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    Hey everybody!

    I'm a 26 year old guy and I've been watching porn since i was 13. Half my life.
    Over the years I've really struggled with connecting with real girls and only being aroused by what I saw on a screen.
    I've never had a girlfriend or done anything remotely sexual. Even kissing.
    I've felt more connected to the girls I watch on screen than the girls I've met in real life.
    So much time has been wasted it feels like I almost owe my life to this and should make the most of this beast that now lives within me.

    I have tried many different things from support groups, counseling, blocking software, etc. but I always came back to it.
    After so many excuses, I think it's time i try this. When I do have streaks I feel way better but I get thoughts of not wanting to live so I relapse.

    My longest streaks have been a 4 month, 3 month, and 2 month streak.

    Here's to getting out of limbo.
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    Day 1 went well: I was at a friend's birthday party and there were lots of beautiful women...
    I was nervous. I made eye contact with this gorgeous girl and quickly looked away for a second, but then I introduced myself and we talked for a bit.
    Felt way better!
    Way more invigorating than staring at a screen!

    Day 2 today: so far i went for a run, worked out, did some breathing exercises, and called a friend. Eating lunch atm and then I'm going to study.
    I'm getting out of the house to study as being home alone is a big trigger for me.
    I hope to post an update tonight about how the rest of my day went. Really feeling good after the workout and keeping internet time down!
    Hoping for a productive study session.
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