Lo's no pmo journal (Resurrection)

Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by L_T_D313, Aug 25, 2013.

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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 101

    Thanks man! And yeah, but I'm still the same as far as erection quality goes.
  2. L_T_D313

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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 101

    Day 116

    Had a damn NE a few days ago other than that nothing. Starting to feel like this is all worthless man. I'm damn near 4 months in and I'm seeing zero improvements. What am I fighting for? I have friends who say they pmo multiple times s day and can still get erect for their girls. Bunch of bullshit.

    It's not the fact that I can't watch or masturbate. It's the fact that I have yet to have a fbe or a strong lasting erection. When will I finally see some signs? It's frustrating.
  3. L_T_D313

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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 116 frustration

    Day 122

    Really getting frustrated with the lack of progression.


    I mo'ed. Not with P just alone. Resetting. I need to somehow boost my libido, I read somewhere that mo'ing helped boost libido hopefully this is true!
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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 116 frustration

    Keep up the good work...and try to get a girlfriend or make love not sex...you will see the difference....your healed, but you should put some real imotions in the action ;)
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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 116 frustration

    Andddd I releapsed. I don't feel bad, I'm going to go on another long streak. I just needed release man. 4 months with rare orgasms inbetween and NO results; it was frustrating. I promise you all I won't relapse again or binge.
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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 116 frustration

    Thanks buddy, as you can see I reset. But man idk it was still so long with no results.
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    Re: Lo's no pmo journal (again) -__- DAY 116 frustration


    Fuck it all. 122 days and NO results. I fall back in the same boat, same weak erections, same quick release of dopamine. Done fapping for life. Fuck social media. Fuck the girls on social media who act like models, but would be lucky if you looked their direction real time; fuck their filters they use to edit their flaws. Fuck the fat chicks who only take face pictures because everything below is fucked. Fuck the whores who need to use cleavage to get messages. Fuck the guys who give them this false sense of entitlement. Fuck the world for going digital and forgetting the true meaning of communication. Fuck my cousin for introducing me to this thing called porn.

    Fuck myself for fucking myself knowing something wasn't right. Fuck the internet. Fuck my brain for being so sensitive to stimuli; also fuck my brain for being slow on recovering.

    In reality I can only blame me. Fuck the steak I had its the lack of results, nothing has changed. I never once masturbated or watched porn in those 4 months, yet I had 0 ZERO results. This is frustrating. What's the point of doing another streak? ( though I will) If nothing will come of it. Maybe it was the oral the couple of times, who knows? Why should I bother to do pickup if I wont be able to finish the deal?

    Today I'm starting over. I've watched for the last time. Here goes nothing.
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    Lo's thoughts on addiction.

    You see, thing about addiction is it never fully goes away. From porn to the most potent drugs they all captivate our minds and rewire our brain.

    I was once 4 months sober of porn, I thought I had beaten (no pun intended) my addition; yet here I am feeling this empty feeling. The key to defeating addiction is to one eliminate those or things who remind you of what it's like to be addicted (for me it's girls who like to send provocative things to me; I never tell them not to either my fault as well).

    For you the people you may need to eliminate may be friends or family (love them from a distance if need be) maybe a change of cities may help you.
    And two change your mindset. The mind is like a child you see? You buy a child a toy and they're excited all they want is that toy, you buy a child a new toy that they love and suddenly that old thing becomes nothing to them.

    Once you find other things to occupy your mind you will find that steering clear of your addiction becomes easier. But beware the moment you go to close to the edge that's when the push comes and you're now skydiving with no parachute.

    Ultimately it comes down to you; why have you chosen to end this addiction? What makes this time different? Why will you succeed this time?

    Because, you're tired of living like this and feeling bad after you've done it. This time you will exert the innate will power you've been blessed with to power through.
    You're armed with the knowledge and you have two people behind you supporting you; you and myself.

    They say it takes 21 days to beat an addiction (not end cravings, but to beat it) here's to everyone's day 22.
    I believe in you. Male, Female, inbetween, straight, bi, gay, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, whatever your circumstance; I believe in you.

    Rise against your addiction whatever it may be and become the you that you want to see.
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    Over this past year or so I haven't been serious about no porn. As a result I still have the 70% erections that never lock in, but are good enough to penetrate for a few strokes until my pe kicks in. I've realized recently that the head of my penis is fully desensitized, like when girls try to stimulate it I don't feel anything, or it feels weird. This was not always the case, I remember getting excited when I used to masturbate and stimulate the head.

    I'm going no P, M AND DEFINITELY O for an indefinite amount of time, that is no sex, or bj's, or anything inbetween. I tried doing that and it's been nothing but detrimental to my overall well being.

    I brought a girl over yesterday and actually penetrated for the first time in a long time, only to find that I wasn't fully hard and that the sensation was too much and I was cumming way too quickly. I felt like a weakling, and she left shortly after, I'm tired of this same cycle, I literally had this girl talking about our future prior to the sex and now we won't even talk anymore which is a common theme in my world.
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    Feel so fucking old reading this shit lol.

    I wanna do this differently. Implement a lot of things I've learned.

    I'm 24 now, and I still have the same issues.

    Over the past 3 years since I've posted here I've been dealing with the same shit.

    I've had little streaks here and there 2 months at the most, and I've faltered.

    I've noticed that I cannot sustain an erection without manual stimulation, my erections have shrunk (Maybe death grip syndrome), premature ejaculation (though I have noticed with oral I can control it mentally when I want to orgasm, haven't tried it while having true sex), and pre-cum.

    Those are the symptoms, some tell me it's the diet, I'd been taking herbs and vitamins (Selenium, Maca Root, COQ10, Horny Goat Weed, Acetayl) I've realized again it isn't necessarily PHYSICAL as it is me having to stop beating the meats.)

    I'm now 54 days in yo, not going back to that shit I'm seeing this shit all the way through.

    As of late I haven't had anything too spectacular happen, got a few bjs, bought some Gas Station Pills to or as I've named them GSP's to test the quality, they got me to around 70% erection the first time I used it. Not even 50% the other time granted I was in my head thinking of how trash my erection would be (manifested it).

    Each time I got head I would fall down and start to fade if stimulation stopped within 5 to 10 seconds, shorty stopped to breathe a bit (SHRIMP).

    I try to crack jokes on it now cause it's a current problem and the current will become the past at some point.

    Anyway I'll post my thoughts and progression here.
  11. L_T_D313

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    Oh yes forgot to mention

    Somedays after taking the herbs Maca, Selnium, and Acetayl I'd get randoms semis.

    Even after stopping (No particular reason just decided to) I'd been getting random Semis around the 35 day marker. (CHECK OUT HERBAL LOVE) they have a lot of solutions to our problems I believe that's site.

    But yeah, they'd fade as I'd stand up so there's that but procession none the less.
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  13. L_T_D313

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    Day 63

    Had a slight urge on day 62 which hasn't happened in a while.. libido returning? I've had two nocturnal emissions in the last week and a half. & I got a semi based off of thought alone so it's pregression. Feeling like this reboot is becoming worth it more and more each day.

    Thinking of how my future will be when I have full erections again, I've also been plagued with shrinkage so looking forward to getting my length back.
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    Day 70

    Semi and I mean SEMI erections off of thoughts about sex.

    Slight progress waiting for MW I'll be really excited.
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    Got drunk this weekend had sex, erection was about 40%:D

    However I came in about 3 seconds literally.

    Still more work to be done, just rewiring now.

    & no stimulation was required to obtain erection or keep it. Very great signs.
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    Keep going bro, I think you can beat this with practice and rewiring
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    havent read your journal fully, did you checked your t levels and testicals by a doctor ?
  18. L_T_D313

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    No, it's been a while since I had it tested.
  19. L_T_D313

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    Day 90

    I mo'ed like last week trying to test out the cialis I bought, it was pretty much the same. Reverse kegals allowed for me to have a more controlled experience p e wise.

    & so with all said I had been intaking herbs that allow blood flow. Hasn't really done much.

    I have also noticed my flaccids are more full, pretty sure it's due to the herbs, but I'd been seeing more fullness prior to intake of any substances.

    All in all I feel great, this is my second longest streak 3 months without porn is a major feat, you all can do it too!

    Still in Flat line once again so I'm gonna allow for everything to come back as my brain heals.
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    Erections aren't fully here, however once thing to note. Some Times my flaccids are about the same size as my semis.

    Excited about when I'm fully fully back.

    Gonna look into pegym and possibly a bathmate, anyone ever try either of the two? I want to become even more of a beast. Also does anyone recommend starting while undergoing the reboot or waiting until things are stable?

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