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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Goodewend, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Yes, it is a flatline of sorts for certain. I do not know why erections and libido are not always linked, but this is fairly common.

    My thoughts are that this will resolve itself the further you get from PMO and MO.

    I do think that spacing out O's helps a do you feel after O? For the days after? Pay close attention to this.

    Neurons that fire together wire together, so giving the brain a break from O's helps you unwire the P pathways over time.
    Lack of libido seems to reflect a need to rewire to real sex a lot more, but doing so with a minimum of O's or no O's seems the most prudent path.
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    agree with 40New30... I quite like the flatline phase of this path. Of course it is only natural to wonder... hey, is my sexual function broken? You are fine brother... heck... things will be so much better.
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    I'm just kinda lost about the sex drive. I can force it ( sex ) once or twice a week and be successful, erection 90% or better, but I'm not craving sex. About every couple of weeks I get really excited and want sexual pleasure, I'll be intimate, then it takes me another couple of weeks to actually want sex again. I do know the day after I have sex, I crave it more than the day before, but I also know that's the chaser affect. My brain just craving to get off.

    I'll spare ya the "I'm a good looking guy and my significant other is very pretty" speech. I get whatever I want, anal, oral, swallowing and all that jazz, but for the life of me, even knowing this... I don't crave it.

    Still healing I am sure, but at the same time it's a little frustrating.

    The fact that I can have successfully intimacy without problems should be suffice enough, ya know?

    Yes, I've had my testosterone checked as well.

    I'm rambling. I feel great with my progress. Sticking to the no "o" thing is why I have been successful. I wish many of you who continue to experience troubles, would just sit back and chill for a while, hand off the penis, stay away from attempting sex ( with or without meds ) and forget about the big ole orgasm for a while. I went 31 days, stopped having sex, stopped taking meds to have sex and after 31 days, on day 32, I had spontaneous sex for the first time in over 6 years. 31 days isn't a magic number, it was what worked for me. I'm far from cured, trust me. But no "O'ing" is where anyone who is having problems needs to start.
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    I feel great after an "o"

    I don't get down, no foggy head as some would say. I do crave sex the next day more than the day before, but I realize that's the chaser affect and I stay away from it, or maybe I shouldn't. I dunno, feel like too much "o'ing" will set me back. Ya know?

    Great advice as well, thanks.

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