L-Carnatine as libido reset button

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    Sorry for the confusion. I kind of posted as I was doing my research and over time what I've learned has kind of changed. Yes Acetyl-L-carnitine does appear to be the best one to take.
    The other one "propionyl-L-carnitine" or (glycine propionyl-L-carnitine) (aka GPCL or PLCAR) may also be beneficial. I've flip flopped back and forth as to which is better but I read conflicting things.

    Acetyl-L-carnitine will help with brain and nervous system, which may be where the important androgen receptors are.
    propionyl-L-carnitine may help in other parts of the body better.

    So the short answer is Acetyl-L-carnitine. If you can, get both and take both which is what I do because I can't decide and happen to have bought both. I figure it can't hurt to take both.

    These are the two most "bioavailable" versions of l-carnitine. Just plain l-carnitine is not as readily bio-available and not as beneficial to take, though I can't say there isn't a benefit to taking it, it doesn't seem necessary if you're taking either or both of the other two.

    Clear as mud?
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    Great post, thanks for the info. I too take ALCAR, GPCL, zinc, copper, and fish oil if I fall off the wagon. That being said, it's not unheard of that your start to return to normal 4 days after a binge. I did all of this while I was in an unintentional 24 day break of sex with my wife. Somehow I managed to stay away from porn and MO completely (I was motivated to try it) and when we finally did have sex I was on 15 (on a scale of 1-10.) I was horny like a 16 year old, I lasted only 2 minutes (I never have a problem going 15-30,) and I had like a 30 second full toe-curling fingers-to toe all-body orgasm unlike I've had in at least 10 years. It wasn't the usual "meh" orgasm. Now I'm sure a lot of it was abstinence therefore I was super sensitive but I really think the supplements played a role in helping me get to this crazy high sensitivity.

    I read that zinc depletes copper in your body so you should take 2mg of copper for every 15mg of zinc you take. I don't take that much, I get 2mg of copper in my multivitamins and take another 2mg with a 25mg zinc (in addition to about 15 I get in my multi.) I thing 4mg per day of copper is enough. I just wanted to point out that it's often overlooked that you should supplement copper with zinc. I recommend just look it up on Google for yourself.

    Also chromium picolinate is supposed to help with dopamine support. I'm not sure if that's actual dopamine or the receptors so again this might be filling a full tank, but it's another suppliment to consider. I haven't noticed anything specific while taking it, but I do.
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    Definitely. Thanks for the explanation! I'll continue taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Maca then and report my findings when I have any. I've been taking it for a full week now, and do feel like I'm finally coming out of my flatline. Time will tell if this is a placebo effect or not.
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    Further investigation down the road of Uridine, I think this is the primary suppliment to take for dopamine receptor recovery. Most dopamine supplements focus on dopamine levels, not on the receptors like uridine does.

    In my search I found this question from recovering drug addicts of all people trying to find help repairing the damage done, not unlike what we here are looking for form porn addiction. I also read that dopamine receptors naturally recover (if/when they do) over a 14 day period, which is similar to what I've read about androgen receptors but Uridine can apparently help speed up this process, increase and repair dopamine receptors (presumably better than without.) I just wanted to mention the 14-day thing because my own observation is that if I have a relapse, (depending how badly I did) it seems like generally recover fairly well within two weeks of being really good (without supplements.) Well at least 14 days seems to be the minimum. I'd like to find a way to either shorten this recovery and maybe even move past it to improve things better than they have been in years. I feel like L-Carnitine may have done that for androgen receptors.

    One other thing to note is that it was mentioned that studies used a "Uridine Stack" indicating it was used in conjunction with other supplements, not just alone. As mentioned L-Carnatine + DHA may be part of that.

    Over at lifeextensions.com I found one supplement called Cognitex which has Uridine in it and appears to be targeted at brain and neurotransmitter health (as opposed to dopamine support.) I went ahead and ordered it despite it being a bit pricey. Over time I may look for a more economically priced DIY stack. Cognitex has a lot of stuff I've never heard of so I'm just going to go with it for now. It only has 50mg of Uridine in it so I also ordered a relatively inexpensive Uridine (only) tablet from Amazon (300mg.) I'm considering taking the two together at least temporarily.

    So ALCAR, GPCL, DHA (fish oil), and now Cognitex + additional uridine (in addition to other vitamins and supplements) is what I'm going to try for a couple of weeks.

    Things were really good for me and I had a bit of a relapse recently and I can tell my dopa-mine receptors are a bit fried. It's stupid because I was doing so well, but it is what it is.
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    Hi Guys.
    I'm calling whatever I'm doing successful. For two weeks I've been taking 3 types of L-Carnitine. Again, I don't think you need to take all 3, but I happen to have bottles of all 3 and decided it was a good way to use it up and cover my bases. Unfortunately it pollutes the experiment.
    I've also been taking Cognitex from LifeExtensions plus an additional uridine supplement for dopamine receptor support.
    Also some L-Phenylalanine and L-Tyrosine for dopamine support.
    And chromium picolinate for serotonin support.

    To be specific. I've been taking two of each tablet per day once in the morning, once later in the day. So when I say "2x" that's what I mean.

    3 versions of L-Carnatine
    2x http://www.pipingrock.com/acetyl-l-carnitine/super-strength-acetyl-l-carnitine-1000-mg-3871
    2x http://www.pipingrock.com/l-carnitine/l-carnitine-500-mg-3761
    2x http://www.pipingrock.com/l-carnitine/gplc-glycocarn-propionyl-l-carnitine-hcl-with-coq10-39757

    Cognitex and Uridine
    2x http://www.lifeextension.com/vitamins-supplements/item01897/cognitex-with-pregnenolone-brain-shield

    L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine for dopamine support.
    1x http://www.pipingrock.com/amino-acid-supplements/l-phenylalanine-500-mg-39094
    1x http://www.pipingrock.com/l-tyrosine/l-tyrosine-500-mg-4001
    1x Chromium picolinate (as part of my daily vitamins) (local pharmacy) because the two above can deplete serotonin

    The first week of taking this stack, my libido went to down 0. With Cialis I was able to get it up for sex, but I didn't really desire it but she gave the invitation and I know better than to pass that up :) This is consistent to other times I've started taking L-Carnatine where my libido and morning wood seems to go away for the first 3-4 days. I believe this is because it temporarily depletes my bio-available testosterone and it takes time for that to bounce back.

    The end of the second week my libido was on overdrive. I'm normally able to avoid MO but I hit a day where I was going crazy and had to get some relief and MO'd twice in 24 hours. That held me over until I finally had sex about 4-5 days later, but I was horny for the remaining days.

    When I did have sex, I took some Cialis which may have been a bad idea. I was so easily aroused that I kept getting erections when I shouldn't and the Cialis made it difficult to get them down. When I did have sex, I was super hard (much to the credit of Cialis) but arousal was absolutely no problem and Cialis worked better than it normally does. She looked at me to start kissing and I got hard just thinking about it, and stayed that way. I've been horny ever since, too. Not to the level of annoyance but to the level of "Yeah, I could go again anytime, sweet heart."

    I've felt sexually healthy since with healthy libido and no problem getting hard when I think I should.

    Now for my background. I'm not, nor have I ever been, in serious ED. Even when I started here ED was sporadic, often only partial or I could only keep an erection for about 15 minutes before losing it. Yes, I was desensitized to real simulation due to porn but with cialis and stopping porn use, my ability to have sex returned relatively fast. That being said, I have gone through periods of flatline libido and low interest in sex (which freaks me out,) also the last two months occasionally I have trouble getting hard enough to have good sex without ED meds. But I've always been able to have sex.

    Though I haven't tried having sex without cialis, I have no doubt that I can do so with relative success. I feel more sexually healthy now than I have in a year. I'm not sure I can explain it any better than that.

    Could this be placebo or coincidence? Absolutely, yes. I can't grantee this stack will work for everyone or is what's causing this result. But it is a hell of a coincidence if it's not.
    Also I unfortunately polluted my test with Cialis which does affect things. That being said, I believe I'd have done pretty well without it and I'm looking forward to taking no ED med next time. Besides, this is more about getting a healthy libido and fixing the damage done by porn to the brain when it comes to arousal. Both of those things are relatively suddenly much better. Getting an erection is only a secondary result of arousal and libido and cialis doesn't really affect libido. It just means that it's hard to tell how much of the erection was true arousal and how much was help from the drug.

    I've used L-Carnatine in the past and I think it has improved my libido. The use of Cognititex, Uridine or both is different this time and it seems to have made a difference in my ability to be aroused. It's as if the part of my brain not communicating with my body has been healed or improved. Maybe it really did help with my brain.

    Cognitex and Uridine are both not cheap and they are redundant. Cognitex has things to support the Uridine which is why I take it as uridine alone may not be enough, but Cognitex also has a pretty low amount of uridine which is why I decided to take an additional supplement. I really just don't know how much you should take, but I wanted to take enough for this trial.

    Everything else is pretty inexpensive, though, but with Cognitex and/or uridine this is not a super cheap thing you can try
    But I do feel confident in my results to report back and say something has improved and it's a hell of a coincidence if it's not related to these supplements.

    I'm going to reduce my intake of these by half for the 3rd and 4th week. (1x of each per day, and lower my L-phenylalanine & L-Tyrosine to every other day.)
    Then after 1 month I'm going to reduce to taking 1 of each every other day or twice a week (and reduce L-phenylalanine & L-Tyrosine to once a week.)
    I figure after 1 month I'm just taking this for ongoing support and to prevent any deficiency. I may even eventually lower to once a week.
    I'm always concerned with side effects of prolonged used of supplements which is why I tend to cycle off for a while or reduce to once a week.

    #1) I don't think you need all 3 L-Carnatines. Just acetyl-l-carnitine alone should be fine. You can also take GPCL (glycocarn-propionyl-l-carnitine) if you want to cover the bases since it does have a different bio-availability and it's pretty cheap. For the first two weeks take a total of 6 tablets per day (6 Alcar alone, or 3 each of alcar/gpcl. In my case I took 2 alcar, 2 gpcl, 2 L-carnatine.)
    #2) L-Tyrosine can lead to serotonin depletion. I only take that to help support dopamine levels because the uridine supposedly helps with dopamine receptors. I wanted to make sure there was enough fuel in the tank.
    So I would not recommend prolonged use of L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine past your initial two weeks.
    ***I take chromium picolinate daily as part of my daily vitamins. It's supposed to help with serotonin.
    #3) My dailiy vitamins include:
    Multivitamin + additional Vitamin C, B-12, B-Complex (mainly for and including B1), D3, Fish Oil (DHA), 25mg zinc + 2mg copper, chromium picolinate
    (It's annoyingly a lot of vitamins and really overkill, but sometimes I forget to take them every day)
    #4) I regret using Cialis because it does change the result.
    #5) I noticed results after 1 week, the second week had consistently better libido and arousal.

    I'm sure there are ways this can be improved. I admittedly attack this with a great level of ignorance on the use of these supplements.
    But I'm feeling good and if you have the financial budget to try this, I'd be interested in seeing if anyone can repeat this either exactly or with your own modifications and see if it works for you, especially if you feel desperate looking for something to try.
    I also realize my situation is/was different than other guys so that plays a factor.

    Good luck, gentlemen. I'll post again in a week or two to report how it's going.
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    I've done most of that shit. People think we are nuts taking all this shit but the human body is complex and can handle it. depending on the person. listen to yourself people.

    Id do plan on just taking basic supplements i need early next year.

    Theres something about D3 that i love taking. Its just such a happy supplement i dont know why :) i just think of sunshine and maybe its placebo or my body is now craving for more (low levels)

    But fuck all that if your mainframe aint there forget it. You have tell yourself that you will make it and be where you want to be. I had a serious talk with myself and feel so much better. Wait, i can be confident.. i act how i want to act. Words won't affect me?. Tell yourself you are beautiful and you dont give a fuck what people think. take things at your own pace. Weird but it helps thinking good its just keeping it up.

    We need to keep the head up until we are confident in ourselves and work on becoming bullet proof!

    Basically you have to want to change!

    Anyway lol

    You should look up Sam-e its part of the methylation and if your low in it you can get all types of symptoms. It supports neurotransmitters . I heard its good for dopamine but can cause depression in a some percent of people.
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    Whatever works for you is what's best, and I don't entirely disagree with what you said. I just started down this rat hole wondering if there was something guys that are helplessly caught in flatline could do to help. I'm not in flatline but I was curious if there was something that could lift me out of this (almost there) state, and this seems to have (or has been a perfectly timed placebo.) No, I don't think relying on supplements is the answer to anything. There is not shortcut pill you can take to fixing PIED problems IMO, but I think there are biochemical things you can do to support it. I think of this is a short-term thing to try in addition to everything else. It just seems tragic to struggle when perhaps there's something you're just a slightly deficient in that can can supplement that'll help you move along.

    I actually don't like taking a lot of crap more often than not I find negative effects when I do, only improving when I stop. That was not the case in this round.

    D3 supports hormones. D3 actually is a hormone. In men in particular, it's going to help lower estrogen and raise testosterone a bit as well. This is why children have growth spurts in the summer because they're exposed to sunlight and have higher D3 (at least that's what I read.)
    Vitamin C pairs well with D3, so I always take that with it. If nothing else, make sure you have plenty of D3 and C.

    Anyway, very good input. You make a great point.
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    in no way was a referring to you. i know people read these threads and i just needed to say that.

    Litterly man there last two days i just told myself that I'm done being self conscious. it was becoming a burden. I can't control the things that can't be controlled. I need to flow like a river and adapt and over come. Now rather than later. We often have bouts were we dont care and are condifent but also times where we are depressed. Why not be happy and condfident all the time?. Obviously not all the time but majority.

    i agree. if you are low in something i dont think food and exercise will cut it. I mean over long period of time maybe but some supplements really helped me throughout. It can get you to a point a lot faster with no side affects.

    I enjoy reading your posts and I'm gonna try maybe L-phenylalanine, mucuna pruriens and maybe a good Calcium/magnessium complex (carbonate is the best??) if you know a good one let me know. thanks
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    YellowMinion, I'm really curious about your progress and your current situation. I've been doing a lot of reading and personal research on this topic and others that you mention. I came across your posts and have found them really helpful. Not only that but your approach and your personality that comes across in your posts gives me the sense we're very much the same and gives me a high level of trust. I've put a little bit of background detail on my profile but happy to engage in a conversation about this or give you more details about my situation.

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