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Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by birdsky, Aug 16, 2020.

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    What does your daily schedule look like. Try to keep busy, clean your house do work out side. Go grocery shopping. Do a new hobby. Find something to occupy your mind.

    Build fall back for when you have urges. Feel an urge come on, start doing the dishes, go for a walk, call someone.

    The worst thing especially with covid is sitting at home with nothing to do. I found keeping busy is what helped me through the hardest moments of letting go of these urges. You can do it!
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    I think you should tell them about your addiction and edging. I have a therapist as well. They have really helped me building coping strategies so I can deal with my PMO.

    I know it's hard to talk about this stuff but they have heard alot of stuff they are there to help. I really think if you open up about it it will help.
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    Don't apologize for writing @birdsky. On the contrary, thanks for sharing.

    In my opinion edging is worse than (P)MO. With the edging you ķeep your pleasure center drained in dopamin for extended periids of time. I think that's worse than just a short session woth orgasm. I have had many long edging sessions and also experienced weak orgasms with little sperm afterwards. I think it is because of ejaculating tiny amounts over longer period. You're not messed up, but I know the feeling. Long edging sessions can keep you in a depressed brainfogged mood for a long time, be aware of that. Have you identified your triggers? Do you know why and when you use porn? Do you have any fulfilling alternatives? Long-term goals to keep your focus on?

    Hang in there!
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    You're over thinking it all.
    Overthinking leads to depression and depression leads to relapse.
    Virgin at 32? So what?
    You'll find her when the time is right. Just don't overthink it.
    Good luck!
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    Fear is changes's biggest enemy.
    Let me tell you a secret, after you make the changes, you'll find out all those fears were for nothing.
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    That's it. You're dead already behind your computer. It will free your mind and as you've stated yourself you already have some replacements to fill in the gap.
    So many people live double-lives through their smartphones or computers. It has to end. There has to be a great awakening away from digitality, for it will prove massively fatal.
  7. I really hope this dude is ok. His battle made me quit P seriously. Ive been clean for almost a week and what gave me will power to do it was reading his journal. I don't even want to look at P anymore. I know it is hard but it's always some room for improviment. Ive never thought reading about people's pain would help me facing my own pain, but it did.
    I really hope he finds himself inside of himself. Dont know if this make sense but, I wish this guy the best.
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    I just relapsed several times after 7 days streak today. I didn't even feel any urge to watch p or to mo. That's so weird. Why do I give in, even I don't have any craving? I kind of have the cold, so I am rather weak either. This addiction is to weird.

    It will be hard to not binge the next days. I need to work on my mindset. I wished my mindset were already in a shape or state that I could go without PMO for a month in the beginning.

    I actually don't listen to music, I find motivation for my last streak by listening to some songs. Maybe this might help me, to do it again.
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    Hang in there, amigo. What helped me was a daily journal, written once during the morning and again at night, of how I am feeling, documenting any brain fog issues, libido patterns, etc. It has also helped to remove or to minimize idle time in front of tv or youtube, because I had a tendency to browse aimlessly for an hour.
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    Relapsed again after 7 days. I think that's not too bad, even tough I binged 1 or 2 times to p for a couple of minutes, but left it, because I didn't need it. However, I almost MO everyday. Why I have just watched P? I don't know, maybe because I have a bit of stress right now. Did relapsing solve my stress levels? Of course not, I have just wasted time (even I have just spend around 10 Minutes for the whole process).

    Anyway. Counter goes to 0. How cares. It can just get better.
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