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Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by richard29, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. inceptor

    inceptor Member

    Everyone's keen then.

    There's a few of us up for meeting on 26th June - after work so 6.30/7pm for a drink or two. Can work out location nearer the time, but will be somewhere central ish - Zone 1/2.
  2. funk

    funk New Member

    Would love to meet up, but unfortunately I'm way up in the North.
  3. Dogfather

    Dogfather New Member


    I'm in London and would like to come along so count me in
  4. Tennis

    Tennis Member

    Anybody fancy a meet tomorrow night (Sunday 22nd June), Victoria is on my line so is the best in Central London for me. If so message me.
  5. spinningstill

    spinningstill New Member

    26th sounds good, however I generally can meet anytime in the week after 6:30.

  6. Steve30

    Steve30 Guest

    Woul love to meet and talk wth others about the issue but I'm in Midlands and Sundays not really ideal if there are any future meets ups?.
  7. inceptor

    inceptor Member

    The aforementioned London meet is going ahead.

    6.30pm Waterloo -

    If it's crowded I'll post here where we go instead.
  8. spinningstill

    spinningstill New Member

    Hi all, outside the Wellington and it looks exceptionally busy and suggest we look for somewhere else.
  9. inceptor

    inceptor Member

    Yeah man, pretty rammed. Sent you a pm with my number - give me a call. Waiting for another lad to turn up.

    Same goes for anyone else nearby / coming along.

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