Kill your dreams, set goals instead. Only then will we succeed. (GROUP)

Discussion in 'Accountability Partners' started by NightsWatch, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Maybe it would help/ be easier for you if you had a tangible metric like a certain weight you'd like to hit or a certain body part you'd like to grow X inches, etc. For me, I have a hard time doing something without seeing the actual results of the action. :-(
  2. ImReadyForThis

    ImReadyForThis New Member

    I'm digging the positive vibe I'm seeing in this group! I'd love to join up so long as there aren't too many members already; how many are you guys at now? (I see two names in the first post, but seems there's quite a few more that are actively posting).
  3. Joseph87

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    I don't have any metrics per se, but I do need to better define what I want to accomplish by shifting my diet towards clean eating. I'll try to put that into words here. I am fine with my weight; I do have a little belly fat that I would like to get rid of. I have incorporated some fat burning foods into my meals. Daily abdominal workouts would probably help me achieve the quickest results. I'd like to have a lean body with some definition and added muscle, while lowering my body fat percentage. Actually, that is a metric I could use! I have no idea how to calculate that, but I'll look into it.

    The other benefits/results that I'm after are not so tangible, but should be observable. I am looking for super foods that are low calorie and packed with vitamins, nutrients, but also foods that promote healthy skin, eyes, cardiovascular functions, bone/muscle health, boost mood, sharpen the mind, retain muscle, etc. There are just so many health-promoting options out there that I feel I am long-overdue to start utilizing to my advantage.

    I just need to continue experimenting with different foods right now to see what works best for me, and perhaps more importantly identify those healthy foods that I enjoy eating on a regular basis to help sustain cleaner eating.

    Nice job on the streak you've got going, StrongerBolder. Keep at it.
  4. wojtekoxx

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    My goals, from the most important to the least ones
    -Lose weight, at this point 12 kg weight loss is a must. Using Tim Ferris weight glide graph for this
    -Prepare for future job as a programmer. When I discovered NoFap at my last year I noticed how much my memory improved and how better grades I could have throughout the years. Unfortunately last year's classes were useless compared to what I lost on the earlier years. So I gotta grit my teeth and learn this again, alone, preparing to apply for a job which enables me to move out of my parents, who live 120km from where all my possibilities are
    -Achieve one step of each exercise from Paul Wade's Convict Conditioning (there is no gym nearby) per month, to the milestone of completed level 5
    -Normalize sleep. I can fall asleep at 18 to 21 or at 03 to 06. These are not healthy and viable sleep patterns. I would shoot for sleeping from 23 to 09
    -NoFap is the least important at the moment, because chances of coming 100 kilometres to get laid with some girl who doesn't live alone are close to zero anyway. It's a winter so no forest "sightseeing". Only option outdoors is talking a walk, which is not rewarding for the input
    -Clean diet. It's so low because my parents house is full of bad choices so it would be really as difficult as having porno wallpaper on your PC and trying for No-PMO.

    Average deadline for them would be beginning of March

    I could take "any" job in a month or so probably, but it would be like construction work with salary as low, to only afford renting a room in a flat and affording slightly above average food. For such a low pay I could only agree to work in a shop or something equally easy
  5. JW86

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    Good to see so many posters here.

    Meditation going well, thank you. Trying to take at least 5 minutes a day even when busy, or sleep all over the place.

    I've unfortunately had to cancel from the Crossfit competition next month, and from the meditation retreat next month, both due to being unable to get time off work.

    I've got my provisional driving license through the post, next step is to call driving instructors and set up lessons.
    I've been to my introductory body psychotherapist appointment, going to follow it up with weekly sessions (and am comitted for next 6 weeks to this process, minimum)

    Clean eating ideas for a warm, vegetarian meal - make dhal! or Indian curry! Lentils, spices, maybe some other veg, cook it all up for six hours on low in slow cooker.. filling meal. :)
  6. NightsWatch

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    Glad that you're all making goals and looking to accomplish them. Right now I feel like an MMORPG gold farmer except instead it's my life that's my character lol. The big grind should wrap up this Sunday, then I should have a few hours each day to relax instead of work, then work, then go instantly to bed. I've talked to my second boss and told him that I'm going to need a day off on the weekends, that way I have a day open to finish whatever I need to do. I haven't been able to stop by the bank to cash in a pay check! So I'll do that tomorrow morning before I go into work.

    I do labor so that's the extent of my exercises. I'd like to have a solid program, Patrick Bateman style in the morning before work haha.

    After this week I'm going reward myself and buy 3 whisky's that got good reviews. Each over $50 a bottle. I need to restock my small scotch/whisky bar here in my office. I've drunken so much of the other stuff that the taste is being ruined because of the liquid to air ration inside the bottle. The last few glasses of whisky I had tasted old and bland. Time to upgrade. This time I'll try to drink only one bottle at a time, rather than opening them all and drinking a glass of each every few weeks or so.
  7. wojtekoxx

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    You seem a bit like this guy from Fight Club though, who was looking at all those catalogs ; >
  8. What brand of whiskey's your favourite? @NightsWatch
  9. NightsWatch

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    Right now I'm almost done with Templeton Rye, Black Ridge small batch, and Clyde Mays Alabama Whisky. I also have various scotches too but I think I'm going to get into more bourbon/whisky.

    I want to get some Booker 7 year, Woodford Reserve double Oak, and Blanton's. Do you have any recommendations on some good stuff that is under $100 per bottle?

    @wojtekoxx- haha I guess I'm in Edward Norton mode, but I'd like to make myself financially successful.
  10. Northern Star

    Northern Star I will win, not immediately but definitely..

    Hey there guys, I'm a huge fan of Game of thrones and I want to ditch PMO and join the Night's watch to defend the realm of men from the dangers that lurk beyong the wall.

    Can I join, please let me know...

    The Northern Star
  11. NightsWatch

    NightsWatch Member

    The Nights Watch is done and done. We've all moved back south of the wall. You're welcome to join! Just tell us about yourself.
  12. JW86

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    OK, well I made it through November without any PMO or MO. Hoorah

    Had a few wet dreams. Had a few moments when I masturbated for 5-10 seconds, caught myself and stopped. One such moment was looking at a P image for a few seconds, again stopped.

    So improvements, yeah!

    I have noticed with winter drawn in and me working long night shifts, I'm not getting any sunlight and starting to feel more depressed and hopeless. I would like to counter this.
  13. Joseph87

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    Probably common knowledge to most, but worth repeating here...I know that serotonin, the brain hormone associated with mood elevation, rises with exposure to bright light and falls with decreased sun exposure. Our bodies are designed to obtain vitamin D primarily through sun exposure, and not via our diet.

    I think I had Vitamin D deficiency earlier this year. I kind of made the mistake of thinking a centrum multi-vitamin would do the trick, but my mood still fluctuated greatly. I went to the beach with family for Thanksgiving and got a LOT of sun - a little too much as I am now sunburn. The sun really seemed to help elevate my mood, though. I just took 2 hour walks on the beach for the few days I was there; it was very therapeutic and relaxing. The nice weather helped. I'm going to make it a point to lay out regularly by my apartment's pool when the warmer weather kicks in next year.

    As far as sunlight in the winter time - Is it possible for you to try going for a walk/run in the morning before work or during your lunch hour? I know it's an inconvenience for many; I personally haven't brought myself to do the butt-crack of dawn routine except during one semester of college when I took an elective jogging class for credits. I remember regretting the early rise at first, but got used to the routine and it really paid dividends the rest of the day to start my morning off with a run in the cold like that.
  14. Joseph87

    Joseph87 Guest

    How is everyone doing with their goals/self-improvement?

    Once I got back from Thanksgiving holiday I thought about just skipping out on getting groceries until the New Year and just living off of fastfood through the holidays - but I didn't! I went to the store today on a whim (first time I've gone in a while without a prepared grocery list) and got a lot of nutrition-packed goods. I also spent more than I thought I would, as is the norm ;D.

    After some days over Thanksgiving vacation I looked bloated from overeating, but I slimmed down surprisingly fast after all the big meals. I walked a lot and exercised on one day, but other than that I have to attribute the quicker metabolism I'm seeing to the foods I have been eating lately. Most of them I already mentioned earlier in this thread, but I am also thinking that eating breakfast may help. I've done that a few days, and I think my body prefers when I eat at least a bowl of cereal/piece of fruit to start the morning rather than just two meals a day.

    Also, I'm trying to commit to going for a run at least once or twice a week during the colder weather... So far I have been maintaining that. I tend to get really lazy when the weather turns cold, and the sun setting so early doesn't help because I am a strictly outdoors runner. So, I'm just settling to go for a run at least once over the weekend. Then I'll begin to ramp things back up once Spring comes around.
  15. NightsWatch

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    I'm finishing up day 63. Hope everyone is progressing in the direction they are striving toward.
  16. Doing pretty well so far. One step closer to my financial goals :) Hope everyone else is doing great as well!
  17. NightsWatch

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    Nice counter Strongbolder, I'm on your heels!
  18. Thanks man. In no time at all your count will be 90+ days too. 8)
    Happy holidays to the group!
  19. health

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    I f**ing love this title !!! :D

    Reality hurts but it hurts good when you know where you are going.
  20. NightsWatch

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    Almost 11PM and I have to be up at 445AM. I've only played 1 video game in the last 2 months (And I completely dominated people who were way above my supposed rank). I'm constantly out of the house which is great from abstaining from PMO.

    Just got back from the 2nd New Years party my boss had- and we're a TINY company! He wants me in early tomorrow so he had me leave early- had some good beers in though. Soon to bed. Talked to my ex- I really miss her tons. Got my old FWB coming over tomorrow if everything works out (Hey, I gotta get mine). It's been way too long. I haven't had an O for a long time.

    Goodnight everyone.

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