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    Hi to all,

    Im a little nervous posting on this forum. I dont really post anything on the internet and I rarely do even with social media. Just goes to show that this is a real thing if someone like me has to post stuff on the internet to get help.

    The first time I ever had sex was when I was 18 and did experience some PIED I was able to have sex but it wasn't really that good. I had anther girlfriend when I was 21 and also experienced PIED with her. I was able to have sex with her but it was difficult. The first time I ever watched porn was when I was about maybe 14 and i'm 26 now. I pretty much PMO'd every day for about 10+ years. I started to get into really weird fetishes that people wouldn't even consider porn anymore to keep my arousal. Nothing illegal though. I started over time to lose my erection to porn Ming with a 60%-70% erection for maybe a few years. I got a girlfriend last year and we have been dating for a while. I did have some successful sex with her but had problems in the beginning then I relapsed to M only and had issues. I have no urge to watch porn at all since I discovered my issue or M.

    Before my current girlfriend I watched porn everyday and never had sex for five years in-between girlfriends. I am very successful in business and used PMO as a stress reliever never really interested in girls because i always had porn. I see my girlfriend once every two months because she temporarily lives in CA and im in NY. I have failed with her on multiple occasions and she is being patient with me. So far I have been PMO free for 6-7 months but I have O'ed twice with my girlfriend in that period trying to have sex with her. I have also developed PE badly. I cum before even trying to enter with an 70-80% erection trying to go in. She wants it to be 100% erection before sex. When I have attempted to have sex with her it was in month number five and I failed again. I will see her at the end of the month and will be Seven months without M or P. i could see how I am a longer case because I started young and became desensitized to porn over time. The 90 day reboot is only for people that have mild PIED. For people that grew up on this with a 10 plus year addiction my guess is between 6-12 months of no P or M for recovery but thats my guess.
    I went to a urologist in the past and said that everything was fine with me.

    1) I do have morning wood 70-100% just about every day now which has been going on for at least three months.
    2) Ive had about 5 wet dreams when I dream about having sex
    3) Ive been in what feeling like an asexual flatline up until recently for the first 5-6 months. Now feel really horny lately and think about my girlfriends body a lot and get arousal when I just want to have sex with her.
    4) Im able to hold my girlfriend and cuddle with her and get a decent erection but doesn't last long. Even holding her hand I once got an decent erection. ( at month 5)

    I emailed Noah Church and he's a Great guy! Very support and explained to me that my condition could take longer than 5 months to heal. I emailed him at month five and he said that my PA could be a contributing factor which he is probably right.

    Last time I tried to have sex with her a few days ago at month 7 but this time did not experience PA and I did fail again. Any comments or questions I will answer in this thread. Thanks!
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    Lately I've been feeling super asexual lately and have had no morning wood the past 2-3 days. I not concerned about this though. I think I've discovered that its important in my reboot to not orgasm at all even with a partner to give myself time to heal. I orgasmed two months ago attempting to have sex and the orgasm felt horrible. I will see my girlfriend in about two months from now so that gives me a total of four months from orgasm. Hopefully this is what will help me get over the PIED. I watched a movie with my friend last night that had a few sex scenes but i wasn't even turned on at all in the slightest. It was like I wasn't even looking at sex it was boring kinda. Just thought I would give an update for the week.
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    Firstly, Welcome to YBR, I´m a little late to this party. Agreed, Noah Church is an amazing person, alongside Gabe Deem, Marnia Wilson and of course the late Gary Wilson, they have changed a many of lives. Reading your entries I am always surprised at how each and every person´s situation is unique to them. I started pmo early at like 11/12 probably I was consistent. I guess what I would consider extreme is very different to most, but for me that would be genres of porn, in my case I was definitely extreme in frequency of pmoing, but my porn viewing was actually very vanilla. I was lucky to have noticed these trends from people here, when I first began trying to reboot around the early years of the previous decade.

    Keep going with your experimental approach, no o´s or regulation for a stretch might not be such a bad idea, if that interests you perhaps you might want to look into Karezza sex, in that case I might suggest Cupid´s Poison Arrow by Marnia Robinson, excellent book that we can get intimate without Oing.

    Wishing you better days

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