List of things we can do instead of browsing the Internet

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TheUnderdog, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Let's make a list of things we can do instead of wasting our time doing stupid random stuff online.

    I'll start:

    - Yoga
    - Meditation
    - Cooking
    - Dancing
    - Reading
    - Housework
    - Photography
    - Biking
    - Hiking
    - Shopping
    - Dating
    - Playing an instrument
    - Studying
    - Work
    - Taking your dog for a walk
    - Volunteering

    What else?

    BAMBAM New Member

    - Basketball
    - Cleaning
    - Learning a new language
    - Running
    - Working out
    - Spending time with family
  3. elchancho

    elchancho Guest

    If you are looking for a good sport to do, i suggest climbing.. It requires lot of concentration, dedication, and it is very rewarding. Also it helps developping most of your muscles, expecially back muscles. One can start with bouldering, for which you need little equipment, and then go for more advanced stuff...
    I prefer doing this than working out, because i got bored when working out.
    Anyone interested in writing stuff? I write poems sometimes, and some stories too, to keep my creative side active.
  4. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    If gas didn't cost a fortune I'd take the car more often to random places. 1-2 hour mini-trips, sort of. Maybe drive somewhere and have an ice-cream or coffee in the summer, just to get away from home for a little while.
  5. Skorpion

    Skorpion New Member

    Honestly thank you for this! It's basically why I relapse with fapping, internet, and tv addiction!
  6. jdurden

    jdurden Guest

    Great list! I'm gonna keep this handy at all times so I can choose something to do to distract me every time, cheers! :)
  7. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    - Word Puzzle books
    - Going for a walk
    - Video Games
    - Renting movies
    - Exercise
    - Taking a class (if you already graduated)

    BAMBAM New Member

    I wish I could do this. . but there's no where near I live I could do that.
  9. nuclpow

    nuclpow Guest

    - Calling family and friends
    - Attending appointments with professionals
    - Writing
    - Sports
  10. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    Healthy subsitutes

    So if being on the intarweb causes the exact same dopa mine related negative effect's than watching porn then i probably should try to quit using internet too. Not entirely of course but at least cutting it down a lot.

    So what should i do instead. I would assume that if i spent day's watching programs and films it also causes the same effect? I'm thinking about learning to draw and i would assume that it's a very healthy way to spent time but i can exactly fill my whole day with that alone. It's especially hard right now when i have a lot of free time (still over 2 week's of vacation and after it might be two moth's of school without actually not having to go there)

    So any suggestions? I don't really fancy exercising during a day because it's bad for my bad skin (i exercise during evening before going to shower or early in the morning)

    I also read book's but i still need more activities so doe's anyone have suggestions?
  11. Franken Penis

    Franken Penis New Member

    Re: Healthy subsitutes

    learn a new language. you will benefit personally, work related and its good for the brain. probably one of the most positive things you can do.
  12. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    Re: Healthy subsitutes

    That's actually pretty good idea. Russian for example would benefit me greatly on this area (people that can speak Russian are pretty much quaranteet getting a job over the ones that don't speak it)

    Chinese would be also decent choice because i want to travel through China at some point in my life.
  13. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    Re: Healthy subsitutes

    I have no problem being off the internet. If you are suggesting that i should cancel my internet connection so that i would be forced to come up new hobbies.........well that's just crazy. I need the internet for studying and buying thing's online so that's not a option.

    And i have already cut down my internet time a lot. I don't sit on computer more than 1.5 hour (5=30 minutes) at the time and only few times a day. Same goes for TV.
  14. Hopefully

    Hopefully Guest

    - working on lists that stayed unfulfilled
    - doing hobbies that you havent't done because of PMO
    - planing the future

    There is so much time wasted on the internet, it's amazing. I've been wasting time since I have Internet at home...back from the start. Life is so much better than brosing around! ;D
  15. McMaynerbury

    McMaynerbury New Member

    I think I'm gonna make learning a language a priority. Like I'll just disable the wireless card every time I get off the computer as a reminder to study Italian & Spanish. My goal is to not enable the card until I've gotten at least an hour done.
  16. Journey

    Journey New Member

    Learning a language is a seriously good idea. Then You can go to a language meetup, and be social and meet people. Depending on the language you might very well find travellers who are interested in having a fling with a local guy. I think the idea is great
  17. Writing is going to be my main goal for my 30 days of discipline. I know I can do it.

    Learning a language is a great idea, I know I have the time to dedicate myself to it. Which language to learn?

    Another thing is to simply educate yourself. There are free online college courses that will teach you just about anything in any subject.

    And of course there's always running, learning a new skill, and hanging-out/helping your grandparents.
  18. idonthaveausername

    idonthaveausername New Member

    Learn something you have always dreamed of.

    Last year, on June 12 (I was 21 years old) I bought a guitar and got seriously hooked. I practiced and played for about 4 hours daily the first 3-4 months. And since then I still play every single day and I am playing songs that I never would have imagined I would be able to play. It's never too late!

    Picking up a new language is a brilliant idea as well. It's never too late to learn and the reward is tremendous.
  19. Kuruwin

    Kuruwin New Member

    One addition that i thought few day's ago was jigsaw puzzles. I personally ordered 2 - 1000 piece puzzles to complete.

    Jigsaw puzzles don't really even cost that much (expect the ones that have 10k pieces) but can take ton's of time to complete and doing jigsaw puzzles is good for the brain.

    And you can even make doing jigsaw puzzles a social activity.
  20. McMaynerbury

    McMaynerbury New Member

    When I was in the hospital, I would meet with a couple people in a lounge and work on a 10k piece puzzle for a few hours at a time. We finished two of those in a week.

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