Large bouts of morning wood (random erections) but no day-night time wood

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by anewhope, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. anewhope

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    I find that I have lots of morning wood / random erections, I'll wake up even and maybe not have any but with the smallest touch such as turning over and BAM he rises. It'll even happen multiple times (as I wake up fall back to sleep and wake up again). Even when I get up walk around, go to work I'll get random erections but around after 12PM it stops. No more, at around 12pm-2am or till I sleep no more random erections.

    The strange part is, night time is when I should technically be most horny and active?
  2. biggleii

    biggleii Member

    I think you're over-analyzing this. Stop worrying about it.
  3. Ocguy

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    Right, cuz well rested and havent put a load on your adrenals. I have the same issue. When i rest alot i feel better. More libido.

    Working out kills it. Working out used to be major libido lift in the past. . Its adrenals, u dont even know stressed. U think you have to be bedridden to have some fatigue? Libido is one of the first thing to go when adrenals arent up to snuff.
  4. gameover

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    I had this for 6 months before i started getting erections during sleep and before waking every day.

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