Last couple of years been feeling very tired/fatigue/ No energy - Eyes not good

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Brit_91_kd, May 24, 2014.

  1. breath

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    weight's would be for muscles posture naturally raising your testosterone. If you are 23 you maybe don't need to pump iron or such, but you need cardio. As a human being you are an animal that is born to move and exercise. i'm 49 so i try to keep a little muscle tone through push ups to feel more manly :)
  2. Rengaw

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    PMO+ stress + no excercise = killer-combo!

    I can back up this story... high anxierty, low energy and bad habits tend to have a very negative influence on your body.

    I used to work out 4 times a week, and I used to do the 30 day ab challenge every morning to wake up properly. I did the work outs for about 5 weeks straight and the abs for about 2 weeks and I can tell you it felt damn good! Saw my fat melting away and my abs growing.

    However, I got an injury and couldn't work out.. and I have some other problems, study related and work related.
    I got so anxious I think I can say you it is even paranoid. It turns out I lost my schedule (I got laid off), and I was hurt. Because couldn't work out my stress levels went through the roof, I had trouble focusing on my study and.. well...

    My mehtod to handle it :
    -get a hobby to clear your head and get your mind balanced, but you still have to stay focused. Think of anything from drawing, painting, writing, model building or sudoku's. I study the number Pi (3,1415926589793238...I can go on for half an hour(no joke)).

    - get a physical: try to work out for half an our a day. This can be an hour of running on Monday, nothing on Tuesday, cycling on Wednesday...

    To keep it short: it's all linked. Working out increases your enforfines and dopamines. Endorfine is a natural sort of morphin, so it decreases stress on the body. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain, responsible for behaviour and rewards: it makes you feel confident and focused.

    I could go on with a long list of things to do/ not to do but what Breath said is key: get out, walk a bit and just try to ease the stress.
    Work out a bit, try the 30 day <xxxx> challenges. They're perfect to start out with.

    You'll be alright 91!
  3. Brit_91_kd

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    PMO+ stress + no exercise = killer-combo! - Where in the thread did i say i didn't exercise? When you refer to the term exercise, i take it you just referring to just cardio?

    I don't do cardio as my aim is to bulk up at the gym..
  4. Rengaw

    Rengaw Will log on every other week from 13/10/2016

    My bad, I forgot to address the distinction between strength and cardio.
    Cardio is seen to have other advantages than strength. I am not saying we all should run a marathon, but some cardio is certain to lower stress levels. Running, cycling, football.. just any intense, long-term work out will improve your ability to cope with tensions.
    Remember 91_kd, any work out is good and there is always room for improvement!

    Just give this a quick read :

  5. Brit_91_kd

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    I do cardio, but it not as often as i probably should.
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    I've found that major clinical depression and chronic fatigue have many overlapping symptoms. I find my diet contributes to my energy level. Or late night use of digital devices.

    The lower quality of food the more tired I feel. The more I sit around and think about sex the more tired I feel.
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    if you don't move enough - as much as say a brisk 20 minute walk a day on average - all the other queries you have could be a waste of time. if you try to do that either you'll feel better (pretty much withing a day or two) OR you'll se be closer to finding the problem if it is a rarer one... in today's world it's usually modern laziness most of the time though. I find it strikes me sometimes because i don't have to do it the way a mailman or somebody with a physical job would

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    There's an herb called eyebright - I think you might want to look into it.
  9. Brit_91_kd

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    I might look into that. Thanks!
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    Try dropping caffeine all together. I work in front of a computer for 12 hours a day and used to live off coffee. I switched to decaff and find my energy levels higher and waking up is a lot easier.
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    In my case. PMO is the cause. I am 100% sure of that.
  12. coolboy

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    same for me I feel much more energetic now!!
  13. Nirvana

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    This is due to effect of excessive masturbation. Your body is telling you that you are over taxing yourself.
    You may also feel that you have anxiety problems around people, feeling on edge, not wanting to mix and be near others.
    Too much PMO will throw your endocrine system haywire. Making you feel 'off' but not being able to account for it during physical check ups.

    I use to feel this way when I was heavy into PMO. I also suffer from dry mouth that does not improve no matter how often I drink water.

    I suspect you also feel unable to open your eyes fully on very sunny days.
  14. Brit_91_kd

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    You are sure right there!!
  15. Brit_91_kd

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