Making a promise to all of you on here, if i dont keep it i will eat a can of dogfood and record it

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Anewlife, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Mcgregor

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    If I would knew you better and trust you, I would say we could bet money on PayPal. 100 €/$ who go’s to the other if someone of us relapse. I made good progress in other areas of life with this bets.
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  2. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Thank you my friend for taking the time to respond!
    nice to see that you got 30 days no P.. I advice you to go no O as well, the semen retention benefits are so much more than only not looking at P, especcially when your into bodybuilding.

    I am talking about chest press, sitting on this and then loading up with 100 kgs on each side

    I train alone so bench pressing is tricky, didnt do it for quite a while but the last time i pressed about 140 -150 kgs for reps

    any questions bodybuilding related im glad to help ive built my body from 70 kgs to 98 kgs drug free around 10-11 % bodyfat

    all the best
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  3. Mcgregor

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    Wow, nice progress bro ! Yesterday I finished my bachelor degree so now it’s time for rock the gym again. I also prefer no MO as well, but it’s hard when you do sport and have a good nutrition + we’re addicted for a decade
  4. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    Thank you for your offer, will need your advice maybe in the future. I am also completely drug free, had an injury in my left knee which fucked my leg training and that is very very bad, when you are natural
  5. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    And I totally agree with you, girls at gyms are crazy nowadays...
    Eye contact really improved, now I have time for girls, looking for what the future brings and go through the next flatline ist the target for the next weeks
  6. DoneAtLast

    DoneAtLast Well-Known Member

    Oh boy, think of the attention the nofap community would get if the "nofap dog food challenge" became a thing...
  7. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    How are you doing my friend ?

    U are on track ?
  8. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    yes i am cutting down on online time and planning on not going online anymore till 90

    so i will not be very active in here

    but thanks for asking
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  9. Mcgregor

    Mcgregor Member

    Good idea, was thinking about that too
  10. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Still alive guys and still going got into a big depression lately but hope to come out of it soon
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  11. Vinny Stapes

    Vinny Stapes New Member

    Keep going big guy.
  12. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    Thanks my friend will go on will do

    a little ting i wrote on another forum:

    a relapse is not the end of the world IF you jump right back on the wagon.

    i found out that whitin one or two weeks you feel better.

    just dont look at that shit man why are we even doing it?

    it gives us nothing absolutely nothing other than pain and suffering in our daily lives

    its the same as when eating junk food every day, you dont know what it is to feel good as someone who doesnt eat junk at all and then eat bad for a couple of days. guess what he will feel like shit

    and the addiction is just in your head man if i put you in a cage whitout a tv or computer for 90 days you make it easily so why cant you make it this time on your own?

    You have to see this p addiciton as a waterslide, you are standing at the top and everything is fine, but one look, one picture, one hot girl on the tv can make you go down the slide and gues whatss on the bottom? YES pmo

    it is really hard to climb back up the slide when you already slided in

    remember this, if you dont get on the slide you have not a single pain or difficulty, but if you go on and slide down, yes you will have a very very hard time abstaining and quitting

    hope this helps
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  13. Anewlife

    Anewlife Member

    also broke my deadlifting record currently at 250 kgs

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  14. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    Bro that's sock!

    I could really use tips as my DLs are very low, how much do you lift on 5 rep sets? and are you "juicing" (not judging, just curious)

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