Let's do it once more, this time for good

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    Some years ago I authored this story:

    I was a 24 y.o. virgin guy who fapped almost everyday (not always to porn). Couldn't get hard to save my life. After months of rebooting and rewiring I fixed my ED (although I think I still could improve a lot), but my sex life was great. I had a steady GF who stood by my side through the difficulties, we managed to have a great sex life for about a year, but then we broke up. My life improved in so many aspects during this reboot period (March 2016 - December 2018)

    I was single from early 2019 until a month ago, This time I hooked up with a couple of women, most of my attempts were successful, but I (P)MOed about once every ten days. Seems like when you are cured from PIED, you move on with your life and tend to forget all the pain and the suffering PIED and PMOing caused once.
    This might not seem much, but seems like it sent me back to PIED, not like it used to be, but still a problem. At the moment I am trying to begin a new relationship with a great girl which is a colleague of mine. We had sex 4-5 times during the last 20 days with Kamagra's help, but I had some unsuccessful attempts as well. Haven't told her anything so far, but I think of doing it, it might take away some anxiety at least.

    I am free of PMOing for about 4,5 months. Did a 4 month hard mode and now planning to rewire again. Hopefully I won't need that much to recover again. Moreover, I hope I won't flatline as I did during my last reboot. Let's do this. I did it once, Now i will do it again, once and for good.

    I will post more during the next days. Honestly, I used to be obsessed with YBR, but I completely forgot about it for about 3 years. PMO won't be an option again. Stay strong!
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    O'ed one week ago, will meet my GF today, let's see how it goes. Going to use some Kamagra. PMO free for about 130 days. I will try not to O this time.

    Otherwise doing fine, it's a difficult time because I am a medical doctor and I treat COVID-19 patients. Surely interesting and challenging, but stressful and exhausting as hell.
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    Ok, seems like my last orgasm( a week ago) sent me in a minor flatline. Seems like my erection are harmed, although I had some. Didn't try anything sexual because my girl was on her period. In my last reboot orgasms used to send me back to flatline, but as reboot and rewiring proceeded, this gradually improved. Flatline days were lesser, libido days more, and the bad days were not THAT bad. I hope I will overcome it much sooner. Last time it took about 14 months to overcome constant flatlining after orgasms. Hopefully this time it will go away sooner( I now have memories of great sex, I don't begin from that starting point I begun 4 years ago, I have the previous reboot experience that guides the process).
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    Ok, I am struggling at the moment. I have absolutely no problem staying away from PMO. But I have trouble maintaining erection with gf. I had an orgasm 17 days ago and still my erectile capacity lacks. Yesterday I took 60-70 mg Kamagra but couldn't get an erection enough for putting on a condom and having decent sex...But it was slightly better than 2 days ago. Seems like at this moment i can't handle orgasms. I have to stay away from them in order to keep improving, keeping my relationship and, on top of everything, my sanity.

    Three days ago I explained everything to my girlfriend. She was understanding. This loosened things a bit....But I don't know. I have to improve fast because my relationship will really be at stake. When I rebooted back in 2016, I was in a worse situation than I am now. Nevertheless, I needed about two years to get to a point of having consistent, pleasurable sex with my partner. I don't think I can wait two years again...damn it. Anyway, I am free from PMOing for about 140 days. Let's hope for improvement in terms of erectile function soon. Apart from that, my life is more or less fine.
  5. Tough to hear but if it's meant to meant, it's meant to be. Take the time you need. You have lots of time to recovery.
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    You are right man, sad but true. But only if you have the courage to face your problems straight forward , you have a chance to fix them. I have a lot of time in front of me, I have done it before, I can do it again. Good luck to you as well
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    Going strong. I keep on rewiring through kissing, cuddling etc. I had an orgasm 21 days ago which gave a serious hit to my erections. I don't feel like I am in complete flatline, I can get semi-hard through kissing, hand holding etc, but I cannot get proper erections for sex yet. Well, seems like orgasm send me in a kinda ''flatline'' again. I remember when I first rebooted back in 2016, orgasms would kill me mentally and sexually in the beginning of my reboot. Later on, the effects became more bearable. Let's hope this time this improves faster.

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