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