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    First of all, I want to apologize to everyone I have asked and contacted, it is not to cause spam but I really have anxiety. So, I don't feel I need to introduce myself again. It is day 73 I believe of my reboot. I PMO'd for 3 years, mostly was daily, so horny I could bust 3, 4 nuts for 15~20 mins. Anyways, started the reboot on 15th March due to fear of PIED( although I could get it up without porn, not every time but still ) after I found about it. I have noticed little improvements since then but I think things are getting worse as the time prolongs. 2 weeks ago I could get rock hard just by fantasizing about real girls I know or just by reading stuff in the sex subreddit trying to help other folks. It has been almost 2 weeks and I feel like it is getting worse. I feel lost and it seems my friend down there has gotten worse. I mean, I was sure I was okay back then and was super happy that the reboot is actually working but now I really doubt it. I don't think I am in a flatline ,I still look out for girls in public, I am more interested than ever in their bodies but neither can I get it up while watching neither by fantasizing now or sth like that. I came across an article yesterday about one ex-playmate. After i saw one pic of her in bikini I immediately closed the browser because I have forbidden myself to watch such things .It gets semi hard, only if I clench I get very hard. I assume that my hormones are playing games with me, idk. I feel like a total shit, I have important exam tomorrow too. I was on the top of the moon weeks ago because finally my fears started to disappear, I unwinded a bit with forgetting the bullshit I was thinking - PIED at the age of 15, pff. However now, I don't feel like that. I don't know guys, what you gotta say about it . Share your opinions, don't oworry, I wont relapse, I am so dead inside . Never porn again, I swear. The Mightiest is my witness. As I am close to day 90, I don't feel like anything will change until it, or even until 120. Guess nofap isn't what I need, although it has taught me a lot
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    Hi orfeox,

    I would explore other causes of your ED with your doctor. It may be caused by a physical, not a psychological, problem.

    Nevertheless, recovery from PIED is never straightforward. Sometimes it is an up and down process. Sometimes you will feel like you are completely healed. Other times the symptoms come back. However, the overall trend is in a positive direction, so if you keep rebooting, your PIED should clear itself up as long as it is caused by porn, and not physical symptoms.

    Hope this helps, and wish you continued success in your reboot!
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    I have been to a doctor and i am sure i dont have any physical issues havent done only hormonal test., I think i wasnt clear but i am unsure whether i have ED or not due to the lack of sex ed in my country. Therefore i started doing nofap to clear myself out. I just expect to get erections every time i see a hot girl in publc or some other images of this type. Thats why i am confused and it seems the reboot have complicated things more
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    UPDATE: Last night I was just screwed up and very tired. I couldn't sleep and dunno why one blonde girl with a nice ass from my class crossed my mind. I started fantasizing and after maybe 30 sec I was very hard, and now I am really happy . It seems that my junk is functioning at full stretch ! What do you think guys? All the fears about PIED have vanished again, maybe I really didn't have it from the beginning, cant be 100 % sure without having had sex but still, these indicates good. It happened to me in the past also
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    Great news! Seems you didn't have it.

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