just relapsed and decided to sign up

Discussion in 'Women' started by incognitoh, Mar 19, 2016.

  1. incognitoh

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    i dont know if anyone reads this but i am 22 and i just relapsed. i was doing so well i even got rid of my smartphone. but tonight i thought hey i would use my computer when my roommate is asleep i can handle it. but apparently not. i just feel so gross and helpless and ashamed. i signed up for this i guess to work on it i dont know. if anyone has any suggestions or tips for me let me know. i am desperate.
  2. kira

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    Hey its great you decided to sign up! Maybe you want to be more specific about your situation. I can tell you basic stuff

    Spend time reading the materials here and ybop. You will get an idea of what you are dealing with.

    After this decide you want to quit and set goals to achieve them. It will take sometime to get it all together. Maintain a journal and examine what led you to relapse.

    Stress, anxiety, boredom? Work on it. Stay busy improving your life. Its a personal development journey. More importantly dont beat yourself up for relapsing. It will only lead to more binging. You need to learn to manage your emotions.

    Read other people's journal. It will give you an idea what works and what doesn't.

    More importantly have faith in the process!
  3. L

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    do not be so hard on yourself

    when we fall we climbed back on the horse and try again

    Do not give up even if it seems hard you are strong guy !!!
  4. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    Internet's a trigger man, the more time you cut back on internet, the more progress you will make in this journey. Technology in general will hinder your progress. Just my thoughts. And hey, get back up. Remember your reasons. This isn't supposed to be an easy journey for us overcoming our addictive tendencies. But with lasting effort comes lasting change. Get up from the ground and brush that dirt off your shirt. You've got a date with destiny.

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