Low activity on the forum (new / admin input welcome)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by rabbit., Dec 11, 2018.

  1. Saville

    Saville Well-Known Member

    Couldn't agree more! It's easy to cave into the noise, the bullshit our mind throws at us. Real change = real effort.
  2. Saville

    Saville Well-Known Member

    Also, maybe forums are taking a hit, but that doesn't mean that the people who are here can't be vital and engaged in their recovery. Journaling is so awesome! :) I've figured out a lot of stuff just by writing it down in my journal and the journals of others. Write write write. To quote a cliché: be the change you want to see in the world.
  3. -Luke-

    -Luke- Well-Known Member

    One thing I realized today while going through some journals: There are very little active journals in the age 19 or younger section. I remember this section was very active 5 years ago when I first found this forum. The other age groups are still quite active.

    I don't think the younger guys are not interested in this topic anymore. Quite the contrary. For the young generation it's more important than ever (they have smartphones at age 6 now).

    Maybe this is just a generation thing. We grew up with forums. When I was 15 I wrote in a lot of forums. The younger guys grew up with social media and have different ways of communication. I don't know if it's just that.
  4. Thelongwayhome27

    Thelongwayhome27 Well-Known Member

    I think the legends of NoFap and the superpowers and all that has lost a bit of it's feathers hence why less activity with the younger crowd. The thing with PMO is not about getting superpowers but it's about getting rid of a serious problematic behavior, an addiction. Hence why there is more activity in the 25 and + section, which have more of the Recovering from this addiction mentality rather then rebooting for 90 days to get my dick hard again and get superpowers. I think.
  5. Pete McVries

    Pete McVries Well-Known Member

    It feels like the forum has been revitalized again. A few new members, more activity (at least that's what it feels like), good peer support, and some impressive streaks. I like it. Keep it at it gals & guys ;)
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