Just a simple poll: are you depressed?

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Are you depressed?

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  1. ribbonreflector

    ribbonreflector New Member

    So I have all the symptoms of PIED, except I was never addicted to porn. I did use it to masturbate. I have been going through an extreme depression (contemplating suicide daily) for many weeks and I feel this may have been the cause of my symptoms. What basicslly happens to me is my libido shuts off. I was in bed with a stunningly gorgeous woman and could barely get an erection which then went away when we changed positions and it was pretty inpossobld to get up again.

    So if depression is the root cause, I need to be addressing that more than no PMO(which Im doing anyway)

    Im wondering what the likelyhood is that depression is partially responsible for this phenomenon
  2. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    How much porn did you watch? Maybe you should see a doc to rule out other reasons for having ed.
  3. apc27

    apc27 Member

    Ditto mate. Depression most likely plays a very big part as we all know it affects libido.

    Same here, nothing more depressing than having that kind of opportunity and your body refusing to perform. I'm seriously depressed too for the same reason, we've all just got to hang in there. Take solace in knowing you're not the only sufferer of this awful affliction! I'm not going to tell you to man up or anything because for depressos like us thats the last thing we want to hear, but know that this is a temporary thing that will get better :)
  4. I've had bouts of depression. Once when I was 17 when I first realized that I may never be the same as other people, had my first proper crush and I had recently found out that the reason I was so different to other people was that I have Aspergers syndrome. Luckily, teachers saw it and I went to a counselor. Y'know, that counselor was fantastic. I'd recommend a counselor to all of you. What a counselor does is just listens. You can bitch and whine and say absolutely anything to them and when you come out at the end of the session, you feel a whole weight lifted off your shoulders. Much like we do here.

    A few days ago I hit a depression. I'm uncertain that this process is the reason. I'm clutching at straws and saying that perhaps it is. There was a trigger but I'm not going to get into that. 2 days later it has still not gone away. But here's the thing, I know that depression is but a chemical causing my brain to be negative and by being in this hole, I know that my body is at least reacting to what I'm doing to it.

    I guess the previous paragraph is only if you've started your journey. Everybody seems to go through a real rough patch when quitting PMO. But my first sentence is real advice. Find a counselor in your local directory, you see them whenever you want, normally for an hour session. Then go nuts. Tell them all your feelings and frustrations. They don't even have to express an opinion and nothing leaves that room.
  5. cobalt172

    cobalt172 New Member

    I was absolutely depressed for an entire year. The 2012-2013 academic year. I am 22 and have PIED or some other shit, causing my chronic ED. I get hard pretty easily by myself and can cum very easily but with a partner I get tense, nervous and worried and can't perform under any circumstances.

    I almost committed suicide by driving my car into a semi on the freeway at 80 , I was driving across my state for my job and I had just failed with the 4th girl I've ever been with IN A ROW and I almost ended my life. I plan to complete the job if my life does not improve soon, I just graduated college and looking for a fucking job but have no luck. Virgin + ED + Joblessness = Life to be ended, sorry but I can't live with these facts... Fuck it.

    At that time I was driving on that freeway I thought, why not?

    Why should I continue to live? I can't perform the most basic instinctual task that a male should be able to perform so why should I even be on this earth?

    To make matters even worse I was a complete beta in high school, which lead to no sexual contact until I was 21 (Have to be alpha to get chicks nowadays)

    After I starting reading good material on seducing women (redpill), I started bringing girls home and I failed every time. I attribute my ED to not having developed my sexual pathways in my brain with any women. Just like All of you I started MO at 12 and eventually PMO from there.

    Ever since my first failed attempt, my life has been on hold. I can't seem to progress anywhere else until I have sex with a female.

    Now I believe I am fucked, I rebooted for nearly a year with only MO once every two weeks on average and I don't feel any change. Sorry to break it to a lot of you but I have this fear in my mind that some of this condition is permanent, We will never be like the guys we knew in High school who started having sex at the Correct age.

    Basically If I don't get a decent job within the next year, I will end my life because of this shit storm.
  6. 19yearoldvirgin

    19yearoldvirgin New Member

    EXACTLY how i feel. if i was brave enough to drive a car into a semi, i would have done that ages ago. too much depression and pain in living life this way. i feel like we have been punished way too much for a silly mistake.
  7. cobalt172

    cobalt172 New Member

    Well, when I do eventually do this I wont be driving into a semi, it will most likely be hanging or a bullet in the fucking brain. :'(
  8. Dutch21

    Dutch21 New Member

    You are 22 and 19. There are people here that have the same problems as you and are even older.
    I am 28 and 10 days ago I failed my first attempt with a real girl. I also have ED problems since the last 5-6 years,meaning I can seldom get erect more than 50%. I guess I should have already fallen of a cliff. Yet I did not.
    I was seriously depressed several years ago,which I think had a major impact with my ED. Yet,after a few successes(not related to sex) I felt better and the last few months were the best of my life in regard of friendships/fun.
    We will get through this. But with the attitude that it is a matter of life and death,obviously NO ONE can achieve an erection. Not even a 19 or 22 year old with a long reboot. So,just relax and stop these negative thoughts. Life will get better and is still worth living even with ED.
  9. lalisor

    lalisor New Member

    was depressed even before i realised i had ED...

    lifting weights is the only thing that makes me feel good for a while
  10. halogame2000

    halogame2000 New Member

    You can't be positive when you are depressed! That's what depression is, right? negative thinking! There might be a trigger for my depression every time but in the end I KNOW that there is something wrong with me! and I'm sure it's not cuz of PMO, since as long as I remember I had anxiety and depression. TBH I think alot of us got into addiction because of our fucked up lives! Now that I look at it I felt much better when I was on the shit! My life before addiction was not that beautiful anyway.... and after almost 3 month of no PMO I'm not sure if it is going to get any better AFTER addiction either! Depressed and anxious people always go for compulsive and addictive behaviors since it gives them temporarily relief. But what if there is no permanent relief?
    The whole point is that I don't think science or religion can make me less anxious or depressed since I am fucked up in the head! So basically I am going to have these problems for the rest of my life even if I quit all of my addictions. SO... I think I AM DOOMED!
  11. cobalt172

    cobalt172 New Member

    Yeah, I wish sex ed back in middle school or whatever told us that masturbation was bad and that boys need to wire to real girls early on in the teens... Too bad, so many lives ruined, including mine. It's no wonder why 80 percent of all suicides are by males... we deal with so much more pressure expectations from society.

    I feel completely asexual.

    I feel Doomed as well.

    It's really too bad, because I have a fantastic body, six pack, ripped chest ect... I work out like an animal, I am determined, I am very smart but it seems this PIED seems to "Override" all of my other qualities and makes me an impotent virgin loser. I don't know how I am ever going to get over that...

    I honestly feel that suicide may be my only escape from this, because as of right now that only thin that makes me feel good is working out. That's It.
  12. daybyday

    daybyday New Member

    Yes, I have very serious major depression (suicidal, have attempted suicide ~15 years ago). I've had problems for all my adult life (I'm now 47yo). I've also been PMO'ing all my adult life, and when I got high speed internet (~1999), I immediately hopped on the bandwagon.

    All the counseling, medication, and psychiatry hasn't been much help, other then to keep me out of the suicidal sort of depression, but I have no life.

    So, my new working theory is that my depression is a result of an arousal addiction(porn), and that by quitting porn and defeating the arousal addiction the depression will remit...

    I'm very obviously addicted to porn because I'm finding it almost impossible to get past a day or so without using it...
  13. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Member

    Have to say, i find the results of this poll staggering.
  14. cobalt172

    cobalt172 New Member

    I don't think it is worth living... like at all
  15. Universal

    Universal Guest

    I have been to the point of near suicide. But that was mainly due to back pain, the combination of a broken back and relapsing was no fun. However my back is better now, I still can't run any considerable distance but it makes me appreciate how good it is to not be stuck in bed in pain. Ofcourse we all experience intermittent bouts of extreme sadness but I'm not too keen on labeling that as depression
  16. richard29

    richard29 Member

    Cobalt, man, this heavy. You need to seek help and do your best to sort yourself out best you can, mate. You're so young, you've got fucking ages to turn your life around.

    I lost my brother to suicide, and I'd had (mild) thoughts in that direction before, believe me, I changed my mind when I saw it up close. It'll crush those around you. You may see it as a way out, but it's very selfish too. It'll destroy your family and your friends will never quite be the same.

    Also man, gotta say, you're saying that your main issues are that you're 22, a virgin with PIED and jobless. Dude, that's it? That's NOT why you feel suicidal. These things perhaps exacerbate your depression but there are underlying factors that drive your porn use, your joblessness and and your depression. These are SYMPTOMS not causes of your sadness.

    If you're serious in what your saying, then surely fucking go for life then!? Why not? If you say you're gonna end it you should be willing to give fucking EVERYTHING in this next year - counselling, noPMO, therapy, anti-depressants, job applications, dating, social circles, learning a musical instrument, spirituality / phoilosophy, sports, do everything, enjoy the variety of life my friend, life is so worth living even with PIED, no job and being a virgin.

    I'm 27, mate, mature student going into post-graduate research in September, I've been turned down from all the jobs I've applied for since I finished my MA in Sept, I was on the dole for 2 months before I started a shitty bar job, I'm get superfit but then go out and binge on booze and PMO (about every 2 weeks), I've had 3 girls in my bed in the last 4 months, 2 of them 10's asking me to fuck them and I can't maintain an erection, I was on anti-depressants last year and they did fuck all, but life is still completely worth it because I have something invested in it. Myself. In the last couple of years (since starting noPMO incidentally) I've managed to work myself out with some help from counselors, friends, therapists and a thirst for learning and I've started to actually enjoy life and like myself.

    When I was in my younger 20's I fucking hated everything and felt like an alien in the world, i still get the odd panic attack and wave of depression but it's manageable now.

    Anyway, man, try and get to the roots of all this. If you're willing to consider suicide you may as well consider giving your life to get better too.
  17. Nerf Herder

    Nerf Herder Member

    We'll never know the true direct correlation between heavy porn use and suicide*, but i'm willing to bet that it's statistically significant.

    * Even the correlation between drug use and suicide is murky. So porn use and suicide will be impossible to gauge at this stage.
  18. daybyday

    daybyday New Member

    What I find staggering is that 23.5% (current number) of guys with PIED are NOT depressed ! ...I would expect 100% of guys with PIED to be suicidally depressed !!
  19. richard29

    richard29 Member

    Yeah man, worries me that I don't care more. I feel ashamed sometimes with women, but on the whole see it as a side-effect of using porn to deal with my emotional insecurities and problems for 7-8 years

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