Lo's no pmo journal (Resurrection)

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by L_T_D313, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Just seen in this thread where I relapsed after 122 days, I'm on a mission to overcome that amount and make this a LIFESTYLE.

    I'm so motivated to get back to the purity, the roots, not feeling insecure.

    Not having to pop a pill, I want it naturally. Tired of having to hold back when talking with women, or knowing it'll go so far until we have "sex" and then she leaves.

    Too many relationships have been salvaged due to this problem.

    Would you rather be the guy watching the videos or the guy in the video?

    The LATTER, MAKE THAT GUY YOU. You are capable of having any type of woman, why get the woman of your dreams if you can't MAKE LOVE?

    Do we wanna be known as broke dick rick forever? I've had a few women tell me "you're small" why? Because of semi erect aka still mostly flaccid cock.

    No more, envision the day you write into the success stories section and the amount of joy you'll have.

    Love you my brothers we're in this shit together let's go!!!!
  2. L_T_D313

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    Day 92

    Still flatlining, have been for a while. Some slight libido due to pills, herbs, mo, and trying to rewire.

    This time I'm going to allow my libido to come back as my brain heals.

    At least I know it's not a physical problem like venous leak. Just cause of the minor sex I had and me being able to hold that little erection LOL.
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    Had a NE..... SO ANNOYING BUT be positive.

    Just gotta be patient still and allow the process to work it's self out.
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    Day 95

    Awoke with MW,40%!!!! Lasted about 20 seconds because I laid on it not knowing I was erect.
  5. L_T_D313

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    Did you all hear me? The MW HAS RETURNED. I've been waiting so long for a sign and I finally got it TODAY. Excited about the near future. Full Erections returning soon I'm manifesting it!

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