JustAName swears to quit videogames permanently

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Just A Name, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Just A Name

    Just A Name New Member

    After managing to go cold-turkey on League of Legends, (FFFFUUUUUUUck that game, and its addictive, money grubbing bullshit), I've decided from this day to swear of ALL VIDEOGAMES , for, fucking, ever.
    This isn't some drastic life realization or anything, but rather a conclusion I've reached:
    Despite what all the "geek media" I read online tells me, video games are a low-status, anti-social, addictive, non-productive activity. They make for little conversation value, and their point in my life is becoming less and less important. I'm not as depressed as I used to be, and they don't seem as interesting as they were when I was 16.
    So basically I'm never gonna play a game again unless it's at a party.
    Gonna post in this thread each day so I make sure I don't fuck up.

    I'm not a nerd anymore, I need to stop having nerdy activities.
  2. Crewmember

    Crewmember Have a nice day!

    Wow, good on you.

    I know how addicting MMO's can get.
  3. sanzok

    sanzok New Member

    You know one of my good friends mentioned that i should avoid using words "never" and "always". E.g. I will always accomplish this or that.. I will never do this or that..

    Thing is, even though we say that with the best of intentions and meaning it at that time..time passes by, people change, same happens to their ideals/preferences/choices.

    E.g. I want to say "i'll never watch porn again", but that would be wrong. I intend to stick to no PMOing, but i can't be 100% sure there won't be a moment of weakness in unforeseeable future in 3-10yrs time..

    I know that may seem like nit-picking on words, but it's not once you start to think about it more in-depth ;)


    On the other hand, as for me, i used to waste hours and hours of playing games. 2years ago i stopped all of them whatsoever and didn't touch it until 6months ago. Why? I don't know, i clearly didn't enjoy it anymore, however the nostalgic feeling brought me back. Now I play moderately, just couple of hours here and there during the week, nevertheless it's still massive waste of time like you mentioned.

    Either way, best of luck ;)
  4. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    I was addicted to WOW for almost 2 years.

    Now I don't play anymore. But I still have to reduce my online time.
  5. sanzok

    sanzok New Member

    Talk about cutting down the online time.. I minimized the hours wasted on video games. I don't watch porn anymore, yet...yet...yet..i still find myself at the computer screen for more than I would like to, without productive results.

    Being a fan of anime and/or manga + 6tv series doesn't help me either :D
  6. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    As someone who has stopped nearly everthing a person could enjoy in his life, I have a few tips for you:

    1) Don't tell anyone ( or atleast as little as possible people! ) about you're attempt to stop, unless it's been like a year or so. Because your brain will trick you into feeling good about yourself when you talk about good intentions, and this will lead you to not follow through with it. In some cases it will also entice other people to say things like "Hey buddy, don't you want a beer right now? Hmmm!" or "How about a nice cigarette?".. ofcourse those things are different, but people can still mess with you about not video gaming and that may work against you.
    2) Just put away all that shit in a different room, and make it hard to assemble again. Don't throw it out like some idiot, because there's a big chance you'll regret throwing out lots of money and want to go back to video gaming again. ( Same concept: People always throw out their pack of cigarettes when they want to stop, but they go totally batshit insane as soon as they get cravings because they know they don't have cigarettes on them. The first year I stopped smoking I always kept a half full pack with me, sure I was tempted.. but atleast I always knew I could grab a cigarette if I needed to, and thus I never needed it. )

    3) Never say never. Just see it as an experience, go 3 months without and see what the benefits or the possible cons are. You'll probably find that after 3 months you're basically not that interested anymore. ( This may not work with cigarettes. ) Just tell yourself that you can play a game or two ( no MMO or crazy addictive games ) after 3 months, or after passing your finals etc. Giving you something to work forward too.

    4) Don't sit on your ass looking out the window for 4 hours a day if you have nothing to do without gaming, try to start somethings. Go hang out with friends, or meditate, lift weights, go do a teamsport etc etc. Reap the benefits of stopping with this bullshit behaviour. In combination with 3, all this extra time and cool new stuff you can do will give you the motivation to never go back to fullblown video game abuse.

    Good luck mate!
  7. Just A Name

    Just A Name New Member

    These are all really good tips, and would work really good for a lot of things. I take it some of them are from the Willpower Instinct?

    Anyways, I probably know I won't quit videogaming permanently , but I want it to be somewhat of a last ditch activity, a.k.a, watching tv till you fall asleep.
    I'm not playing anything during the day, when I could be out, or learning programming, or playing the gutar, etc. Also, drastically less gaming on weekend nights, when I could be out partying, socializing, etc.
    Basically, only if I can find NOTHING better to do, and it's late, can I play 30-60 mins of some 1999 game or something. I'm definitely not playing any of those bullshit, rage inducing multiplayer games.
  8. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    Most of them are actually from my own experience, I already quit most of the things I wanted to lay off before I even read the Willpower Instinct. BUT that is a great book to read. Very useful tips.

    And good for you, hope you succeed.
  9. I echo this one. The games, not saying its easy and all, but its the easiest of these addictions.
  10. NewMan

    NewMan New Member

    Awesome man, doing that can definitely be a big positive change for your life, best of luck to you. I was addicted to games for pretty much all of my life and finally stopped cold turkey. It definitely saves me a lot of time, and it was one of the biggest activities I used for procrastination/living in fantasy and not dealing with reality. My advice is delete your characters (I played diablo 3 and other character-based games) if you can, uninstall the games and everything related to them, and set up an environment where you won't be tempted, both online and offline. 'Limiting' my playing was pretty hard, and I found it easier to just get rid of it altogether, to start going out and going to the gym and doing other stuff, so you might want to go through with that like you're planning.
  11. Netherlife

    Netherlife Guest

  12. CitizenErased

    CitizenErased Age:21

    i was addicted to skyrim and cod last year, i would wake up fap, then go on skyrim for the rest of the day and fap before bed. if i went on cod i would eventually get angry and need to fap to relieve stress. now my ps3 broke two months ago not played it until yesterday i managed to fix it so i could sell it. even holdong the controller felt strange. i played a game but got bored of it within 5 mins.

    i much prefer my guitar now.
  13. TheUknown

    TheUknown Gonna Quit Fapping And Porn For forever now.

    Lol good. I beat this addiction when i beat PMO. Now, i game semi-moderately. up to 4 hours a week of gaming.
  14. Samurai

    Samurai Ex dolore fortitudo

    I gave up video games a long time ago. It's not been an easy road, because I can say with honesy that I've had some of my happiest moments in life playing RTS games. I loved the challenge they present, and beating others was most satisfying. However, in the end they made me miserable for I did nothing else but gaming so I gave it up for good. I've not yet found a good replacement activity and many days I have cravings.
  15. AzureGenesis

    AzureGenesis New Member

    This is an interesting discussion,

    I just went through an entire winter break and I didn't really do anything productive. Well I'm not saying it sucked. I hung out with friends, saw lots of movies, had a nice time with family, but when I was left to myself....I basically gamed <_<.

    I'm thinking of stopping for awhile myself but IDK. It's tough. I just got a new game from one friend, preordered another for the 5th of February and ordered one online to play with my bro.

    I just know that there are a million other things I can be doing besides gaming primarily (Japanese study, read bible, get job stuff ready for after graduation, etc.).

    I like the "last ditch" activity mentality that was spoken of here. I figure that if I do that then I will never get to game lol because I'll be doing so many other things.

  16. AzureGenesis

    AzureGenesis New Member

    I think you either misinterpreted what I was saying or I misinterpreted the intent of my words to you. At any rate, I suppose you are right. You can't really "reason" yourself away from something. Either you want to do something and you are ready to do it or you are not. Concerning the gaming, I'm going to taper down. What I was saying is that I think I just want to decrease my game time and focus on things like bible study and Japanese. Personally, I don't think reading the bible or studying religions at all is boring. Nor do I feel as if learning japanese is only good for getting "pussy." Both are things that I'm genuinely interested in. They just deserve more of my time and I'll start giving them that.
  17. The Daimon

    The Daimon Be yourself. Don't hide.

    You all are so mean about this.
    It's not that every videogame is bad, and it also depends on the use you make of it.

    There are LOTS of videogames which inspired me for life-lessons and good reflections, LOTS which were able to move my soul, and I also got inspiration from some videogame themes for my own first book (which I finished in 2011 and isn't related in any case to videogames, it's more of a novel with philosophical and psychological themes).

    It's not that all games are first person shooters or MMO which don't do any good and are extremely time-wasting. There also are deep games which require some actual brain and strategy to be played and other games who have deep stories who can move people and teach them something.

    I for first am creating a game in my free time which I hope may give some good messages and entertain the player for the best.
    I have also created a kind of 'film' from a videogame clips which moved and was enjoyed by thousands of people.

    So before treating videogames like porn, you should consider:

    a- which kind of games you are effectively playing and how much 'good' or 'bad' you gain from them
    b- if gaming for you is more like an enjoyable hobby or an addiction

    I'd also say something which almost NOBODY mentions here. Porn is a terrible addiction which transformed our lives into a mess, but while fighting for our freedom, we also grew up and learnt lot of things. There is no thing that brings you only 'good' or 'bad' things.
    Obviously the cons of porn are WAY more than this only pro which it can have. So it is a nocive addiction and something we should all stay away from.
    But videogaming can be enjoyed with the right times and choices, so there is no point in binding it so severely without having even analyzed the situation properly.
  18. Primetime

    Primetime New Member

    QFT. I haven't played any video games in about 5 years, and I can't be arsed to ever start again. But there are some proper games out there. You can do anything you want, just don't let it take control of your life.
  19. ariwl1

    ariwl1 New Member

    Gaming is definitely a double-edged sword. Some of my favorite entertainment experiences come from games, but it is important to recognize when it's becoming a slog.

    For instance I was playing a Final Fantasy game recently and was trying to get from one end of a dungeon to another, no grinding or anything. It occurred to me that the random battles that kept popping up just repeated themselves to the point where I'd fought the exact same battle about four or five times in the space of an hour or so.

    Pretend I did this for four hours and then I sat and read a book for four hours. Now you could argue that in either case I'm being lazy and should get up and work out or do something more productive, but at least when reading the book I'm probably not reading the same page over and over again.

    So I think gaming is fine just so long as you recognize when you're having a good time and when it's just a time sink.
  20. I agree with ariwl1 about the pros and cons of video games. I used to love them and I really enjoyed my experience with them, but I decided that once I got into high school (I am a Senior now) I would quit them for the most part. And I don't regret it. Nowadays, I don't even want to play them, even when offered.

    Anyways, good luck with your quitting of this!

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