List of things we can do instead of browsing the Internet

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    - Job training
    - Socializing
    - Working out
    - Learning (sexy) body language
  2. 10thPlanet

    10thPlanet New Member

    Others I like are:

    laundry, straightening up, comb or style your hair differently, personal hygeine, job searching and resume work *if you're not happy with your current situation), calling an old friend or family member vs emailing or facebooking, researching, read the newspaper, learn a martial art (very underrated)
  3. penguinmaster

    penguinmaster New Member

    What a great topic, I'm definitely stealing some of these. Just my two cents:
    • Fall cleaning sounds like a great idea
    • There are lots of free classes on Coursera too, it's a kinda new approach to online education and there's a good amount of offline reading/writing involved
    • TED talks are online but are always awesome to watch
    • I've been studying the Japanese kanji (part 1 of learning the language for me) with Anki, it's a great free app (but $ on iOS) written by a really dedicated guy (I paid $25 for an iPhone app to donate back to him for all his time!)
  4. morrowcosom

    morrowcosom New Member

    Live poker
    Brain Games
    Getting drunk with people
    Ghost Hunting
    Shredding the guitar
  5. Unes

    Unes Breathe

    - Explaining to others why they have to stay away from FB.
    - Volunteer Associations.
    - DIY. some useful site: / /
    - Kill some bugs, whether on the floor or inside yourself :p
    - Punishing women who acts btchy.
    - and I can go on and on and...

    seriously, the list is worthless when you have a good understanding of why you have to stop (cut back) your internet use.. the will to do so.

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