looking for an accountability partner? or just someone you can talk to??

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by BlackAngel90, Sep 26, 2020.

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    So am I. The more the marrier in fact. Ive been doing this by myself for too long and somedays its frustrating to not have anyone to talk to that can relate to the problems of porn addiction. Also, it would be nice just to have someone I can check in on or whom checks in on me and we can chit chat for a bit just about life, our interests, and goals. Im a history major working on my bachelors degree, i love talking hustory and stock trading. So if you want some good leads on investments Im your guy. Im allso getting certified in IT so I will be a good person for any tech guys out there to befriend. Im a great listener and I genuinely want to help who ever I sponsor, so you will never worry about me missing yoyr texts or calls. Ik how it is to need someone in that moment. Anyway, if anyones interested then just reply or shoot me a message. I check this account every couple days so i should get back to tou sooner or later

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