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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by piedrecovered, Dec 27, 2017.

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    Hello Friends,

    I recovered probably 4 months before but come back on this forum to give back and write my story so that those suffering from PIED can get some motivation and continue to believe in the process.

    BackGround: I am from India, age - 29.

    PIED background: I learnt about PIED while trying to have sex with a girl at the age of 26. I was depressed and had no clue why I failed to perform. One day my younger brother abruptly sent me a message on whatsapp and asked me to watch Garry's youtube video on porn addiction.

    After I watched the video, it all came back to me. I used to be really really horny teenager and lost my manhood due to porn. So I started working on abstinence. After few unsuccessful tries, I was finally able to abstain for 3 months (84 days) and had erection while talking to girl over phone. I had erection while watching my maid work in the house. I was happy.

    I couldn't check if I was really cured because I didn't have a girlfriend.

    2 years and my porn habit was still existent but it was very less as compared to what it was before, I would say just 10%.

    I will cut it short and just write in brief as I am typing via mobile and it is too late here.

    I tried fucking 3 girls and failed each time.

    Parents wanted to get me married, I was anxious and had this fear of non performance.. but restarted the process of abstinence. didn't masturbate or orgasm before 2 months of marriage.

    Got married, couldn't perform for 2 months. Innumerable tries.. but couldn't get my mojo up.

    believed in the process and kept going. Finally fucked my wife after 3 months of marriage.

    had problems but kept improving.

    Now I have been fucking her 2 times a day for the past 6 months.

    Want to know more? Ask me questions on this forum or email me at piedrecoveredatgmail.com
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    It was weird at first but I told her about the process. She didn't understand it so there was lot of explaining to do..
    It wasn't a stain in my marriage because I asked her for 1 year's time and we had oral all the time. Me sucking her vagina and she sucking me out...

    Yes I am able to perform every single time.. I started to have no issues after abstaining for over 6 months.. More questions PM me.. Would be happy to help
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    Hi. I am facing same problems like you did. I have some questions

    In those 6 months which u took to heal did u go through flatlines? If yes then did it happen many times?

    Did u feel periods of days when u had very high libido and followed by suddenly days with very low libido?

    Did u get erections at all in those 6 months? How stronger were they? How do u compare your erections now to then?

    If you please answer these questions then it would b a great help to people like me and others. After all the science behind each of our bodies is the same. If we can know what you went through then by relating it to us we can know if we are on the right track or not.
    Many thanks
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    Great post mate. Congratulations.

    Guys, he says at the end he's been doing her 2 times a day for the last 6 months!!!

    I think unless he says otherwise, that's what I'd call healed, as you would expect him to go into a flatline after so many Os but from that sentence, I'd say the question has been answered.

    Though, I'm also interested in how many flatlines you did have on the lead up.

    Well done again.
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    I have question please
    does having sex twice a day affect your ability to work or function?
  6. Bpositive

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    Piedrecovered i hope u reply soon
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    There it is. For me, I've been struggling with doubts about my sexuality for decades. I once abstained from MO for about 3 months and think I saw some improvement, but relapsed into an MO habit. To me, anyone that struggles with ED has got to try this no MO for 6 months thing. This is the highest priority in my life now.
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