Loosing penis size?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by LastViking, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. LastViking

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    I have noticed that my penis has lost size. Even when erect it looks smaller that it used to be. I recovered from bad PIED over 3 month ago. Took me about a month or so, but stupid me, i fell back onto old habits of watching porn, and i am PIED again. Currently in flat line. But right before i got into the flat l have noticed that my penis has lost several inches in length, even when it was erect. Is that because of PIED? Like blood flow or something, or because erections were softer? My weight is not a factor. Has any one else experience same issue? Im 29. Thank you.
  2. Bailey3

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    Sorry to hear about that. I feel your pain about this matter. But as far as I know when erect penis size getting smaller gradually. You don't need to bother about this. I think everyone is well known what happened after erecting. Anyways, I have had the same situation and was suffering a lot for my erectile dysfunction. I was looking for a better solution for my issue. I have discuss about this matter with all of friends circle. They have suggested me different things. And finally tried best herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction and got the results. Happy to get it.
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    Hi... why don't you see the doctor , consult with expert Urologist Doctor, Size issue of private part you are facing can be correctly answered via expert doctor only. Take care.
  4. Bill91

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    There are some natural and medical ways to increase your penis size, generally both the ways work same, it increase the blood flow toward penile muscle which helps to erect the and increase the size. One you can do massaging 2 times a day daily by using some oil massage lotion, oil, etc , for few month and it will definitely help you and you can see result in you. Second you can consult doctor for and take prescribed medicine for size enlargement and for instant result for penis size enlargement like for sexual purposes you can consume intimate ED/PE pill like Generic Viagra 100 mg tablets , Super p force , etc,

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