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    Hi guys, i'm 21 yrs. old from the Philippines. When I was a kid I was introduced to porn when I'm always in the computer shop(rent) playing games, and some boys open up porn websites besides me and that's the start. I will go to other computer shops then go to the PC that is far, so I can open up porn sites in alt tabs, then I will touch/masturbate my dick in one of my short's pockets haha. Then fast forward to highschool I got a laptop and phone and that time we also have a WiFi and that's the start of my addiction.

    Fast forward to 2017 when I was in college, I started to realized that I was not getting horny when looking to the body of girls, that's when I know that I have a problem. But i don't know yet about PIED. I met a girl(eventually became my gf) and we have sex but my dick is super soft and can't get hard. And i reasearch it on the net, know that I have PIED. After many months I finally have an erection and have sex. I'm horny when anticipating sex up to foreplay up to having sex and to the point I'll cum. My PROBLEM now is i can't get hard for 2nd, 3rd, 4th round. My gf always telling me "babe pls another round" And there's nothing wrong with my gf because she has a cute face, flawless white skin, acceptable breast size, and a big round butt. Can anyone give me tips on what will I do to bring back my libido. Coz I just want to bring back the time when I see a boobs or butt that my dick will get hard super fast. And not think sexual thoughts just to have an erection. THANK YOU ALL!
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    Actually, Libido is a complex approach to both your health, diet and your mind as well. Thus, ignoring one of these is not allowed. If you really want to boot your libido and improve your sexual life be ready to do right things and not to do 'bad'. According to statistics many of men when they are losing their libido think that they have problems with health only. It is not the whole truth. And remember that everything (almost) depends on you. Good luck!
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    I have always had the same problem since your age (I'm 27 now, almost 28), I found your brain on porn this way. So I have been analizing it for the last 7 years. Tried many things. Been to the doctors many times, I was woried that it's smth wrong with my health - this is not the case. What have helped me - yes, quiting porn (it can be very helpful, but it probably will not solve your problem), solving my psyhological problems (so I am really confident now). But, I'm comming to the conclusion that it is natural for me (and MAYBE, just may be) for you to have a long refractory period. I have talked to many people and asked them about their libido, sex and so on. A lot of the guys (my friends and guys I know) have the same thing as you. Some can have 2-3 ejaculations, one of my best friends is hypersexual and can have 5-6, sometimes (at your age - 10) (but this is very rare). This is quite frustrating to know that you only have 1 ejaculation at a time, cause than sex becomes not too interesting. So I totally understand you.
    What can I recommend? Now I am triing karezza and tantra (same stuff that Fencepost recommended to you). I am still not sure about prostate health and karezza, but I have a good urologist, so I am visiting him from time to time (he is against karezza, by the way). But normal sex with ejaculation seems problematic for me. I can recommend you to give it a try. Or may be have sex and come only in the very end. Or allow yourself not to come sometimes (this helped me to boost my libido psycologicaly)
    You can write me if you have some questions)
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    Just stop the porn youll find real girls hot very very quickly. Its all good and easy brother :)

    Quitting porn is NOT hard. That is a myth. Stop defining it as a problem and quit this narrative about blah blah blah. Just stop watching porn and youll find real owmen attractive very soon! And then youll have the girl of your destiny ASAP :)
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    Sounds like my insurance company's reaction to paying for inpatient rehab

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