Limiting Artificial Light For a Few Hours Before Bed...

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by braincleanser, Apr 22, 2016.

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    Hello guys,

    I have been trying this simple thing recently, and have been blown away by what I've discovered. I was reading a book ('The Primal Blueprint' by Mark Sisson) which mentioned that artificial light after dark, particularly blue light from T.V's, laptops computer's etc. As well as artificially brain-stimulating entertainment (action movies etc.) plays havoc with the human brain before and during sleep, by altering brainwaves and thus screwing with the restorative capacity of our sleep. Alarm clocks are bad too, (but that's another topic!)

    I determined to test this myself and so for around a week or so now, after dark (around 20:30 here) I would stop using my laptop, turn off the light, and just begin to wind down for the hour or so before I go to bed. I personally do this by reflecting on the day and perhaps meditating a little, but how you do this is up to you (as long as it's nothing too vigorous or stimulating - you should also avoid eating or exercising heavily in this period before bed.)

    Anyway as someone who would normally be using a laptop heavily in the late evening - only shutting it perhaps 20 minutes to half an hour before bed - what I noticed was astounding!!!

    Whilst I would have no problem getting to sleep before, and would sleep heavily throughout the night, I would often feel groggy and lethargic upon waking, would have trouble getting out of bed, and would be generally moody and depressive throughout the morning. What I noticed immediately from just two nights of doing this is that these things were gone and I would wake much more refreshed.

    (bear in mind that I would almost always wake without an alarm anyway, and that as far as I understand alarms fuck with your sleep too - so if you want to try this you should probably consider dropping the alarm and getting to bed an hour or two earlier as well.)
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    I have heard of the phenomen before; people are using their smartphones in bed, tearing up their sleeping habits and sometimes even getting a sleeping disorder. I've never heard of The Primal Blueprint but I'm interested. What I did is installing app like Blue Light Filter... but they are buggy and sometimes dont work. I'm going to cut devices out of my life after 20:00.
    Thanks for your topic.

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    it's profound the difference I feel when I get to bed early enough. Screens are the biggest distraction which often cuts 2 hours off of my rest. The time frittered away on facebook sure ain't worth feeling like crap the whole next day. Huge, free, simple, in lin with the way we have always lived and how we evolved. Electricity in so many of it's uses continues to be an assault on the creature we have evolved to be
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    I have this thing I do, it's called the "Amish hour", in which I turn off all devices one hour before bedtime. I use this time to wind down from my day, read some book, do some cleaning or tidying up, ... anything that doesn't involve a screen. And I definitely have been sleeping better ever since
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    I do business in a town where there are lots of Amish... The Older men have great vitality barrel chested, very strong bodies and breath . Would better most modern types half their age in that regard.

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