Just started today. How long on average does it take to return to full function?

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  1. WeWillMineralYou

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    Finally came to terms with this addiction after a failed threesome with two girls, in which I failed to get even the slightest bit erect, and they ended up calling quits and leaving. Most embarrassing moment in recent memory, but more importantly it made me realize it's time to get my manhood back. I'll never be able to please a woman with porn in my life, and I am ready to make the commitment and rewire my brain.

    I'm more than willing to abstain for as long as it takes, indefinitely. I'm just wondering how long I should expect to have to wait before my dick starts working properly again. How long did it take for you?
  2. Universal

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    94 days, 18 hours, 42 minutes and 3 seconds

    No but seriously... It's heavily individualised how long it takes to reboot and rewire. I believe I've seen a success story which took 60 days while others have taken up to almost a year and even longer

    Watch the video in this thread; http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=14691.0
  3. It depends on many different factors, but the main ones are your age, how old you were when you started, how long you've been using, what your level of addiction is (i.e. fetishes and length of use), and how much sexual experience you've had. Age is a huge factor because the younger you were when you began wiring your brain to Internet porn, the deeper the reward pathways. Length of use and content of material is important to note because it is a good indicator of how much structural change there is to be repaired for you to begin a natural sexual response to real partners. And finally, the less sexual experience you've had prior to recovery, the more of an effort you'll have to put into rewiring to real partners. If you spent a lot of your teenage years watching porno, without having real sexual encounters, all your brain understands about sex is porn-related, which places an extra obstacle in your road to recovery.

    The most frequently referenced example on this forum is Gabe. He discovered he had ED at the age of 22 and took eight to nine months to recover, but still saw improvements long after recovery. He began using softcore porn at the age eight and continued using hardcore porn from the age of 12 and on. However, he became sexually active when he was 13. Hope this helps.
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Could take over a year. Could take under 3 months.

    I have been trying for over 11 months now.
  5. WeWillMineralYou

    WeWillMineralYou New Member

    How much of a difference have you seen? Have you had much success?
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    you should be done by thursday, 15:37. any other stupid questions? :mad:
  7. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.
  8. fugu

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    Most people here got it right - depends on the history of your addiction, how many times you PMO'd, when you started high speed porn, etc. I've been rebooting for just over a year and have seen great improvements but am certainly not cured yet. Make it a lifestyle change and you will be more at ease with how long your reboot is taking!
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  9. ppycat

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    sorry, mate, this is just a myth! if you do your homework and read the basics about this issue, then asking "how long will it take?" is quite a stupid question.

    no one can tell, there is no predefined amount of time! ???
  10. BadOnion

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    It will take longer than you want.
  11. Yes, but our goal in this forum is to HELP people struggling with ED. He's obviously new to the world of rebooting and all of its details, so please just try to answer his question with support and empathy. I'm sure there was a time when you had no idea where to begin.
  12. Why the sour tone? Surely you know people come here for answers and that many guys are feeling anxious about this to say the least.

    I have read posts by you which I have thought were quite good so I was surprised by your insensitive remark.

    Of course anyone can ask anything he likes.
  13. alldonewiththat

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    As others have said, it's highly variable. I found the following things sped things up:

    1. Removing any stimulating images, even normally fine things like Facebook and OkCupid. I'm fine with them now, but it helped starting out when my brain was sorting things out
    2. Rewiring with a woman. Find someone you can cuddle with, as often as possible. This will speed you up enormously.
    3. Going no orgasm. I made the most progress when I went 98 days without orgasm, while rewiring. I added orgasms once I had 100% erections
    4. Change your attitude towards sex. You say "I can't please a woman as I am", but that's completely false. You can do a lot to please women with your mouth and hands, usually more than you can with a functioning penis.

    A lot of guys on here post "tried sex, failed, waaaaa", which indicates a flawed mindset. You can have sex, and cuddle, etc. It's rewiring. If you do that for a while, your ED should disappear.

    The hard cases on here typically aren't doing much rewiring.

    Stick with it. It feels great to be able to have sex again, it's all worth it. It'll come back for you too :)
  14. wilder

    wilder Member

    From what I have read on here, I would say most reboots take anywhere from 3 - 12 months of no PMO. If you read some of the stories on here of people taking longer than a year, a lot of times they mention that they relapsed several times throughout the process and/or didn't do much rewiring while off of PMO. Then again, some people also are healed within a month or two.

    Excellent post that I back 100%, especially with the "failed sex" comment. It took me almost 4 months to realize this, but if you don't feel comfortable having sex, don't do it! It will only make you feel anxious/stressed (anxiety/stress can sometimes kill erections, I'll have you know) if you are not ready. Most girls are more than happy with just making out, cuddling, getting fingered, or just any of the basic stuff.
  15. SuperGreg

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    People always want to know how long this is going to take, and I think the best answer is the one usually given on bodybuilding or other exercise boards when people ask how long it will take to reach some goal (gain x amount of muscle, lose x amount of fat, run a mile in x minutes). The answer is "it will take as long as it takes". Don't give up, you will get there.
  16. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    On my own worked again after about 100 days.

    With girls it has not worked yet.
  17. richard29

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    So agree with this. Spot on.
  18. hopeful1980

    hopeful1980 New Member

    Day 105 and counting...Hoped to be a superman past the gold standard of 90 days, but it's a mixed bag :(. Here is my variables:
    age 38
    Had faped to porn or certain kinds for nearly 25 years -starting from magazines as still images and over years escalated to videos etc.
    Stopped 105 days ago, however at the same measure there had been many other factors that might influence my recovery. One of them is the fact that I have been separated from my girlfriend for couple of months right after stopping, so I am assuming I had missed a great deal in rewiring specifically to her. Now we're back for over a month and ED is very unpredictable -sex in the evening seems fine 3/4 times, oral sex in the morning is a 100% failure with loss or erection or very weak. Other time when I had tried to massage with lights on...boom it's gone, strangely accompanied by intense body heat and breaking into cold sweat. Besides these variables I have been also a somewhat heavy on the wine and beer -going daily on three pints of beer and occasionally a bottle of wine on top, so naturally this sent me on a wild goose chase -doing all kinds of googling on hormones and having blood tests -for example I have high SHBG hormone which in theory reduces free testosterone and causes some ED and low sex drive, but my doctor says it's just slightly over the norm and nothing to worry about, I am also considering doing a blood test to find out my dopamine levels -although tests are not very indicative . Anyway I cut it back significantly now only drinking on weekends, however my recovery is far from over it seems and I desperately looking for ways to speed up recovery or maybe find out if there are other factors at play.
  19. hopeful1980

    hopeful1980 New Member

    Day 130 now and counting... I am not healed yet, however from frantic worry and nervousness of "how long it will take!" I am now seeing some empirical patterns which lead to some conclusions at least for me. First off the penile sensitivity thing is starting to click for me -I noticed two distinct scenarios. When having sex in a way that only has limited stimulation -being oral sex in the dark (only penis is touched and with mild stimulation) or only performing a massage on GF (sensing only in your hands, bit also visual) is not enough to keep a strong erection, in fact it will appear and then shortly disappear. Obviously the frustration and disappointment kicks in and you can forget the whole thing :( . On other hand when having sex in a way that stimulates you in multiple ways -touching all of your erogenous zones by GF, using your hands on her and adding visual stimulation to boot -erection stays strong! Same effect is best experiences when we make it in the shower -cuddling, kissing, rubbing, touching in multiple ways at once and adding pleasant sensation of hot water on the skin really get me hard and keeps it that way. So my theory is that as a result of fapping (although I would not call it death grip) -I got my brain used to constant non ending stimulation on penis but also visual and even fantasizing/imagining. That way my brain would get dopamine rushing and keeping me erect. So anything less than multiple stimulation on the brain will not produce dopamine flowing. So to conclude the rewiring with GF is critical the more novelty and stimulus the better, however the ultimate goal is to get it back the way it was -having a strong and lasting erection just from few stimulus -such as seeing, touching, anticipating and not necessarily bring the whole parade of sexual stimuli on the brain. Now how to get there is a bit of a mystery -should I lower the bar? Will it "normalize" on it's own? Does orgasming (yes/no) play a role? I dream of a day when just seeing GF naked would produce a lasting strong erection...
  20. GhostDog

    GhostDog Porn=Poison

    Everyone is different so it takes as long as it takes.
    What I can say is this. After X amount of time I thought I was healed/fixed I was able to function normally and my desire and drive were back. What surprised me is that X+6 months I was still improving. I noticed at X+12 months things were getting even better.

    The bottom line is I now realize that I was F'n myself up real bad with porn and its not something that I did in one day. My porn exposure was of a long consistent duration years. How the hell could I expect to erase all that in 30, 60 or even 90 days.

    This is a life change, hopefully you wont run back to porn once your body starts functioning normally again. So the amount of time is moot start the process, live the process and embrace the process.

    It took a while to rebuild the confidence but now when I'm with a woman the panic and worry of "will I be able to get it up" is a thing of the past. Normal things like being tired or having a ton of things on your mind will still take their toll but that is normal.
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