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    First off I just want to say a big thank you to this site and others like it for helping spread the word on how bad porn addiction is and opening my eyes to the reboot process.

    I never had any problems until I turned 25 when i realized I was'nt getting hard easily and was cumming way too quick while watching porn. It was only when i noticed my sex life deteriorate that I started panicking. Different girls came and went and the result was always the same. Weak to no erection, cumming way to soon while semi erect etc At my worst I could'nt even get hard enough for penetration. At first I started blaming everything but my porn habit -- alcohol, pot, test levels but alas I wasn't able to figure out what the problem really was. I was frustrated and confused but the porn continued.

    After almost a year of hell, about 2 months before my 26th birthday i decided as an experiment I was going to see how long I could go without porn. It lasted 9 days, then i relapsed. Then 21 days, again i couldn't last. But this time, something hit me hard. I felt ashamed and angry at myself, I was having all these sexual problems and I couldn't last more than 3 weeks without masturbating to porn. I started looking more into the benefits of giving up porn and masturbation and stumbled across this site. When I read it it all made so much sense and I realized how much porn had really affected me over the past few years. I decided I was going to do a 3 month reboot, this time for good.
    Unlike the first few times, the minute this reboot I was in a constant flatline. The first month was the worst, I had no sexual desire, no feeling and my penis was always small and shrivelled. Month 2 was a lot better and a month after my 26th birthday I completed my 90 day reboot ( I had two relapses but they were both without porn so i dont think it affected me all that bad)
    By the end of the reboot the difference was staggering, my penis was almost always full and i was getting spontaneous erections all the time. My final test came close to the end of my reboot where I had one of the best nights of sex I have ever had in my life.
    Skip forward a week, and I'm thinking I've finally been cured, I'm going to celebrate by watching some porn and masturbating, if I just do it once a while from now on I should be ok right? Well even though I was hard while masturbating, my ejaculation was weak and unpleasarable. And the worst part is its been three days since and I experiencing flatline like symptoms like i did when i first started. Penis small and shrivelled all the time, no libido etc

    So I have a few questions about this, after going 90 days without porn, does one day masturbating to porn mean rebooting again? Will the reboot be shorter this time or will I go through long periods of flatline? Does this mean i can never watch porn ever again? I'm feeling kind of confused all over again, I've come so far and I don't want to ruin all my hard work, but I'm going to get urges eventually to watch porn, do i just always ignore it and never watch porn ever again? I've tried masturbating without porn and i can't stay hard... some help here would be really appreciated.

  2. Amboy

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    Dude you've done great I hope I can do as well , but keep the fuck away from porn !!!!!!! Do you want to go back to the state you wer in b4 reboot ? You just said you had the best sex ever ! Go out and fuck someone any one but keep away from porn
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    If there's a benefit to looking at porn, I've never found it. Stay away from it no matter how desperate you get for instant gratification. Fill your life with things that are worthwhile rather than wasting even an hour of one day in one month looking at porn.

    Porn is a delusion and you are better off without it.
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    I know, it seems so obvious and clear not to do it but at the time when your super horny and have no access to sex your brain plays tricks on you. Oh well, live and learn. I've seen the benefits and have come to far to fcuk it all up now.
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    Congrats on completing the 90 days. Your later aversion to porn might be a result of your brain reconfiguring itself to recognise porn as harmful and thus shuts down your libido as a response?

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